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Selling your Car Fast

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You decided you can get more for your truck if you sell it by yourself. You never sold a vehicle before but "how difficult could it be?"

Take a look at some of the things you will have to handle once you get beyond the easy stuff, like taking all the pictures and building the ad description and deciding how you would like to converse with interested buyers.

Negotiating the price – why is your vehicle worth more than anyone else's? Maintained? Garage kept? No accidents? Be prepared to back up what you present – the buyer will want receipts for everything or you lose your leverage.

Transferring ownership – where do you sign the title? What do you include? The buyers name? Mileage? Date of sale? What if it requires notarization? One small mistake on your title and the deal is null and void because the title is non-negotiable.

Protecting yourself – Fraud, Liability and personal safety must come first. Should people come to your home? Should you meet at a neutral location? This is a very dangerous stage in the sale if you don't know where the buyer is coming from or who they are…

Handing over the keys – Insurance must be canceled and proper documentation must be made to prove the vehicle was legally conveyed to another party or you will be held liable in the event of an accident.

Selling your truck won't be easy and if it's your first rodeo can be a bit intimidating. If you need help selling your car fast, call

We can make it fast, easy and a great experience.

You can reach one of our live buyers at (888) 995-6498 or visit us at

3 Rules for Selling Your Car Successfully

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1. Know your audience
2. Find the best way to reach them
3. Price according to Market

Knowing your audience is very simple and the starting point for selling your car online, but most people blow right past who the best audience is for the car they are trying to sell. Quite simply, if you identify the target audience for what you are trying to sell and you have something they want, you should be able to find a buyer. The more potential buyers that you have for a vehicle, the higher the selling price – great news for you! Remember, if it sells good new, it sells good used and the demand should be there - if the car was care for properly. Most sellers happen to have a much higher opinion of their vehicle with respect to condition. Be honest with yourself because buyers will do their homework and call you out on misrepresentation. If you are selling a 10 year old luxury car, your audience is not luxury anymore. In fact, its very difficult to find buyers for older high mileage luxury cars because Luxury Buyers want Newer, Low Mileage and pristine condition.

Finding your audience – the best way to make the point on finding the audience is with an example so lets take one.

2004 Audi A8L AWD with 160,000 miles – this was a very expensive car when purchased new but now it's 11 years old. 2015's are arriving as we speak and an Audi A8 buyer will want the newest, biggest and the best. College kids won't find a parent that will sponsor an Audi with 160,000 miles – everyone knows they start getting real expensive over 100,000 miles. You need to find an Audi A8 enthusiast or an Audi Mechanic or someone related to a VW / Audi mechanic. Again, its a nice car, but it's not known for reliability like a Toyota or a Nissan and with 160,000 miles it's not the hot property Kelley Blue Book will tell you it is…If KBB thinks it's worth $11,000 then ask them to buy it! The marketing time for a vehicle like this is probably close to 90 days. The game changer is price. If it's discounted deep enough, you increase the audience for the vehicle and it will sell faster. Which is a great segue to price!

Price your vehicle according to market – Selling your car yourself is a lot of work. Make it easy on yourself and go to the right sources and be realistic about the condition. On any used car, mileage is the biggest factor, closely followed by condition. We see people that live in NYC try to sell us cars demanding outrageous prices (usually Kelley Blue Book) because the miles are very low. But low miles do not make up for poor condition. A car driven in NYC for 5 years is going to be in very rough shape. Every panel has multiple dings, dents and scratches and the bumpers are torn, broken and cracked. City cars are always the worst cars in terms of condition. Miles mean nothing at that point, nobody wants to buy the car. Condition will help sell any car, even a high mileage vehicle, but it won't change what the vehicle is…


2005 Dodge Neon with 45,000 miles VS. 2005 Toyota Corolla with 45,00. You might price the corolla at KBB but not the Dodge – it is far beneath the Corolla in resale value.

Selling your car online won't be fast, fun or easy unless you want it to be! will buy any car, in any condition anywhere in the Continental USA

If you need fast cash for your vehicle or just want to get a quick price, call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will give you a guaranteed offer on your car or truck with no obligation.

Sell your car the easy way, call

We Stop Bank REPO'S

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bad things happen to good people unfortunately and if you just lost your job or have an injury/illness that has taken you out of the work force, we may be able to help you. CarBuyerUSA buys cars and trucks for cash. Our name says what we do and we try to do our best for everyone that we can. If you need to get out from under a car payment for any reason, we can make it happen for you. Sometimes people have equity and walk away with a few bucks, maybe even a few thousand! We can't promise that we can save every REPO, but we can stop a lot of them if people are proactive and call us before they get too far behind in their payments.

If your vehicle is 2004 or newer, you should call and we make an immediate cash offer for your vehicle. At WE MAKE AUTO LOAN PAYOFFS for customers every day. It doesn't matter if you have a TITLE LOAN, a BANK LOAN or a CREDIT UNION LOAN… We will buy your car and make the payoff at no extra charge.

If you are behind in your Auto Loan or missed a few Title Loan Payments, act fast and prevent a repossession. Don't lose your car and wreck your credit. Call (888) 995-6498 or visit

We will make the best deal we can for you and there is no charge for a price quote so call now and give a shot!, your REPO STOPPER TEAM

How to Spot a Curbstoner

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Most Curbstoners and Scammers are on Craigslist because it's FREE!

That's right folks, the Magic Word – FREE! Imagine a scammer wasting thousands of dollars per month, paying for bogus vehicle ads on legit auto listing sites like or Paying to list a vehicle upfront, providing a mandatory VIN#, images and a detailed description takes time and money. It slows a scammer down and limits how much bait they can lay out there for unsuspecting victims. AutoTrader & Cars work overtime to keep the scammers at bay, but they don't give up easily and you will find them everywhere on the net where vehicles are bought and sold. But let's get back to and talking about Curbstoners. Remember, a Curbstoner is an unlicensed, uninsured, unscrupulous person that flips vehicles for a profit. Most of the transactions are illegal and you will have no recourse if you are scammed. You may even be sold a vehicle that you will have to give back to the previous owner. There are thousands of Cubstoners on Craigslist. If you are buying a car, look at the listing carefully and take note of any of the following:

• Ad is listed in FSBO (For Sale By Owner) - phone number is a business like JMC Repair Shop
• Ad contains a phone number that looks like: (4-oh-one) 77three-223ninescammers let each other know they are Curbstoners and try to stop web crawlers from harvesting their phone numbers from listings
• Vehicle is over described and has information that lists all Factory Standard Equipment
• Price is ridiculously low or isn't rounded up. $1829 is not a price that a real asking price for a car, most people round up
• The person wants to converse via email only, with a private email address, not through Craigslist email
• Area code for contact phone is foreign to the area where vehicle is listed for sale. Example: vehicle for sale in Smyrna, GA (678) with contact number area code (512) for Dallas
• Seller / buyer contacts you from a blocked numbe
• Seller / buyer responds very late or early AM indicating a time zone difference associated with a foreign country
• Person has a foreign accent, speaks English but not clearly. Sentences jumbled and words are mixed up
• Vehicle they are selling is not theirs (friends, customers, cousin, etc.) RUN!

Selling your car is not easy, it's a great deal of work and there is risk. CarBuyerUSA buys cars and trucks all over the USA with a single call! You can sell your car the easy way, by calling We are licensed, insured and our buying agents are knowledgable and courteous.


Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mercedes-Benz makes a great automobile, but SmartGlass just may be the coolest feature ever installed in a passenger car.

Check it out:

Sell Car with a Dirty CARFAX

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 17, 2014

If you are trying to sell a vehicle that has accident history, the bad news is that you will have to sell it for less. The good news is, you can now pay to have a survey done to determine if the work was performed "to standard". The question is, do you want to go through all that or just sell your vehicle to CarBuyerUSA buys any car, anywhere in any condition. We are truly the "any" car buyers and our funds are guaranteed.

So if your car took a punch from the Car Fox, get rid of that vehicle with a "dirty CarFax" the easy way, by selling it to CarBuyerUSA!

Call (888) 995-6498 for an immediate cash offer.

Trueframe of Georgia is Now Offering Comprehensive Car Inspections
that Update Carfax and Autocheck

PRWEB.COM Newswire

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Who is TrueFrame of Georgia? TrueFrame of Georgia is a car inspection company that helps potential used car buyers make informed purchase decisions on vehicles with prior accident records. They inspect vehicles with negative history reports and identify prior or existing damage – both cosmetic and structural.

What is the TrueFrame inspection process? The TrueFrame inspection identifies good vehicles with a bad vehicle history report by answering these questions:

1- Was the vehicle in a serious accident?
2- What work was done to the vehicle as a result of the accident?
3- Is there existing cosmetic damage to the vehicle?
4- Does the vehicle meet TrueFrame's Structural Standards?

TrueFrame Reports are designed to restore the value of wrecked and repaired vehicles as well as increasing buyer confidence.

What does TrueFrame of Georgia look for in a vehicle?
Unlike other vehicle inspections, a TrueFrame inspection focuses on structural integrity. It starts with frame or unibody measurements taken with digital precision and includes a visual inspection of the vehicle’s structural components. A TrueFrame Report also identifies where the vehicle was impacted in the prior accident and provides a cosmetic analysis of the vehicle’s exterior.

What is a TrueFrame Report?
All TrueFrame inspections involve a structural review of the vehicle, vehicles that meet theTrueFrame Structural Standards are eligible to receive a TrueFrame Report. TrueFrame Reports include a cosmetic body score (32 to 100) along with an indication that the vehicle meets the TrueFrame structural standards. Vehicles that possess a TrueFrame report can be then sold as Trueframe Certified.

Where does this information go?
A TrueFrame report helps take the guesswork out of those accident reports by identifying vehicles that are structurally sound, despite the prior accident history. TrueFrame's reports are easily accessible through the TrueFrame website and also appear on the Carfax vehicle history report.

What does the TrueFrame Report Cost?
The cost of a TrueFrame report is $245. It is currently available through licensed car dealers in the Atlanta metro area. In the near future, TrueFrame of Georgia will be opening an inspection station in North Atlanta.

Is there a guarantee associated with TrueFrame?
If a vehicle meets TrueFrame’s Structural Standards and qualifies to receive a TrueFrame Report, and the frame/unibody measurements included in the TrueFrame report are incorrect by more than 5 millimeters on any one measurement, TrueFrame will provide a refund of your purchase price of the vehicle (not to exceed 100% of the current NADA clean retail value).

"Buyers would prefer purchasing a vehicle with a dirty carfax that's TrueFrame certified rather than taking a gamble on a vehicle with a dirty Carfax and unknown damage," says Tony Rached, Managing Partner at TrueFrame of Georgia. "Trueframe is a great asset to dealers and consumers alike," he adds.

Read more:

Craigslist – homebase for Curbstoners and Scammers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 14, 2014

I got a call from a friend yesterday that was trying to buy a car from an individual that she connected with on Craigslist. The car she was attempting to buy was a very nice 2007 Toyota Camry with 100,000+ plus. While the car was in excellent condition, the miles were lower than average and the seller's asking price was Kelley Blue Book. She had the car taken to her mechanic, bought a CARFAX report and did everything she could possibly do to protect herself from a scam and agreed to pay a premium for the vehicle (the KBB price).

She left a sizable deposit on the car and went to her bank to get a loan. What she found out next will shock you!

The seller of the vehicle is a Curbstoner – a non-licensed dealer that flips cars for a profit without paying taxes or adhering to regulatory requirements that are in place to keep dealers compliant and protect the public from harm. This Curbstoner was trying to sell a vehicle that they did not own. Meaning they were not on the title and the name of the individual on the title was different from his last name. His excuse was that he was "selling it for a friend". He showed my friend that the title was signed by the owner but not dated. No big deal right? WRONG! How do we know that the owner gave permission for the vehicle to be sold? How do we know the signature is not a forgery? How do we know that this vehicle is not part of an estate and the owner on the title is deceased ? All those things mean you will be paying for a car and it will never be yours because it was conveyed to you illegally.

My friends bank told her that the check would have to be made out to the person that is on the title and they wanted to see a copy. The greedy Curbstoner told my friend to tell her bank that she was actually dealing with the person on the title and that the seller wanted cash. If my friend had agreed to do this, she would have committed bank fraud!

Unfortunately, my friend was unable to proceed with the deal and the Curbstoner kept her cash deposit.

Don't let this happen to you! Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, stay away from Craigslist it's a haven for people that want to take advantage of you. CarBuyerUSA will buy any car and we will come to you. We put everything in writing in a legal purchase agreement so you are protected. Our transporters are bonded and insured and our funds are guaranteed.

If you need to sell a vehicle yourself, do it the easy way and call CarBuyerUSA.

For more information please call (888) 995-6498 or visit

For Sale by Owner over $10,000

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 13, 2014

If you are selling your car yourself, there are a couple of things you need to think about before you embark on your journey.

1. Who is the buyer for the type of vehicle you are selling?
2. What's the best way to reach potential buyers?

Most private sellers focus immediately on price – "How much can I sell my car for?". The first thing most sellers do is look at online price guides including KBB to research their vehicle's value. Usually the seller is pretty excited because those price guides often show pie-in-the-sky retail. Although it's challenging to obtain "retail" when selling your car yourself, assume you can get close to that price. If you are selling a vehicle for over $10,000, most potential buyers require financing in order to make the purchase. Depending upon the credit worthiness of the buyer and the LTV (Loan to Value) of the vehicle, they may only get financed for a percentage of the purchase price which means they have to raise cash for the balance. Lots of moving parts to deal with…

Most used vehicles sold over $10,000 are sold by dealers because they recondition vehicles and provide financing.

Finding a buyer for your $10,000+ car isn't easy and you will kiss a few toads along the way. We recommend private seller listings. There are almost 20M visitors each month on and that is a lot of potential buyers. But you are competing in the dealer space and there is a lot of inventory to choose from…4.2 million vehicles currently.

Selling your car yourself is not easy, it's a lot of hard work. If you have the time and resources, is a great choice. It is important to be realistic with pricing and research what dealers are selling vehicles like yours for before you set the price. Stay below the average price and you may have luck. Most buyers won't pay a premium for a private sale used car when they can go to a dealer and buy a certified pre-owned vehicle for the same price.


You can sell your car the easy way – call CarBuyerUSA! buys vehicles all over the USA. We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs , in any condition. From Rollovers to Range Rovers, CarBuyerUSA is your car buying source. Call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Sell Vehicle with Bad CARFAX

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So you can't sell your car because of a bad CARFAX that shows an accident? But wait…you didn't have an accident, ever but you are the second owner of the vehicle and it had 20,000 miles on it when you bought it. You remember the dealer showed you it had no accident history, he had a report that he showed you but now it shows that the previous owner wrecked the vehicle? Tough luck for you, the vehicle is "damaged goods" literally. No dealer will want to trade it and nobody wants to buy a vehicle that has been in an accident – it's a tough sell. Is CARFAX always accurate? The answer is NO, in fact CARFAX may be only 90% accurate… Sometimes accident reports come in after the vehicle may have been purchased, repaired and then resold. There are also data reporting sources that CARFAX uses that are not so reliable that create mileage discrepancies quite frequently.

Recently CARFAX is under siege in a class action suit with 500+ Automobile Dealers that seek compensation for predatory pricing. We are certain that CARFAX will take heat for the negative marketing campaigns and scare tactics used to entice consumers to buy their vehicle history reports. We will have to see how the suit plays out but it certainly is gaining steam in the media.

If you have a vehicle with a Bad CARFAX and you can't sell it, call We specialize in vehicles with accident history, Frame/structural damage and mileage discrepancies. has the worlds largest audience of buyers for their difficult to market automobiles at it's fingertips and We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs, regardless of accident history. Our sister division buys cars with collision damage, so we really are the problem vehicle team!

Call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Sell Your Car the Easy Way, Call CarBuyerUSA!

Is Selling Your Car Online Risky?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 10, 2014

Here is a not so great story of an individual that was selling cars to people that didn't exist. The Cars didn't exist, the people or the "would be" buyers of the invisible cars, were very real and they lost thousands of dollars!

The internet is a scary place if you don't know who you're dealing with…

The best way to sell a car privately is to someone in your network (family, friends, associates). It's fast, easy and free to reach them. A quick post on Linked In or Facebook and you can hit several thousand people. You can make someone a great deal by selling them your car below Retail, and you get more than dealer trade in. This is called "WholeTail" and at this price, both parties win.

But what if the car you have is older and has high miles – maybe even mechanical issues? Would you sell it to a friend or even an extended friend? How about a work associate? How about, NO!

If you have a truck, SUV or car that you wouldn't sell to a friend, Sell it the Easy Way, Call CarBuyerUSA and get fast cash for your vehicle.

CarBuyerUSA buys cars "as-is" and we remove any liability you might incur with our online purchase agreement. Funds are guaranteed and it only takes a few minutes of your time so sell your car to

Call (888) 995-6498 or visit

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