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Think When You Drink – Don’t Drive Drunk

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 07, 2017
CarBuyerUSA says Think When You Drink - Don’t Drive Drunk

We’re in the business of giving you cash for your vehicles and if you need extra money for the holidays, we’re the ones you want to talk to first! We pay you more cash for your car, truck, van, or SUV than anywhere else and we do it fast, safe, and easy. We’ll even come to you to do it! But what wants to stress right now with such festive Holidays riding up on us, is think when you drink. Alcohol and driving are like oil and vinegar, not motor oil and a dipstick. They don’t go together and we want to tell everyone, is give yourself, your loved ones, and all those out on the roads; don’t drive drunk.

Every Christmas family gathering we had a tradition; huge family gathering, tons of food, games galore, cheesy karaoke, and I was always the one who brought the merry concoction – flavored vodkas and fruit juice with frozen fruit as the ice. It only took me one time to walk in with just one pitcher of my tasty libation to learn there’d always be a hidden jug out on the back porch! Those people loved my holiday cheer way too much.

Now, I know that sounds like we all partied “like it was 1999”, and we did get to the point of feeling no pain on occasion, but we knew we wouldn’t be getting behind the wheel of a car. Those who indulged too much slept over for the night, and the only thing I had moving down the street was one foot in front of the other. Singing. Badly. And loudly. This may or may not have involved some very awkward body language on the icy roads with me sitting dead center on the line laughing hysterically thinking, “This couldn’t have happened to a better person!” It’s a very funny and jolly moment until you have to fight to stand up with your boyfriend standing mere feet away laughing harder than you feel he should be. “You better ask Santa for a donut pillow, cause when I get up I’m gonna kick your butt!” Yep, the laughing got louder and more robust as he headed on home.

My point is, it’s ok to have fun during the holidays and don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge, so enjoy yourself! But what you cannot do is drink and drive. It is NOT worth the risk, and it’s one of the most arrogant, selfish, and disrespectful things a person can do to others, adults and children alike.

The Facts Are Not Jolly – Impaired Drivers

2012 – Out of every 100,000 people in the U.S. on the roads, 3.4 die from drunk drivers. This accounts for 31% of all traffic fatalities and during the holidays, these numbers jump drastically in comparison.

In the U.S., a drunk driver kills a person every 45 minutes. EVERY 45 MINUTES and that’s just the everyday average. During the holidays, that number jumps!

Every 15 minutes teenager fatalities occur due to drunk drivers. Guess what happens to that number during the holidays. It jumps.

Do you know December is "Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month? Well, it is and we not only need to think of ourselves, but every single person on the roads is counting on us. If you know you’re going to celebrate with booze, then prepare to not have access to your car. Check the arrogance, selfishness, and disrespect with the keys when you walk through the door and leave the worries behind. Think when you’re going to drink and don’t get drunk and drive. CarBuyerUSA wants you to be safe and keep everyone else safe this holiday season; and when January 2nd rolls around we’ll still be here. After all, we buy cars so if want you to sell your car to us, no matter where in the continental U.S. you are or what condition your car, passenger truck or van, or SUV is in, we’ll buy it fast, safe, and easy.

Stay Alert & Drive Safe Out There!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 04, 2017

According to the Chicago Tribune, back in 2014, the U.S. government put all car, lightweight truck, and bus manufacturers on notice they had until May 2018 to roll out vehicles – 10,000 pounds and under – equipped with mandatory rear view cameras. This regulation is to help drivers stay alert and drive safe out there! Just think of how many times this would have stopped drivers from backing into pedestrians, harming or severely injuring, or worse killing them if it had been implemented by the 2011 deadline as planned by Congress! Not to mention how many countless reverse bumps into other cars, walls, trees, mailboxes, pets, and so many other objects that just seem to get in the way! Injuries aside, think about all those damaged cars with dented bumpers and quarter panels, broken taillights, and broken windows; and what about vehicle insurance premiums! We buy cars all the time that have these exact damages.

About a year ago I was leaving a department store and realized I had forgotten something. Instead of driving forward to swing back around (because the spot I had just left was only feet behind me) I decided to reverse and back up to reclaim my spot. I looked from ALL ANGLES and saw no one. I’m quite anal about going in reverse and triple check like I have a disorder I can’t control and MUST triple check. Like I said, no one was anywhere in sight. Then as I’m moving along I hear a yell and when I looked in my rearview mirror again there was a guy standing directly behind me. Thank goodness, I didn’t hit him! He’d come walking out of the gym and must have been moving quickly. It scared the bejesus out of me! I knew right then my next car would have a rearview camera. You should see how over cautious I am now.

May 2018 will be here before we know it, here’s hoping there are no more delays and this mandatory requirement is met; and let’s hope there are few people who don’t have a review camera installed with close calls and definitely no injuries big or small, or worse.

If you have a damaged car, truck, van, or SUV and you’re looking to sell your car we want to speak with you today. Like we’ve told you many times all over, we buy any car, lightweight passenger truck or van, and SUV in any condition running or not, and definitely anywhere in the continental U.S. Enter a few details about your vehicle into our short form and let’s get you moving in the right direction! It may only take a few days to have cash in your bank, but in the meantime, stay alert and drive safe out there! People move fast and expect you to be looking out for them!

Pink Cadillac? We Buy Any Car!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 01, 2017

So! This is how I’m starting my day. Coffee? Check. To do list? Check. Motivation? Check. What’s on my list? Trust me, I’ve got some serious goals today. What’s my motivation for the day? It’s 2-fold; first a powerful encouraging text from my sister. Second? Well that would be Ms. Aretha Franklin putting me on the Freeway of Love! What? I’m writing about cars! All car songs are free game! Hmmm… how do I add we buy any car to this and make it work together? Make it blend? Fit? Flow? Wait. I think it just happened.

Did you listen to it? It’s a classic and who doesn’t love a classic? It’ll get you moving, and who doesn’t love to move? It’ll get you motivated, and who doesn’t like that! Young or old, music and cars just goes together. Your car is your personality and your music is an extension of you, right? I just realized something. I drive a 1996 Ford Taurus. It’s paid for and it has been good to me, but NO WAY is it my personality. Maybe I should say your “it” car is your personality. Of course it my case I’d need many cars to express the many personalities fighting it out in my head.

My, what are you looking at mean, rumbling growl, step away from the 1965 GTO kid or there could be pain in your day from a little old lady.

Yep, kiss my exhaust 1969 Chevelle.

My, yep I restored it myself 1966 Chevy C-10.

Oh yeah. Look at me. Be jealous. That’s right. It’s MY Bugatti Chiron. C’monnnn! Who doesn’t want to go 400 km/h in 42 seconds?? What’s that in mph anyways?

This is so wrong, 1996 Taurus. Yes, even reality has it’s spot in my brain.

Even if you and I may not be rolling down the road in a in a muscle classic, or a complete rock my world Bugatti Chiron, or a pink Cadillac, we can let Ms. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Diva’in herself, have us rockin’ down the highway! Don’t forget, we buy any car no matter what color it is, what make or model it is, or what shape it’s in. Not running? No worries. Not shiny? No worries? Missing the wheels? No worries! Your reality car? No worries! Sell your damaged car to! You can watch us roll it out of your yard rocking out to the Diva herself!

Are Your Car Parts Worth More Than Your Car Is Worth?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 02, 2017

Most people that own what they think is a “trashed car” might think junking it is the answer to the eyesore sitting in the backyard. Some may know a thing or two about the mechanics of a car and feel parting out the parts would be the better option; but are your car parts really worth more than your if you sell your car as is? Maybe, maybe not; it can definitely depend. Since we buy cars in any condition, running or not, when you wonder, “what’s my car worth?” it might be smarter to sell your car to us. Our resell value on damaged cars is higher than anywhere else you can find.

CarBuyerUSA - Sell your car

I Want To Sell My Car

How long have you been thinking it? Has your damaged car been sitting out collecting leaves? Are you thinking you don’t want all those Fall leaves and windblown branches and twigs building up? So just, say it already! “I want to sell my car, NOW!” If you’re thinking about taking it apart piece by piece and selling them on Craigslist or another sales outlet, then you really should consider all the steps in the process.

CarBuyerUSA - Sell your car

  1. You will need to decide where you’ll run ads or how you want to let the public know you have car parts for sale.
  2. You will need to research, decide which parts are best to sell and which ones not to bother with.
  3. You will need a place to take the parts off your car.
  4. You will need to take the time to remove the parts. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how YouTube it.
  5. You will need to ship the parts out yourself or meet someone to exchange the part(s) for money.
  6. You will have a mess and a pile of metal you’re still going to need to get rid of. Now that all the parts that made it drivable are no longer attached, you need to make arrangements to get it to a junk yard or scrap metal yard. You might get $50 for it, but add that $50 to what you collected selling the parts and you are most likely going to see the return on parting out parts was a great deal lower than what would have paid you for your car in the first place, AND we could have picked it up fast!
  7. You will need to clean up the area where your project sat. You know this is true, your wife won’t like the mess. This list isn’t all that’s involved, I didn’t mention all the headaches and hassles I can think of, just the main points. However, there are definitely other hassles that come with selling anything privately, such as the emails, phone calls, appointment arrangements, the no shows, etc.

If you need a place that offers a platform to sell cars quickly, painlessly, and without hassles, then you’re in the right place! We buy cars in any condition from anywhere in the continental United States. We make it so easy, safe, and fast we give you choices to unload that car and get cash in you bank FAST! We can schedule a pick up and send a tow truck out; or, if you’d rather drop it off at a convenient location we can schedule that too with one of our preferred partners nationwide. So really, are your parts worth more than your car is worth? To get that answer and get started on unloading that eyesore and cash in the bank, fill out our short form and get a 20-second offer. After you though, don’t be surprised if you decide your parts are not worth more than selling the whole car as is to us. We buy any car anywhere in the U.S. and we’re ready for you to sell your car to us! So when you’re thinking “I want to sell my car fast and what’s my car worth” ask us first what our resell value is on it for you. We simply pay the most for it.

Increase Your Car's Resale Value - Sell Your Car

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Are you in a situation where you need to sell your automobile? Do you need to sell your car fast? When you’re thinking of what your car is worth, think about the small and inexpensive things you can do to your vehicle to increase your car’s resale value. Yes, at CarBuyerUSA we buy cars and we want to pay as little as we can for it, after all, we’re in business to make money; but that doesn’t mean we think you should get lowballed. It’s quite the opposite; we want to pay you as much as we can for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Therefore, we’re giving a list of quick fixes to ensure you’ll get the most resell value for your automobile.


Most car dealerships don’t expect a seller to make any upgrades or perform any pre-sale prep before selling their car; private buyers on the other hand usually have higher expectations. In either case, it won’t hurt your bottom line or your bank account to take the time to “spruce it up”. A good example, and smart move, before sticking a for sale sign in the window or rolling it onto a car lot for an appraisal, is a professional detailing job. Unless your auto is a rust bucket, a good shine inside and out is worth the cost and goes a long way. If money is tight, be sure at minimum to give it a good wash and wax, and get an oil change. We all know a person interested in selling their car’s first thought is “how do I increase my car worth?” The answer to that should always be “sweat the small stuff”.


Lights – Camera – Action! Ok, there’s no camera most likely here but lights and action can definitely work to your advantage. Generally, lights are a low cost to replace and a buyer, dealership or private, count this as important; so stop by the auto parts shop down the street and grab a Phillips screwdriver. Even I can change out lights; even headlamps, and I’m a girl.


The WINDSHIELD WIPERS! Are they fairly new? If so, don’t touch them; they should do just fine. Replacing them probably won’t make a difference, but if they are dry and show cracks it’d be time for you to replace them even if you weren’t about to sell your car. Replace them!


Are there any cracks or chips in the windshield? If so, this must be fixed moment. The buyer will see the damage and no matter how small it might be, or how much you stress you’ve researched repair/replacement costs, it may sound off alarms in their head as a big expense. All together now, “price drop”.


Brakes, brakes, and more brakes. If your car, truck, van, or SUV isn’t a luxury vehicle then you may not want to sweat it because you’re only looking at $100 - $150 deduction in resell value; but you definitely need to make the buyer aware brake replacement is needed.


Tires; these are those four round rubbery things located at each corner of your car. If they’re going bald, or they’re dried out and cracking, or the treads on them are uneven or you have mismatching tires on, it’s best to replace with a new set or at least good treaded matching tires.


Scratches, dents, and dings stand out like a sore thumb and I guarantee you a potential buyer WILL notice them. All of them. Take the time to find an inexpensive expert to take care of any cosmetic damages.

Taking these small steps to spruce up your car will increase your car’s resell value and you’ll sell your car for a lot more money than if you ignore them. Like I said, we’re in the business to make money and we buy cars in perfect condition and those with scratches, dings, and dents and those a light out or bald tires too. It doesn’t really matter to us the shape your car is in, but seriously? Who likes to toss money out the window? When your first thought is “I want to sell my car”, your second should be, “ok, what do I do to jack up the price and get a larger resell value?” Now go find that screwdriver and get to work, then fill out our short form and get an instant 20-second offer for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Once you have, we’re sure you’ll like the offer and we’ll have cash in your bank fast, safe, and easy peasy.

I Had a Car Wreck – What Is My Car Worth?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 30, 2017

Imagine, you’re driving along just cruising down the road. You’re not bothering anyone, there’s no road rage to be had for miles and miles away. Then you’re rolling up on a traffic light after traffic light and they’re all rolling to your tune of green. “Yeah! How ‘bout that! Caught all the greens!” No sooner than you did your little strapped tight in your happy seat it happens. The guy from the other direction decided yellow meant step on it and t-boned your driver door. You check and ok and you don’t think you have serious injuries, and hopefully neither of you do, but guess what? You were on your way to trade your “there’s not a scratch on it” car in on a brand new model. I’m pretty sure once your brain stops rattling around from impact and can focus again, you might just be thinking, “I had a wreck? My car is wrecked! Now what is my car worth! How am I going to trade-in a wrecked car!” It’s a good question, how are you going to sell your car damaged? It’s it doomed for parting out?

CarBuyerUSA - What is my car worth

That’s a scary moment, right? Yeah, it probably is, but it’s not very uncommon. People think yellow stands for pedal to the metal all over this country, in every single town big or small, and it doesn’t matter if they are what you’d call a reckless driver or a cautious one. At one time or another I’m pretty sure no one is immune to beating a light. But now what? You know that car dealer went on and on about how your car looked like it did the day it rolled off the lot 5 years ago; and that low mileage, well that increased your car resell value. So what’s a guy to do? Tow a t-boned car to the dealership and hope the car salesman doesn’t’ notice anything odd? I don’t think the rest of your day is getting any better. I’m thinking he’s might say something like, “how do you expect us to sell a damaged car? The bad news is gonna just keep on coming. I can hear you now, “I’m sorry, what? How much is my car worth to sell now? What? What did you say?” Yeah, it’s not a pretty sight. Your car’s resell value just plummeted. Like, bad. Severely bad. Except for the car dealership, they just made extra money.

But wait! Yes your car drops in value. But on one bright side, you and the other driver are physically ok. The second bright side, is we buy cars in any condition. That means running well or so bad it barely gets you around the corner from your house, or even ones that don’t even get you out of the garage. We even run specials on T-bones like it’s a daily sale at the grocery store. Just don’t ask for steak sauce. That? That we don’t have.

So now that your vehicle has been in a car crash and you’re most likely crying over the loss, before you junk it call CarBuyerUSA and let us tell you a number that you’ll find is higher than that car salesman offered post car accident. What’s more, we’ll come to you to pick up and take your bad memory away and leave dancing all the way to the bank. Call 888-995-6498 now and when our friendly live agent answers, just tell them, “I had a wreck! Now how much is my car worth? Will you buy my smashed in car?” There are no surprises here; the agent will definitely say, of course we will! We buy any car! Then? Then sell your car to us.

Is Black Book® Fair, Accurate, and Reliable?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 26, 2017

When it comes to the car value market, you may find yourself searching for a place you can turn for the most accurate and reliable information that offers accurate trade-in, resale, and purchase amounts you can trust. But the question is, how do you know you can trust the information? It’s a fair question and CarBuyerUSA is providing you answers on that very question. Is Black Book® fair, accurate, and reliable? Read on and see how we buy cars, what makes us different, and how we are your go-to.

sell your car to CarBuyerUSA

Recently (June 2017), a trusted online source by many consumers took a look at two cars to establish their values, a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek to see how the guide books compared. We don’t find the results surprising, but you be the judge. By the way, Black Book® forces a consumer to enter personal information to calculate a vehicles value. CarBuyerUSA does NOT. All you have to provide is information directly related to the car, truck, van, or SUV you’re wanting to sell. You even have the added bonus to sell your car fast if you like the 20-second instant offer. You read that right, in as little as 20 seconds we give you a fair and accurate offer you can rely on.

Jeep Specs

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
100K Miles
BB Trade-in value range – $5,000 to $8,215

FYI: NADA offered up $7,600 to $8,450 and KBB (entering excellent as the condition of the Jeep) brought back $5,500 to $7,685 as trade-in values.

Subaru Specs

2013 Subaru Crosstrek
10K Miles
BB Trade-in value range – $12,800 to $15,600

FYI: NADA offered up $17,150 to $19,000 and KBB delivered $17,777 to $19,100 as trade-in values on a very clean vehicle. Looking at these numbers you must be thinking, “What? Why the big gap in numbers?” Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing.

Why are these so different when ALL of the three guides claim their information is the most fair, accurate, and reliable? They even throw around the phrase “trust our guide” and the words fair and accurate when they tell consumers they’re the only go-to reliable source for the “best” numbers. Which one do you believe and trust when you want to sell your car fast and not sit on it for weeks? The answer is simple, none of them. How could they be when they’re numbers aren’t even close? All three claim to use highly accurate data from auto sales sources; you know, true data from sales in a geographical area. Are they flubbing the area their basing your vehicle spec’s number on? Granted NADA and Kelly Blue Book were close on the Subaru, but Black Book®? We wish we could offer what’s going on with their assessment of the Subaru and what they used for their results, but we’re at a loss for it.

What’s the bottom line here? Black Book® is NOT the best go-to resource. Instead, when you want to sell your car and get a fair, accurate, and reliable value, fill out our short form and get a 20-second offer you can count on from CarBuyerUSA. We buy cars and selling your car fast has never been so easy, fast, and safe.

Damaged Car? What Is Your Car Worth?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I think of myself as a safe driver and I would even go as far to think I’m a good defensive driver, and chances are for the most part I’m 100% correct in my assumption. However, I could be an airhead and just not know it and as we all know, there are drivers out there who seem to be missing a spark or two in their noggin. #SMH I still have not been able to shake off one airhead on the roads here. I literally came inches from a damaged car, well a truck really and more damaged would be a better description – it has a small ding, screaming at Miss Pinhead of the Day! I just don’t understand it. Is it just simple mistakes and honest misjudgments, or arrogance? I mean, c’mon! Do you really think because your car is all shiny and pretty, drivers in damaged cars will take that into consideration? Don’t you think you should ask yourself what is your car worth first before acting so… let’s be nice and say… carelessly? LOL, go ahead. Hit a car! You can sell your car to us. We buy accident cars for sale too.

CarBuyerUSA - Crash Test Dummy

So, it’s rush-hour and I’m already frustrated that what should take 25 minutes tops to get home is an hour and a half ride of stop, sit and go. Repeat. One thousand times. It really should be smooth sailing. A hop-skip-and-a-jump. Not a battleground out there. Not something you’re sitting in, right next to a crazy driver who just decides she likes your spot better than hers so cuts the wheels to the right and steps on the gas. “Really? I’m right here!” When is it ever ok to push a driver off the road from a stand-still position? In an emergency maybe? Yeahhh, I got nothin’. That’s all I got. Here’s a major tip for crazy drivers.

Don’t. Be. A. Crazy. Driver.

But if you do – and this is big too – hope that you don’t catch me out on the road in my own car and not in my friend’s truck, because if you share some of your crazy with me it’s on! I’ll be dancin’ in the street screaming about my neck. Hey, fair is fair. A crazy for a crazy seems like a fair trade-off to me.

Seriously, why is it a daily fight to get from place to place? I don’t care how densely populated an area is, it’s driving 101 for dummies people. Your name is NOT Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper. You don’t have a helmet riding on a sissy bar or a hat sitting up there flying proud in the wind. You are NOT born to be wild.

So, c’mon over to the other side where the smart drivers roam. When you hop in your car to head out on the highway, go ahead… get your motor running and buckle-up. Put your thinking caps on but leave “your airhead” at home. It’s not a pretty look and you’ll get to where you’re going without kissing any damaged cars, or creating any for that matter, and you won’t end up looking like a crash-test dummy.

I like to be proactive when I’m driving and watch for the airheads. There are so, so many here. Who taught them to drive anyways? I’m not saying there aren’t times when I’m not a careless driver, after all, I’m on the road with a bunch of airheads. I react. Knock on wood with me here and hopefully, we’ll never meet out on the roads. I really don’t want to end up with a damaged car and have the unfortunate task of asking you what your car is worth now. BUT IF WE MEET! No worries, even mad at you for not letting the air out of your head before leaving home, I’ll still be nice enough to give you info to sell your car to CarBuyerUSA. Lucky for both of us they walk around telling everyone, “we buy cars in any condition running or not” meaning they buy accident cars for sale too.

Damaged Car and Muscle Don’t Belong Together

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 13, 2017

Being a very active food blogger in the Greater Atlanta Area I’m out and about a lot and meet new people frequently, but it’s not like the topic of sell your car comes up often. When it does, I’m on it; but if I’m honest it’s only because I met, talked to, and I write for the guys behind Car Buyer USA; and I’m truly impressed with these guys. I’ve never really had a reason to feel any kind of passion about selling or buying cars. My passion has always been about classics and muscle cars. Oh, and a Bugatti; I need a Bugatti. I’m meant to have a Bugatti sitting in my long driveway right outside my two 20 car garages housing my Superbird, ’59 hardtop convertible Corvette, Cuda, Dart, Comet, Charger, GTO, Barracuda, …you get the picture, which brings me to the reason for this post; “classic car damage”. It’s really so sad. The words damaged car and muscle don’t belong together, much less process. They just don’t compute.

I watch car auctions on TV and my friend and I’ll battle over do you drive it or do you cart it around? My feeling is part of the fun of having a badass street mean muscle of a classic is showing off. Ha. I’d want EVERYONE to not only see me rolling down the highway, but hear me coming. How does it go? “Got those highway blues can’t you hear my motor runnin’? Flyin’ down the road with my foot on the floor. All the way in town they can hear me comin’. Ford’s about to drop she won’t do no more. fa la la la la…” Yep, that’s me. And I can’t forget about “Gotta keep movin’ or I’ll lose my mind.” It’s just something you feel or you just don’t. I’ll never understand how those who don’t get “it”, don’t get it and it seems impossible a person wouldn’t feel it. But no matter, the rumbling of muscle gliding down the highway is the American way, period, and I’m as American as they come.

So, how did it make me feel when Tom told me his precious 1966 GTO was in a car crash? “My heart started achin’, my body started shakin’ and I can’t take no mo-ore!” and the room began to spin. Tragic. I couldn’t imagine. Give me a ’66 GTO and let Mother Nature so much as blow wind on her and she’d get her butt whooped. Let some guy hurt my baby… oh boy. Yeah, I have redneck hiding in me and I know where to find it when it’s needed. I think I’d be red in the face screaming before I realized it.

After I caught my breathe I moved the conversation to, “I know someone that buys accident cars for sale. I know who you could sell your car to if you’re looking to cut your losses.” The way Tom looked at me, “what is my car worth?” you would’ve thought I had three heads; and he didn’t have to ask if I was crazy. Rude. I already knew he wasn’t selling his GTO, I just shamelessly seized the opportunity to promote my guys. Car Buyer USA’s claim to fame, rightfully so, is “we buy cars in any condition anywhere in the U.S. and we do it fast, easy, and safe.” You can drop your car off at one of their preferred partners or if you need them to, they’ll come to you and have cash in your bank in no time. I’m not really sure if they’d buy a classic, but if you or someone you know has a 2004 or later vehicle that needs to be sold quick, they’re your guys. Jeez, now the Doobie Brothers and Whiteshake will be going off in my head all day. Could be worse though. It could be won’t you be my neighbor; and by the way, you know damaged car and muscle don’t belong together. It’s an oxymoron as much as the guy that hurt Tom’s GTO is a moron. Classic car damage is a sin. I’d hit a tree first.

Sell Damaged Car – What is My Car Worth?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 02, 2017

Has your car been in an accident? Has a tree crushed the hood? Was there a hit and run? Is the at fault driver’s insurance company giving you a hard time; do they even have insurance coverage? Is your insurance company not paying enough to cover all the repairs? Too many hassles filing an insurance claim? If so, we have good news! We can answer that burning question, “What is my car worth?” in 20-seconds and even better; we buy damaged cars all the time at top dollar.

The unexpected can happen to anyone; a negligent driver could come along or a tree could come crashing down. The wind could pick up your vehicle and rolled it around a few times or you could leave your car in neutral forgetting to put the emergency brake on. Then there’s always a freak accident that could happen – a bag of money falls from the sky and you don’t want to use it to pay for repairs… ok, that’s probably not going to happen so don’t count on it. Or any number of things can leave your car damaged.

The moral of this story, is a number of unfortunate events that can damage a car, truck, van, or SUV, is unlimited; but it doesn’t matter with us. We buy cars in any condition whether it’s smooth and shiny, has some rust spots, or is bent and dent. What, the engine doesn’t purr? That’s alright too, it doesn’t even need to be running. We can get the question, “what is my car worth?” answered in 20-seconds flat and you’ll have a solid offer; and trust us, the offer will surprise you. Then? Then you won’t believe how fast, safe, and easy it is to sell a damaged car to CarBuyerUSAfill out our short form, and see how fast 20-seconds really are.

How It Works

We Buy Any Car in any condition, anywhere in the Continental USA.

1 Get an Instant Cash Offer
Enter the Year, Make, Model, Trim Level & Miles (No VIN Required) and your cash offer appears onscreen (94% of the time)
2 Accept your offer
CarBuyerUSA offers are Cash Market Value. Funds are guaranteed and paid at the time of pickup or drop-off
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