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CarBuyerUSA started out buying only damaged or inoperable cars.  We have branched out to we buy any car, anywhere.  But our roots are buying damaged or inoperable cars and we pay more than any other car buying site.  We Buy Damaged Cars in every state, regardless of condition.  CarBuyerUSA is your “Damaged Vehicle” headquarters. No other Car Buying Company pays more for damaged cars. CarBuyerUSA will buy anything from a rollover to a Range Rover and has paid up to $35,000 for wrecked or inoperable vehicles – including Jaguars and Maserati’s.

If you want for cash for your damaged car or need to sell your car, CarBuyerUSA can get you cash quickly.

CarBuyerUSA is the leading damaged vehicle buyer with the largest network worldwide. CarBuyerUSA can pay more for your damaged car because we have low overhead and high volume. Don’t be fooled by Junk Car Buyers or Auto Auctions that dabble in buying damaged cars. These companies are not in position to make a competitive offer on your car and local dealers don’t buy damaged vehicles.

CarBuyerUSA will buy your damaged car, regardless of condition.  We don’t sell cars to the public and all offers we make are cash!

2013 Ford Fusion

18,500 miles

Paid: $3,000

2013 Toyota Tacoma

19,000 Miles

Paid: $12,500

2013 Kia Optima

15,500 Miles

Paid: $4,500

2012 F150

47,000 Miles

Paid: $2,500

2012 Jaguar XJL

12,000 miles

Paid: $21,000

2012 Ram 1500

24,000 Miles

Paid: $7,500

2012 Scion TC

19,000 Miles

Paid: $3,250

2012 Ford Focus

37,000 Miles

Paid: $3,000

2011 Chevrolet Equinox

85,000 Miles

Paid: $2,000

2011 Camaro 1SS

42,000 miles

Paid: $7,500

2010 Toyota Highlander

35,000 Miles

Paid: $10,500

2010 Honda Crosstour

95,000 Miles

Paid: $3,000

2014 Mustang

47,600 Miles

Paid: $6,500

2008 Porsche Cayman

56,000 Miles

Paid: $10,000

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

90,000 Miles

Paid: $6,000

2007 Honda CRV

70,000 Miles

Paid: $6,500

2006 Ford Mustang

30,000 Miles

Paid: $4,500

2006 Honda Pilot

48,000 Miles

Paid: $4,500

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