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Know Hidden Meaning in a Carmaker’s Emblem Before You Sell Your Car – List B

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 22, 2019

As we said in the A’s list, not only do we buy cars, give you a high instant cash offer, make it so you sell your car quick and get cash in the bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY, but we’re your place for information you may not know about. For instance, we’re doing a series by alphabet letting you in on the hidden meaning a carmaker's emblem that people instantly recognize. We want people to know we buy cars that are not so expensive, luxury expensive and exotic car expensive. Car Buyer USA also has a fleet program and buy where we buy from small businesses and mid-sized fleets. We pretty much cover a lot of ground in the car buying business, so when you’re thinking, “sell my car, truck, van, or SUV,” think CarBuyerUSA before you sell your car. We’re the best and will not be beat! Now, let’s take a look at the Bs.


During the WWI, Bentley began manufacturing aircraft engines so it just made sense to go with wings. If you look close, you’ll count ten feathers on the left and eleven feathers on the right. The number of feathers on either side of the wings has varied throughout history. The color silver expresses the logo’s sophistication.


The initials BMW originally stood for Bayerische Motoren Werke in German – English translation Bavarian Motor Works. This multinational company founded in 1916, presently produces motorcycles, but they’re best known for automobiles. The black outer circle is derived from Rapp Motorenwerke’s logo, BMW’s predecessor. The flag of Bavaria is represented by the blue and white checkered rounder.

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This is a favorite of mine and I’ve said for quite a few years now, I will have this thing. Meh, what’s life without dreams, right?

Ettore Bugatti’s – the brand’s founder – initials are represented in the motif within the oval. The origin of the red oval consisting of 60 red dots is conflicted. There are two options that are both plausible; Bugatti’s lack of gaskets and the safety wires in the engines, or they’re pearls indicating grandeur.

So there you have it. The list of B’s in its own right epitomizes luxury and exotic, which by the way, we buy exotic cars too.

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Know Hidden Meaning in a Carmaker’s Emblem Before You Sell Your Car – the A’s

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Not only do we buy cars and you can get an instant cash offer to sell your car quick to us, but we are your place for interesting information. What’s in a carmaker’s emblem? Are there hidden meanings? You bet. Carmaker’s emblems are something everyone can instantly recognize at a quick glance. So where do their meanings come from? We want you to know before you sell your car, so let’s look at the A’s first.


This one is based on Carlo Abarth’s – company founder – astrological sign. Located at top is the Italian flag and the color red which is Italy’s national racing colors. Today you can find the badge on Fiats.


You may think the letter “A” represents the first letter of the name of this one, but actually, the logo depicts the caliper tool that’s used to measure thickness. This alludes the company’s efforts to achieve engineering excellence for its vehicles. Another interesting characteristic is if you look close enough you’ll see there’s an “H” within the logo. This “H” indicates Acura’s link to Honda, its parent company.

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ALFA ROMEO – ALFA is the acronym for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili and the surname Romeo is for the businessman who purchased the company in 1915. On the left is a red cross which is Milan’s symbol. On the right you’ll find the insignia of the House of Visconti – a crowned viper swallowing a Moorish man


The history of Alpina isn’t one you’d relate to when thinking “sell my car”, rather you’d be thinking, “I need to type memo.” This carmaker’s roots lies in producing typewriters by the Alps. The company’s badge has a Weber carburettor (carburetor in America) and a crankshaft. The carburettor represents its close relationship with BMW, which has BMW’s blessing in producing about 1500 BMW-base cars per year.


Almost always you see the AMG logo on the back of Mercedes, though a boring fact, the reason for three letters is very self-explanatory. Affalterbach, Germany is where the Mercedes-AMG factory is located. In the left of the logo’s circle is a stream and tree referencing Affalterbach’s flag, and the spring and the valve stands for the factory.


Lionel Martin co-founded the company and Aston comes from his success at Aston Hill Climb. In 1927, the “wings” was chosen representing speed, and rumor has it he was inspired by the Bentley’s “Winged B”.


August Horch, founder of Audi, left his company and was blocked from using his namesake for any other businesses. As a result, when his son suggested the name “Audi”, he used it. In the German language, the word horsch translates to “listen” and translates into “audi” in Latin. The logo derives from Auto Union, which in 1932 was the merger of the four major brands, Audi, DKW, Wanderer, and Horch. To signify the union of each brand silver rings were chosen, and the color silver represents Germany’s national racing color.

There you have it; you now know the hidden meaning of the “A” in carmakers’ emblems.

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