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In the News Again – Autonomous Mode Google Vehicle Is In Arizona Car Crash – No Fault Of Its Own

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 28, 2018

In the news again, and autonomous mode vehicle is in a car crash. Earlier in May, Google’s self-driving minivan, Waymo’s Chrysler Pacifica, was involved in an accident in Chandler, Arizona. As you can see the aftermath below, it looks like it was a brutal incident. We’ve been hearing and reading a lot about autonomous mode automobiles in the news lately indicating the “hands off the wheel” cars involved in car crashes that make the hairs on the back of our necks stand up; but this time, it seems the autonomous minivan was the victim. For the record, I want to reinforce for you, Arizona and all other residents in the Continental U.S., we buy cars fast in any condition. That means if your vehicle has been in an accident you can get an instant cash offer fast and sell your car quick to us.

CarBuyerUSA - We Buy Damaged Cars
Image Credit - ABC 15 Arizona

Just seven weeks prior, an Uber self-driving car in Arizona hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the road at the corner. This caused some in the industry to bring testing to a halt, but not all followed suit. One might think this reaction to such a tragedy would be a blinking neon sign of sorts to the industry and all would err on the side of caution. If they did, which I’m sure it was seriously weighed and considered, it seems it like a short-lived caution.

With this said, reports state the autonomous car wasn’t at fault this time, but what about the “fine print”? Could the driver of the car not at fault have reacted in a way to avoid the accident? That’s not only a good question, it’s considered in auto accident investigations. We’ve all had defensive driving drilled into our heads to be alert and ready to react should an unforeseen incident occur. Are autonomous cars programed analyze its environment and to react accordingly and safely? After the earlier deadly accident, you would think adjustments would have been implemented in an effort to be proactive in avoiding accidents.

    “We are currently investigating a minor injury collision involving two vehicles, one of which is a Waymo autonomous vehicle. This afternoon around noon a vehicle (Honda sedan) traveling eastbound on Chandler Blvd. had to swerve to avoid striking a vehicle traveling northbound on Los Feliz Dr.”

    “As the Honda swerved, the vehicle continued eastbound into the westbound lanes of Chandler Blvd. & struck the Waymo vehicle, which was traveling at a slow speed and in autonomous mode.”

In defense of Google’s autonomous day out, even a human driver with the hands on the wheel can’t always react to avoid a car crash; but programs, software, and all technology is written and created for a very specific reason. To make something, not only convenient and the quality of our lives better, but to also make something work pristine without fail. To make a change in how we do things and live. Aside from invading lives to know our habits for marketing and creativity to capture customers, the IoT was created for that very reason.

Of course, in all autonomous vehicles there is someone sitting in the driver’s seat to quickly takeover the operation of the car and quickly react if needed, but just as in any dangerous driving situation this person didn’t have time to react and sustained minor injuries. For the driver of the other car, hopefully he/she was ok and came out of the car crash unscathed. If the driver doesn’t want to go through his/her insurance and accept their replacement value, they could get an instant cash offer from us and sell to us. With that said, no matter what state you live in, you can sell your car quick to us and get cash fast!

Remember, no matter what state you live in or city, town, village, or if in the middle of “nowhere, we buy cars and offer the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere else. We will not be beat! Our SAFE, FAST, and EASY short 2-step process form will give you the real number for your car worth and you get cash in the bank fast! Even if it’s involve in an autonomous car crash. So, if you have a car, truck, van, or SUV you want to sell, sell your car to quick us!

Buckle up! Cops Pull Over Car with Metal Stool for A Seat

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 21, 2018

Boy, have times changed. I remember in high school the boys restoring their 1967 and 1963 Camaros doing this very thing. Cops didn’t pull over their cars to give them tickets for sitting on a metal stool when driving down the road. They pulled them over to check out their cars! And I’m pretty sure they never said buckle up now that I think about it. Some cops even let all us kids get away with racing on a desolate road! Yes, I know. Some of you are shuttering at the thought. I’m positive you’d shutter harder knowing some cops actually brought us 6-packs for after hours at the local pizza joint. Ah, the good old days! Disclosure, I’d be one mad mom if this courtesy happened for my kids!

Recently making the news is an Australian driving down the Central Coast Highway on Friday minding his own business. The police officers noticed the car didn’t seem to have a windshield so they did their civic duty and pulled him over to check. To their surprise, that wasn’t all the car was missing. If the guy had been here in the States and had a spare car to sell… well, we buy cars. Just saying.

Per Fox News, as the two New South Wales Traffic and Highway Patrol officers got closer to the Commodore, they realized the interior was completely stripped down and it was missing its seats. Well, all except for the metal stool the driver was sitting on which by the way had a towel on the floor under it. In case you don’t know, the Commodore is the model we here in the States know as the Chevrolet SS. Own one? Is it restored? Call us and talk to one of our live agents to see if you can sell your car quick to us! If so, we’ll give you an instant cash offer you’ll love!

The good news for the driver was his car had a roll-cage installed, but the bad news is this suggested it was clearly made for racing and wasn’t street legal. A comment on the NSWTHP Facebook page joked, “Friday is International Take Your Race Car To Work Day.” Unfortunately, it was nothing to joke about for the car owner. He got slapped with a number of violations adding up to $1,200 in fines. Guess he’ll need to start saving for that racing seat all over again.

Here’s my message to all who are restoring their classics and just “reinventing” a car taking it to what they think is the next level. Before you position a metal stool in front of the steering wheel, no matter how tempting the urge to hit the streets for a test drive, if you have a vehicle sitting around to spare, sell your car quick to us! We buy cars in any condition anywhere in the Continental U.S., and if it’s not running it’s not a problem! We’ll buy it and give you the highest instant cash offer you can find anywhere else! Then? Then you can buy that seat you’ve been eyeing and get your car street legal! Oh, and don’t forget to buckle up. It’s also the law.

Do NOT Lease a Car through Uber’s Program! Sell Your Car to Us and Buy An Upgrade Your Own!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 18, 2018

Are you thinking about being an Uber driver but your car isn’t up to their standards and their car lease program seems a little too, well, stupid? You do NOT need to lease a car through Uber’s program! We’ve got you covered! You can sell your car quick to us and get FAST CASH in the bank to upgrade all on your own! We buy cars fast, safe, and easy in any Continental U.S. state! You can find out your car worth right now with our instant cash offer!

Yes, Uber is an innovative technology, its platform is user-friendly, and it promises users will save money. It’s the most popular ride-sharing app available, according to Uber. Taxi companies hate it because it has dominated and disrupted their bottom-line for the last five years.

According to an interview with Garrett Camp, Uber Chairman, the Uber active drivers tribe is upwards of 2 million drivers and they’re still coming up with innovative ways to attract more to build that tribe even larger. In an effort to push the limits, Uber has come up with an array of schemes to get more people behind the wheel making money for them. Their failed attempt with their financing program, now defunct, came as no surprise to current Uber drivers and to many that considered using it.

The gimmick was to offer auto financing to drivers with poor credit and get them qualified for the loan they couldn’t get anywhere else. This sounded like an answer to a lot of people’s problem that wanted a job and an easy way to find work. Just like Richard Brunelle, a 58-year-old Uber driver who signed a contract for a Kia Optima and struggled to pay his $1,000 monthly note payment. If that monthly payment wasn’t enough insult, the interest rate for that loan was an whopping 22.75% APR! Ouch! Doesn’t it make sense to get a 20-second instant cash offer from us?

Of course you could always rent a car by the hour from Uber by putting down a $200 deposit and then paying whatever rental fee they have for your area. How the heck are you supposed to make a living like that? Isn’t is smarter to sell your car sitting in the yard and take the extra money you’ll get from to buy a newer or brand new car? We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY and put cash in your bank fast! Our 2-step process gives you the highest instant cash offer you’ll get anywhere else and it does this for you in as little as 20-seconds! We won’t be beat! If your future is an Uber driver, get started right now and sell your car quick to us! You’ll be behind the wheel picking up your first customer in a few days!

Top 5 Reasons We Are Bad Drivers

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 10, 2018

You might think the top 5 reasons we are bad drivers is because of the risky chances and moves we make, but nope. It’s the reason behind why we do irresponsible things and drive recklessly. Believe it or not, men are more likely to fail at changing their driving habits than women are according to Envista – forensics firm. They did a major survey of 2,000 American drivers and found some disturbing results. Disclosure: For all drivers who have bells going off when reading the list below, we buy cars and we’ll give you a FAST instant cash offer so you can sell your car quick! Why? Because you should be taking the bus.


Texting someone or dialing a number on our cell phones. Taking our hands off the steering wheel for just a moment, getting angry with another driver and becoming an instant aggressive driver out of anger or frustration; or any number of other common actions may seem like they are no big deal when we’re doing it, but a distraction is a distraction and a stupid action is a stupid action. Everyday common acts don’t feel like dangerous moves, but when you look at some in black and white they don’t seem so harmless.

Technology innovation may be omitting or resolving issues and filling a need to counter those that come up on the road, but there’s no way it can take care of all issues. Out of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, we Americans are a little off our rockers and some of us are down right out of our minds ridiculous.

  • To justify becoming distracted 36% say, “we just do it for a minute”. Really? How often have we said, heard, or even experienced that all it takes are seconds for disaster to happen?
  • How can anyone justify drunk driving? Guess what, some of us do and 46% did just that. Common defenses for the offenders are, “it was the easiest, cheapest, only, or quickest way for me to get home.” Guess what? There is technology being worked on right now to create a with absolute precision and accuracy that would be installed in EVERY vehicle to detect alcohol consumption. I image a driver will need to pass “the test” before the car’s engine would start.
  • Road rage, most of us have felt it and haven’t really acted on it more than some colorful language and friendly gestures, but there are those who should sit through some anger management classes. 47% out 2,000 Americans acknowledge it is a stupid thing to go overboard with.
    I’ve experienced road rage here in the Atlanta area… while sitting still in a traffic jam. The girl literally just decided to move over into my lane. Where my car was sitting still. I had to pull off the road. Lots of colorful language and friendly gestures came pouring out of me. I should have given her a business card and told her we buy cars from idiots too. She definitely was lacking in brain cells.
  • We’re late for work, church, an event, court, picking up our kids from school, or a million other reasons and 47% out of 2,000 justified speeding by playing the blame game. #SMH 👈 right. I’m just as guilty.
    I’ve had my share of running late and running red lights, speeding, and tailgating. Then you have those people on your rear end flashing their lights and honking their horns. BTW, if you’re one of these people you really should just sell our car and take the bus. You are annoying. Especially if you’re one of those who blares your horn the second the light turns green. Seriously, you don’t deserve to be driving on my roads.
  • For all you drunk drivers out there, again, sell your cars! There is absolutely no reason to be behind the wheel of a lawn mower much less a car. 37% admitted they were confronted about doing this and the rest of the time, friends, bartenders, co-workers, spouses, and kids kept it on the down low and just kept their fingers crossed the unthinkable wouldn’t happen.

Now that I think about it, and going totally against my autonomous worries, maybe they’re not such a bad idea.

If any of these above feel familiar, take a moment. Think about all the drivers out there doing it right and those who you’re annoying with your antics and take pause. Park that car and take the bus! And remember, we buy cars in any condition… angry cars raging on the road, cars that reek of alcohol, cars that are sick of tailgating, and cars that are all cracked up! Get an instant cash offer from and sell your car quick! We’re FAST and SAFE, and our EASY 2-step process will give you your car worth in as little as 20-seconds! Talk to us today and get cash in the bank now!

Barrett-Jackson’s 16th Annual Palm Beach Auction 2018 – 140+ Cars

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 03, 2018

Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2018 :30 2 from barrettjackson on Vimeo

Any car enthusiast will tell you, sitting in front of the TV watching the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Car Auction is exciting, but for those lucky enough to be there it is exhilarating. I cannot even imagine what it feels like to have enough pocket change to bid and win the car of your dreams, but there were 140+ diehard collectors at the 16th annual 2018 event that did just that.

Today all is quiet at the South Florida Fairgrounds, but a couple of weeks ago the Barrett-Jackson trademark car enthusiasts chaos was buzzing. The annual auction had the expected candy-panted and chrome Americana and collectors and buyers alike were not disappointed. Fans and buyers walked in with money in their wallets to burn and burned it did! Yes, there were bids won at top dollar but there were some bids won at a steal!

What were some of the highlights of the 2018 Palm Beach annual event?

1st a 1966 Dodge Dart GT

This one went to a brand new home at a bargain for a little under $15,000.00. This bright orange (my favorite color for muscle cars at the moment) 4-speed 5.6 liter V-8 coupe was a steal for the amount of car this puppy has.

Excuse me, but how does a 1987 GMC Jimmy 4x4 go for $2000.00 more than a 1966 Dodge Dart GT at $17,000.00? Something is not right.

The 2012 Lexus LFA Nurbürgring Edition

© Automobile Magazine Staff 1966 Dodge Dart GT Palm Beach 2018

Here’s a doozy of a price, when the hammer fell on the orange beauty one lucky bid winner had pledged $770,000.00 for the LFA Nurbürgring Edition. That is a lot of cash but still considered a good buy being that it is a rare model with a massive coolness. Lucky for the new owner, if he/she decides to sell in a few years, they will most likely get a high return on the investment. We buy cars and you can definitely sell your car to us fast, but I’m not so sure we would buy this one. I think the owners might fight over it. Then again, they could have it on a rotating drive schedule as an employee perk!

© Palm Beach 2018

1986 Nissan Safari Fire Truck

Here Is something you don’t see every day, not even once a year. This Nisan Safari Fire Truck complete with a PA-system and siren is street-legal and was put up for auction! Wouldn’t you just love to be the talk of your neighborhood?

We may not have been at the Barrett-Jackson’s 16th Annual Palm Beach Auction for 2018, and I’m not sure if the fire truck counts as a traditional “non-traditional” passenger vehicle. Yes, it started out that way, but I can’t come to terms that it has ended up with its original status. Regardless, we buy cars here at and we will give you the highest instant cash offer on any passenger vehicle – 2006 and up, you can sell your car quick, and get FAST cash in your bank SAFE and EASY! Fill out our short 2-step process form and sit back for about 20-seconds. That’s all it takes to find out your car worth and get the ball rolling to SOLD!

Video – Best DIY Car Wash Spring Cleaning to Remove Salt! Great DIY For Southern Autos Too!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Since I’m visiting upstate New York, with no leaves on the trees and snow barely melted away off the ground and roads, it occurred to me that spring cleaning isn’t only for the house. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs need a good cleaning too to remove the hard winter’s salt. So, I combed through YouTube for the best spring cleaning DIY car was to remove salt I could find. I know you know we buy cars in any condition and that you can sell even the saltiest car to us, but I also know there are people who feel strongly if it’s shiny clean you can sell your car at a higher value. Therefore, I did all the research for you. You’re welcome. Oh, and we’ll give you the highest instant cash offer you’ll find in about 20-seconds. How’s that when you want to sell your car quick? You’re welcome for that too.


NO greasy cleaning products should be used.

Brush all the crevices to remove dust, dirt, and salt debris.

Use a cleaner and cloth to wipe:

  • driving dust off the dash
  • focus on cleaning the steering wheel – has the most bacteria and germs

Don’t forget the buttons, cup holders, and switches.

Gas, clutch, brake, and footrest pedal


Use clean tools – rinse all previously used materials still dirty from the last cleaning.

  • Bucket
  • Cloths
  • Brushes

Get under the hood and work the engine first.

  • Remove all debris – leaves, pine straw, twigs – first to avoid making a muddy muck
  • Lightly hose it all off
  • Cover any area sensitive to soap and wet cleaning
  • A round paintbrush might be a good tool to soap up and clean the jams and other dirty areas
  • After rinsing don’t close the hood all the way so it can dry
  • Remove tires – tip: keep each one near their respective wheels so you don’t get confused about which goes where
  • So many other step-by-step tips!

After going through this video I realized this isn’t just for northern automobiles, it’s for vehicles all over the U.S. I’ve been saying I’m going to give my car a good cleaning, but now it’s going to be so much cleaner! This video is literally great for any automobile owner and though I don’t endorse, nor does Car Buyer USA, the product he uses, I highly recommend it as a reference to clean your car right.

Like we’ve said many times, we buy cars from anywhere in the Continental U.S. in any condition; not only those running or not, but those that are covered inside and out with dirt, salt, sand, stains, dents, breaks, scratches, etc. and we will give you the highest instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. If you like the number you see then speak to one of our friendly live agents and sell your car quick! You’ll have hard cold cash in the bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY!

Future Car Predictions That Were Dead Wrong

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

No, it’s not that we buy cars or that you’d be able to sell your car quick online – that’s a fact. The future car prediction made by Henry Ford’s lawyer, Horace Rackham, was dead wrong – “Cars are just a fad.” Rackham, President, Michigan State Savings Bank, told Ford horses were going nowhere, that the automobile was merely a novelty people were fascinated with now; that it was a fad. He advised Henry, as any good banker would, to protect his money. If you think about it though, many people without a vision have been wrong about cars and this one from 1903, makes sense. I wonder if Horace is the reason Henry used the term horsepower.


In 1904, another fopaux happened and if you ask me, this is an even bigger one.

“Our brains won’t be able to keep up with them.” ~The New York Times Article

According to an article in The New York Times, a Paris debate between a physician and a brain specialist on the dangers to drivers driving automobiles at high speeds was something impossible. According to the medical professionals – “the brain can’t keep up.” The article further reads, “It remains to be proved how fast the brain is capable of traveling.”

I’m especially fond of this one in the article.

“If it cannot acquire an eight-mile per hour speed, then an auto running at the rate of 80 miles per hour is running without the guidance of the brain, and the many disastrous results are not to be marveled at.”

That one makes me laugh. I wonder what these two brilliant minds – yes that’s a pun – would say today. I know they’d scoff at the fact we buy cars online and you can sell your car from a computer, cell phone, and without leaving your couch. Heck, you can even get a 20-second instant offer with a few strokes of a keyboard and sell your car quick in as little as a few days. I’ll go one even further out on a limb and say I’m 100% sure Horace Rackham would have laughed at the fact we can have cash wired to your bank in a flash!

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