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What Does It Mean When the Dealer Won't Take Your Truck on Trade

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 17, 2014

You are all excited about trading your truck in for brand new one and the dealer tells you "you will be better off selling your truck privately".

What does that mean? Why won't the dealer take your truck in on trade? There are a really only two reasons that the dealer won't take a vehicle in on trade:

1. PRICE - they can't get close to your expectations – the dealer wants to sell you the new truck. If you came into the showroom waving the Kelly Blue Book print outs telling him how much you expect for the truck in order to make a deal, the dealer won't take the risk of running you off with a low-ball trade allowance. It's much more tactful for them to tell you how much you can get selling the vehicle on your own.
2. Condition - they can't sell the vehicle. This happens when accident history comes into play or the vehicle has been modified from factory specifications. A good example would be adding an 8" suspension lift and 40" tires. Most dealers do not have a market for this type of vehicle. It also may be that your vehicle is in really bad shape and would require too much reconditioning to make it ready for retail.

If you proceed with the transaction, good for you that you have the resources to make the deal. Selling your truck privately is not an easy task however, and things like suspension & performance mods and accident history make it very tough. Today, most vehicles over $10,000 are very difficult to sell online as most buyers need some type of financing.

Selling your truck will also take about 30-45 days and most people can't wait that long for the money. So if you can't sell your truck yourself, give us a call at (888) 995-6498 and we will make an immediate cash offer. buys all types of cars & trucks in any condition, anywhere in the USA.

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Don’t Buy a Car with the Air Bag Light on!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Folks, we buy cars all over the USA. We buy cars with damage, problems, dash/warning lights on, title issues and even cars that are still financed. If your engine light is on, it could be something simple or something very expensive like a Catalytic Converter that may cost upwards of $1000. Some vehicles have two Catalytic Converters and that is big money to fix. One dashboard light you want to be very concerned about however (not the song by Meatloaf) is the AIRBAG LIGHT. If your air bag light is on, that means the system is not ready to operate as designed. In the event of a crash, the airbag(s) that may save your life will not deploy (open) and you could wind up paying the ultimate price for ignoring that service light. The greatest aversion that consumers have to servicing airbag systems is the cost. It is not something your dad, uncle or boyfriend can do without the proper training and technical equipment. Airbags function with multiple sensors, control units and switches that are strategically placed throughout the vehicle to ensure deployment in the event of a crash or rollover.

If the airbag light is on in your vehicle, you are most likely facing some expensive repairs. Rarely is an airbag light just a quick visit to a dealer for a routine check & system reset.

Before you spend big money fixing your airbag system, call We buy cars with mechanical issues for cash. Don't sell a problem car to someone else privately, sell your vehicle as-is to CarBuyerUSA and get paid top dollar.

For an immediate cash offer, please call (888) 995-6498.

Toyota Seeks Recall Waiver from NHTSA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 04, 2014

Well it looks like I spoke to soon about Toyota, coming to their defense as a lifelong admirer of the automaker with the best quality in the world! Maybe there is a lot more to Toyota's willingness to participate in recalls after all. Maybe there's denial or dismissal surrounding some of the quality problems they have encountered? Maybe it's just about profit and the US Consumer doesn't really matter anymore?

Take a look at this article:

Recalls don't change the fact that Toyota makes a great car folks. The fact is…"they do make a great car". Toyota is probably the best global auto manufacturer when it comes to DQR. That stands for Durability, Quality & Reliability. Yeah it sounds pretty cool and no it's not an acronym I created. It is an OEM term used most frequently to describe what the customer "expects" in an automobile. The operative word is "expects" which implies that it is a given and it's a requirement, not a request. US Consumers demand DQR and its like the foundation of a house, it holds everything together. People don't buy cars solely for DQR nor do they buy houses for the foundation on which they rest. There are other key drivers like brand image, performance, affordability, cost of ownership and styling. But that foundation must be there and it has to be strong.

Nobody talks about DQR and they don't talk about how an automobile manufacturer treats its owners when it comes to the warranty. When the foundation has a small crack in it, it has to be tended to and that is what a recall represents. My grandfather taught me that recovery from a mistake is more important than the mistake itself – as long as you don't keep making that same mistake over and over again. Toyota & the recall… seems like we have seen an arrogant approach?

Toyota made some mistakes with the implementation of recalls. They may have denied warranty assistance to their customers in connection with those service "campaigns" that exist in the form of TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) which is manufacturer speak for a known common component failure that exists in volume. If it were just one here or there, the TSB wouldn't exist. So the TSB really equals the "pre-recall" evidence. Auto Manufacturers like Nissan will step up and pay for a customers warranty repairs to keep that customer happy. I think that Toyota is acting in poor taste by refuting a NHTSA Waiver after the class actions and all the negative press they took over recall implementation.

The best way to handle the recall is to do it voluntarily and with humility. Toyota may need another smack down or two before they get it right.

Selling Your Car Yourself – is it safe?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Being the owner of a car buying company I am guaranteed of two things:

1. Life is never boring
2.You thought you heard it all-until today

Today's story is about an 80 year old man that lives in Nashville, TN. He contacted to sell us a 2005 Cadillac XLR with only 32,000 miles on it, but (and there is always a but) it is a Lemon Law Buyback. This gentlemen purchased the car after it was bought back under Oregon Law for being a Lemon. Sometimes Lemons are really Lemons, other times people just find a reason to get out of the vehicle. Things like "wind noise", "water leaks" and "tire noise" really aren't issues that are a big deal once repaired. However, this vehicle had massive electrical problems and had almost the entire electronic system replaced. This is not a vehicle any dealer or consumer would consider buying, even at a huge discount. Book value is $25,000 for a clean, issue-free version of this car and the seller believes it's worth $25,000 – because the book says it is... Needless to say, we were unable to come to terms on the purchase and the seller posted the vehicle on and got an interested shopper. We know this because the seller actually called us back to advise us that a man named Jose Raph would be paying the full price in cash for the car and wanted to make sure the seller had the car and the title in his possession. The seller, Joe wanted to know if we thought it was safe for him to transact with this individual.


Let's see we have an 80 year old man, living alone in a condo complex in a rural area and wants to be paid in cash because he doesn't trust anyone to give him a check that can be canceled.

Our answer was no, it is not safe.

A – You are vulnerable physically
B – If it sounds to good to be true–it usually is…

Selling your car is not easy, and it's not always safe. If your husband is an MMA Fighter part time and FBI Agent Full-time, safety is never a concern, but for this person, selling a car privately was not a smart decision. If you or someone you know or love is thinking about selling a car themselves, think about their situation and assess the risk before you let them take on the task of selling a vehicle privately. Safe, Fast and Easy should be the way you choose.

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