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Car Buyer USA Finds 11 Interesting Christmas Facts

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 21, 2017

While the thought to sell your car is hot on your mind, I thought it’d be a good time to seize the moment to tell you about 11 interesting facts about the Christmas Holiday. Nope, these have nothing to do with; unless of course, you relate it to, we buy cars, and we’ll give you that extra cash for some last minute #gifts!

  1. Many places around the world donate Christmas trees to zoos to feed to their animals.
  1. All letters addressed to the big guy, Santa, in the United States are mailed to Santa Claus, Indiana.
  1. The engineers of the Voyager Space Mission planned its travels out so during Thanksgiving and Christmas any planetary encounters would be avoided.
  1. Irving Berlin’s song “White Christmas” is estimated to be the best selling single in history having over 100 million copies sold.
  1. Paul McCartney’s Christmas song earns him close to a half million dollars yearly. This is kind of odd when you consider many critics regard it as his worst song ever.
  1. Since 1960, every Christmas Eve a large number of Sweden’s population watch Donald Duck cartoons.
  1. Many of the “we’re always open” Denny’s restaurants were built without door locks installed. This became a huge problem in 1988 when they decided to close business down for Christmas.
  1. In 2010 the Colombian government decorated jungle trees with lights during Christmas. When any members of the terrorist group, FARC guerrillas, walked by the trees would light up making banners asking them to lay down their arms visible. Three-hundred-thirty-one of those guerrillas left the group and re-entered society. The campaign was considered strategic marketing excellence and went on to win an award.
  1. Jewish composers are responsible for some of our most popular Christmas songs – “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”, and “Winter Wonderland” to name a few.
  2. Christmas purchases in the United States accounts for one-sixth of all retail sales.
  1. The “X” in X-mas comes from an ancient Greek tradition. The letter X is the abbreviation for “chi”, meaning Christ in Greek.

Like I mentioned above, you may not thing these really have much to do with; but don’t they? It’s Christmas time and that means money is being spent on wonderful gifts for your family and friends… and maybe even yourself? I ALWAYS had to give money to my kids to buy me presents. Which reminds me, I’d give them each $100, they’d hit the shopping mall, and on Christmas morning I’d open a $20 gift. It took me a few holidays, but eventually I gave them a list to choose from and a warning they’d end up with $20 worth of gifts.

Car Buyer USA pulled together these eleven interesting Christmas facts for you, because who doesn’t love to know what’s in the details? If you need a little extra spending cash for some shopping, give us a call. Better yet, fill out our short form with a few car details and sell your car to us! We’ll get you that extra cash you need and we’ll do it fast, safe, and easy for you! You can even beat the holiday traffic and let us come to you! We buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in any condition; that means if they’re running or not! What are you waiting for? Get started now, you have some shopping to do!

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas... Sell My Car!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 15, 2017

You know the song, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, see my two front teeth.” Well, this one will have you singing “SELL MY CAR!” And “MERRY XMAS TO ME!” all the way to the bank faster than Ole Jolly himself can squeeze down your chimney!

Everyone stops and stares at me
My tires don’t match as you can see
It ain’t my fault for this catastrophe
But my little old wish for Christmas Eve is as plain as can be

What I want for Christmas ain’t my bottom teeth
My bottom teeth
See my bottom teeth 

Gosh, if I had matching tires I could roll down the street
And not miss a beat
Oh what a Merry Christmas that would be 

It seems so long since my brakes didn’t squeak
Gosh, oh boy, how happy I could be
If only my brakes didn’t squeak 

What I want for Christmas ain’t my bottom teeth
My bottom teeth
See my bottom teeth

Gosh if I could only a horn that worked
A horn that worked
See a horn that worked 

Then I could honk at the starin’ peeps
The starin’ peeps
See all the starin’ peeps 

Gosh, if I could only get the window up
The window up
See the window up
Then I wouldn’t need the role of tape and the plastic sheet
The role of tape and the plastic sheet
See the role of tape and the plastic sheet

Then I could sell my car for cold hard cash
Sell my car for cold hard cash
See sell my car for cold hard cash 

And have me a grand O-O-O-O-O-O-LE Merry Christmas!

Like what I did right there? Are you singing about your two front teeth right now? Ha!

Ok, get your paper and pen out right now! Open your letter with, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to sell my car for cold hard cash!” Just joking, you’re too old to be writing to Santa. Put away the paper and the pen and use our short form to sell your car to! We buy cars FAST, SAFE, AND EASY! If you your car is anything like the song, what are you waiting for? Make it a Merry Christmas to you this year! Let’s do some ho, ho, ho together!

Holiday Broke Blues? Sell Your Damaged Car!

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I know I’ve been talking a lot about how we buy cars, any car, and how awesome the Holidays are; so much cheer, so many presents, lots of celebrations, and our special holiday libations… eggnog! I’ve even been focusing on those dreaded holiday broke blues that sometimes come with it; ok, it’s probably a tradition for most of us. I have them and I’m pretty sure thousands of others do too. Ya know, it’s not too late to turn that frown upside down if you are sitting on a spare car, truck, van, or SUV, or, a damaged car. If you are, then start thinking “sell my car!”

That’s right, if you’ve been holding on to a vehicle and you know you’re going to sell it, sell your car to If you’re planning to trade-in your car and get a new one for a big ole “Happy Holidays to Me!” moment, talk to us first. We do it better. We do it right. There is NO low-balling with us! I’d love to tell you we’d give you special treatment this holiday season, but I can’t. However, just because we won’t make you special for the cheery season, does NOT mean you’re not special! AND we treat you special ALL YEAR long! What’s that? You’re asking how?

  1. Our short form, is well, short. We don’t ask for a lot of questions and don’t require a bunch of details.
  2. We give you a solid 20-Second Offer in, well, about 20 seconds.
  3. One of our live agents works with you through-out the entire, ok short, process.
  4. That live agent in #3 up there, he will schedule EVERYTHING for you!
  5. Our agent arranges for us to sell your car to us – schedules an inspection and a pick up by us or secures an appointment for you to drop your vehicle off at one of our preferred partners nationwide convenient to your location!
  6. Ugh… #4 and #5 means you won’t miss a beat sipping on that eggnog from your couch!
  7. A vehicle is inspection takes place at your appointment.
  8. We both agree all is good and on the price we’ll pay you to buy your car.
  9. The legal owner signs over ownership to Car Buyer USA.
  11. Say bye-bye to that car, truck, van, or SUV!
CarbuyerUSA - Sell you damaged car

Oh, and GOOD BYE HOLIDAY BROKE BLUES! That’s right, no more “I gotta sell my car blues!” ether. Just sell your car to us; it’s that easy, safe, and FAST! In a few short days, or less, you can have the extra cash you need because you sold your damaged car, truck, van, or SUV to us! We buy cars in any condition btw, not just damaged; we love all cars. Just be careful and don’t be like me. You might want to leave some of that cash in the bank. January blues are just around the corner. They’re mean suckers.

Sell Your Car & Shop This Holiday Gift Guide

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 11, 2017

The holidays! They’re here! Kids young and old wait for this time of year; we count down the days, make our list for Santa, and get all worked up with anticipation of Jolly Saint Nick There’s nothing we don’t like about it! The days are filled with great foods, lots of presents, some joyful songs, and it’s a time families come together to celebrate. There’s nothing we don’t like about it! Well, almost nothing, there’s that thing called money, money, money! It can be so dang stressful! Am I right? Of course I am! Why else would there be Holiday bank accounts? Why else would millions of Americans be knee deep in unpaid bills come January? Why else would my daddy have gotten so mad at my mom and caused such a rukus? Wait, that’s for the therapist. Just forget I said that.

Need some extra cash to get you through the holidays and have you bringing in the new year with cash in the bank and debt free? Here’s an idea, we buy cars so sell your car and do some shopping! To help you with some fresh ideas for that easy to buy for and that not so easy to buy for mother-in-law, we’ve pull together some ideas in this holiday gift guide.

First, got an extra vehicle sitting around? Well then sell your car, truck, van, or SUV taking up space in the garage. You know, the one you keep saying you’re going to sell some day. It’ll free up some much needed space needed, get your wife off your back to get rid of it, and when it’s gone the garage will look cleaner! And your wife? Well, she’ll be reeeeal happy. You know what they say, happy wife, happy home.

Cell Phone Mount for the Car

Ok, this one has to be cool and look cool too. Splurge a little and think about what their favorite color is.

Heated Car Seat Covers

Someone’s going to love you! Why wouldn’t they? You’re putting them in a hot seat they’ll love!

Dash Cam

A good quality dash cam does more than just record potential car accidents. It can make you the trendiest thing on social media. Or, set it up for the wife or teenage drive to record your kid’s sport event!

Car Cleaning Kit

I think we all know this is a no brainer, but don’t skimp! Go for the big kit!

subliminal message…. sell my car

Speedometer Cufflinks

So cool these speedometer cufflinks!

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Older cars are great, but you know you know someone who just won’t give up their cassette collection! Imagine their surprise with this puppy! 

Glove Box Car Jumper

We’ve all been there and we definitely know someone that could use this one.

Kick Mats

No more kid’s shoes scuff marks!

1959 Corvette Billiards Table

Need my address?

subliminal message…. we buy damaged cars

Funky Hood Ornaments

Ok, this one is for you. Put it on someone’s car and see how long it takes for them to notice.

Really Thoughtful Gifts 

Pay Someone’s Electric Bill

Who do you know that would love this? Can you imagine if someone would have paid 6-months or 1-year of yours when you really could have used the help?

Pay Someone’s Rent or House Payment

We all know how grateful the person would be.

subliminal message…. We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs

Restaurant Gift Cards

These are always a nice stocking stuffer, but I’m talking about giving them to the homeless or the shut-in elderly. This is a monumentally rewarding gift.

Pillows and Blankets

You guessed it, the homeless. Baby it’s cold outside!

This isn’t your normal shopping holiday gift guide, but it has some pretty unique ideas. Even the really thoughtful gifts might be unique to most. Whether you’re looking for something unique for that hard to buy for person or you’re in a very giving mood to give to those in need, sell your car to subliminal message…. need my address? We buy cars in good condition, those in terrible shape, the ones that just won’t run anymore, and damaged cars too. We just don’t care what the reason is you are saying, “I need to sell my car” because We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs! We’ll take it off your hands and put hard cash in your bank and we’ll do it fast, safe, and easy peasy! Now. Get to moving on filling out our short form and let’s get you shopping!

Hanukkah 2017 – Sell Your Damaged Car Before Sunset December 12th

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 11, 2017

In Judaism faith, Hanukkah 2017 begins tomorrow, December 12, at sunset and ends on December 20 at sundown. For those of you who don’t know the meaning of the of the word Hanukkah, it’s Hebrew for “dedication”, and is the Festival of Lights. It serves as a reminder of the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian Greek Army, followed by the miracle of rededicating Jerusalem’s Holy Temple and restoring its menorah – oil lamp. Hanukkah’s miracle is only one vial of oil was found with just enough oil to illuminate the Temple lamp for one day, but it lasted for a full  eight days. What’s this got to do with selling your damaged car? Keep reading!

Of course, there is much more to this story, and we could write an enormous amount of information here, but I wouldn’t dare to claim to be an expert on Hanukkah. My purpose here is to provide a little enlightenment to those unaware and curious on this Jewish Holiday, and let people who want to give a big gift to a loved one there’s an opportunity if you’re looking to sell your car.

Sure, you may think selling your car is crazy to buy gifts; but maybe taking a little of the cash we buy cars for here at, and spending it to get that special someone in your life a special gift is a good idea? A lot of us set holiday spending budgets and I know I’m always looking for creative ways to purchase a special gift that is out of my spending range. Hanukkah 2017 is only a day away and if you fill out our short form with a few details of your damaged car, truck, van, or SUV, or your perfect to gently used vehicle, you can sell your car to us fast, safe, and easy! We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs, in any shape or condition, anywhere in the continental United States. We’ll help you make someone’s holiday special and we’ll come to you to do it.

Think When You Drink – Don’t Drive Drunk

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 07, 2017
CarBuyerUSA says Think When You Drink - Don’t Drive Drunk

We’re in the business of giving you cash for your vehicles and if you need extra money for the holidays, we’re the ones you want to talk to first! We pay you more cash for your car, truck, van, or SUV than anywhere else and we do it fast, safe, and easy. We’ll even come to you to do it! But what wants to stress right now with such festive Holidays riding up on us, is think when you drink. Alcohol and driving are like oil and vinegar, not motor oil and a dipstick. They don’t go together and we want to tell everyone, is give yourself, your loved ones, and all those out on the roads; don’t drive drunk.

Every Christmas family gathering we had a tradition; huge family gathering, tons of food, games galore, cheesy karaoke, and I was always the one who brought the merry concoction – flavored vodkas and fruit juice with frozen fruit as the ice. It only took me one time to walk in with just one pitcher of my tasty libation to learn there’d always be a hidden jug out on the back porch! Those people loved my holiday cheer way too much.

Now, I know that sounds like we all partied “like it was 1999”, and we did get to the point of feeling no pain on occasion, but we knew we wouldn’t be getting behind the wheel of a car. Those who indulged too much slept over for the night, and the only thing I had moving down the street was one foot in front of the other. Singing. Badly. And loudly. This may or may not have involved some very awkward body language on the icy roads with me sitting dead center on the line laughing hysterically thinking, “This couldn’t have happened to a better person!” It’s a very funny and jolly moment until you have to fight to stand up with your boyfriend standing mere feet away laughing harder than you feel he should be. “You better ask Santa for a donut pillow, cause when I get up I’m gonna kick your butt!” Yep, the laughing got louder and more robust as he headed on home.

My point is, it’s ok to have fun during the holidays and don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge, so enjoy yourself! But what you cannot do is drink and drive. It is NOT worth the risk, and it’s one of the most arrogant, selfish, and disrespectful things a person can do to others, adults and children alike.

The Facts Are Not Jolly – Impaired Drivers

2012 – Out of every 100,000 people in the U.S. on the roads, 3.4 die from drunk drivers. This accounts for 31% of all traffic fatalities and during the holidays, these numbers jump drastically in comparison.

In the U.S., a drunk driver kills a person every 45 minutes. EVERY 45 MINUTES and that’s just the everyday average. During the holidays, that number jumps!

Every 15 minutes teenager fatalities occur due to drunk drivers. Guess what happens to that number during the holidays. It jumps.

Do you know December is "Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month? Well, it is and we not only need to think of ourselves, but every single person on the roads is counting on us. If you know you’re going to celebrate with booze, then prepare to not have access to your car. Check the arrogance, selfishness, and disrespect with the keys when you walk through the door and leave the worries behind. Think when you’re going to drink and don’t get drunk and drive. CarBuyerUSA wants you to be safe and keep everyone else safe this holiday season; and when January 2nd rolls around we’ll still be here. After all, we buy cars so if want you to sell your car to us, no matter where in the continental U.S. you are or what condition your car, passenger truck or van, or SUV is in, we’ll buy it fast, safe, and easy.

Stay Alert & Drive Safe Out There!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 04, 2017

According to the Chicago Tribune, back in 2014, the U.S. government put all car, lightweight truck, and bus manufacturers on notice they had until May 2018 to roll out vehicles – 10,000 pounds and under – equipped with mandatory rear view cameras. This regulation is to help drivers stay alert and drive safe out there! Just think of how many times this would have stopped drivers from backing into pedestrians, harming or severely injuring, or worse killing them if it had been implemented by the 2011 deadline as planned by Congress! Not to mention how many countless reverse bumps into other cars, walls, trees, mailboxes, pets, and so many other objects that just seem to get in the way! Injuries aside, think about all those damaged cars with dented bumpers and quarter panels, broken taillights, and broken windows; and what about vehicle insurance premiums! We buy cars all the time that have these exact damages.

About a year ago I was leaving a department store and realized I had forgotten something. Instead of driving forward to swing back around (because the spot I had just left was only feet behind me) I decided to reverse and back up to reclaim my spot. I looked from ALL ANGLES and saw no one. I’m quite anal about going in reverse and triple check like I have a disorder I can’t control and MUST triple check. Like I said, no one was anywhere in sight. Then as I’m moving along I hear a yell and when I looked in my rearview mirror again there was a guy standing directly behind me. Thank goodness, I didn’t hit him! He’d come walking out of the gym and must have been moving quickly. It scared the bejesus out of me! I knew right then my next car would have a rearview camera. You should see how over cautious I am now.

May 2018 will be here before we know it, here’s hoping there are no more delays and this mandatory requirement is met; and let’s hope there are few people who don’t have a review camera installed with close calls and definitely no injuries big or small, or worse.

If you have a damaged car, truck, van, or SUV and you’re looking to sell your car we want to speak with you today. Like we’ve told you many times all over, We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs, lightweight passenger truck or van, and SUV in any condition running or not, and definitely anywhere in the continental U.S. Enter a few details about your vehicle into our short form and let’s get you moving in the right direction! It may only take a few days to have cash in your bank, but in the meantime, stay alert and drive safe out there! People move fast and expect you to be looking out for them!

Pink Cadillac? We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 01, 2017

So! This is how I’m starting my day. Coffee? Check. To do list? Check. Motivation? Check. What’s on my list? Trust me, I’ve got some serious goals today. What’s my motivation for the day? It’s 2-fold; first a powerful encouraging text from my sister. Second? Well that would be Ms. Aretha Franklin putting me on the Freeway of Love! What? I’m writing about cars! All car songs are free game! Hmmm… how do I add We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs to this and make it work together? Make it blend? Fit? Flow? Wait. I think it just happened.

Did you listen to it? It’s a classic and who doesn’t love a classic? It’ll get you moving, and who doesn’t love to move? It’ll get you motivated, and who doesn’t like that! Young or old, music and cars just goes together. Your car is your personality and your music is an extension of you, right? I just realized something. I drive a 1996 Ford Taurus. It’s paid for and it has been good to me, but NO WAY is it my personality. Maybe I should say your “it” car is your personality. Of course it my case I’d need many cars to express the many personalities fighting it out in my head.

My, what are you looking at mean, rumbling growl, step away from the 1965 GTO kid or there could be pain in your day from a little old lady.

Yep, kiss my exhaust 1969 Chevelle.

My, yep I restored it myself 1966 Chevy C-10.

Oh yeah. Look at me. Be jealous. That’s right. It’s MY Bugatti Chiron. C’monnnn! Who doesn’t want to go 400 km/h in 42 seconds?? What’s that in mph anyways?

This is so wrong, 1996 Taurus. Yes, even reality has it’s spot in my brain.

Even if you and I may not be rolling down the road in a in a muscle classic, or a complete rock my world Bugatti Chiron, or a pink Cadillac, we can let Ms. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Diva’in herself, have us rockin’ down the highway! Don’t forget, We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs no matter what color it is, what make or model it is, or what shape it’s in. Not running? No worries. Not shiny? No worries? Missing the wheels? No worries! Your reality car? No worries! Sell your damaged car to! You can watch us roll it out of your yard rocking out to the Diva herself!

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