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What happens to Old Tesla’s

- Tuesday, August 31, 2021

There’s no doubt that Elon musk created an absolutely amazing product with the Tesla automobile. The Tesla is an absolute engineering wonder. They perform extremely well in every possible category: acceleration & top-end, operating cost, durability and they are Hella-Fun-to-drive! Factor in the “zero emissions” thing and it’s just the perfect vehicle for today. We absolutely love it, but what happens to old Tesla’s? Better yet, who buys high mileage Tesla’s?

I mean think about it… what if the batteries go bad? Nobody really knows how long a Tesla will truly last? If the batteries crap out, it’s a total loss. Check this out…replacement batteries for an “S” Model Tesla cost in excess of $20,000. That’s like the engine and the transmission going bad at the same time on a gas-burning vehicle. When Tesla’s cross the 100K mile mark, the cost to repair could easily exceed the respective fair market value. This is a text book definition of a total loss. The legal definition of a total loss in most states hovers around 60-75% of the value of the vehicle. Most states have created similar “thresholds” that are established to prevent citizens of their respective states from being duped or sold vehicles unknowingly that may not be roadworthy or perform poorly in a crash. With batteries alone costing $20K, a higher mileage Tesla worth $30,000 would not be worth repairing - and there is no claim to file for a total loss!

You have options

Firstly, we would recommend that you not drive your Tesla into the ground or hand it down for 2 generations to watch the charging system malfunction. Why risk running into those high dollar repairs? Tesla’s with less than 50,000 miles on them still fetch a handsome resale price. While finding a private buyer for your used Tesla may be challenging there are online sources like CarBuyerUSA that pay top dollar for any used Tesla. We even have audience sources for the ones that do not run & drive as they should. Secondly, think ahead…if you average 15,000 miles per year, order your replacement vehicle in year 2 and give yourself enough lead time for the new one to be built. Finally, stay close to the value of your Tesla by checking in with dealers and car buying sites that will purchase your vehicle without requiring a trade like we do. Getting an offer is fast (under half a minute) and we require no personal information. We suggest using car buying sites rather than guidebooks for a more realistic valuation. Guidebooks don’t buy Tesla’s and finding a private byer for a vehicle over $10,000 is very difficult.

For additional information about selling your Tesla please email us at

Where is the title to your vehicle?

- Monday, August 16, 2021

When buying or selling a car privately, verification of ownership is critical. I mean…”why would you pay for something that wouldn’t be yours legally, right?” Sometimes a used car for sale looks “too good to be true” and chances are that “it is” and there is a problem! Don’t let it be with rightful ownership. There are very simple precautions that can be taken to prevent financial loss by fraud, incompetency or criminal act. We buy millions of dollars of vehicles each week all over the USA and we encounter a multitude of title issues.

Here’s a quick look at the kind of title problems we see:

  • Liens – sometimes they are not filed with proper governmental sources (hidden)
  • Tax Liens – also will be hidden and will encumber an ownership change
  • Domestic Liens / Judgements – the person who owns the vehicle has an unmet financial obligation against the vehicle, hindering ownership transfer
  • Brands: salvage, flood, total loss, lemon law (buyback)
  • Bonded Titles - the person in possession of the vehicle cannot prove ownership, so a surety bond was purchased to obtain a negotiable title (risky)
  • Mileage Discrepancy – mileage not actual or mileage on vehicle different from what appears on title or Vehicle History Reports (CarFax/AutoCheck)
  • Re-assignments – Jumped Ownership Titles – sellers transferring ownership to avoid sales tax that are not licensed dealers (very risky)
  • Electronic Titles – no paper copy available
  • Damaged/physically altered – disfigured, altered, illegible info entered, etc.
  • Endorsed improperly – signed improperly, signed in wrong spot, red pen used (blue or black only)
  • Correct information – printed name and signature must match what’s on the front of the title “exactly”
  • Year/Make/Model/VIN should all match the vehicle
  • Odometer – miles must be entered on the title exactly as on the vehicle

It is the sellers and the buyers responsibility to ensure ALL the info on the title is correct. If you are selling a vehicle and the title is not properly conveyed you are financially liable for anything that happens going forward as the vehicle is still yours. Buyers…you do not own the vehicle until the title is executed properly and conveyed to you.

States currently offering Electronic Titles:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin

For more information on titles please contact us at: and we will try to assist you.

Why is rust on my car a problem?

- Thursday, August 12, 2021
CarBuyerUSA - Rust on Car

Can I sell my vehicle if it has rust? The answer is always “you can sell anything for the right price”! This is an absolute truth in life, but the question is… how much less?

Rust is like cancer…it spreads with ferocity and it can rarely be stopped. In fact, it has to cut out and new metal has to be welded into place for a proper repair. Only the highest quality repair shops are able to successfully strip out rust and restore a vehicle with repairs that will last. These repairs are exhaustive, very costly and quickly outrun the book value of the vehicle. Rusted out vehicles quite simply are not worth very much as they only provide transportation value for a finite amount of time. A vehicle without rust can last for hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained but a rusty one will ultimately just fall apart, collapse and return to the earth from whence it came.

Trucks and SUV’s with frames may last longer than a unitized construction vehicle because the frame rails may be less compromised than the body panels which are made of thinner gauge sheet metal. That said, a truck’s payload capacity will immediately be compromised by rust and off road capability will be reduced because the rusty frame cannot take any stress or punishment. The image below is the frame of a full size pickup truck that had nominal rust that was visible cosmetically. This truck was either in salt water quite a bit or used to plow roads in the Snow Belt where heavy salt use is prevalent. As you can see the frame is fully perforated and will buckle soon and the truck will essentially bend in half and stop moving. Even a 500# payload is unsafe in this vehicle, hence it is worth little more than scrap in its condition. A truck like this is not worth repairing and it is an economic total loss due to rust.

What can you do if you have a rusty vehicle? Shop around with parts buyers that may need components of the vehicle that are intact. Or…keep driving the vehicle as long as it’s safe to do so - otherwise understand that rust will truly destroy the resale value of your vehicle.

For questions or additional information about this topic or a free vehicle valuation please email us at:

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