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Sell My Car Quick! I Need Cash Now!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 20, 2018

Some, if not most of us at one point in our lives hit road bumps and need fast cash. We make bad decisions, have unexpected expenses, want that special something we know our budgets can’t afford, or just simply want that cushion in our bank accounts. Whatever the case, if you’re walking around telling everyone “I need to sell my car quick” and need fast cash now, but no matter where you turn you’re getting lowballed and no one wants to give you your true car worth; don’t sweat it. We buy cars the safe and convenient way, we do it FAST, and we make it easy with our short 2-step process. You can get the highest instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds!

It could be you’re trying to sell your car to upgrade into a shiny new one with zero miles on it, or one that’s got some miles on it but it’s shiny new to you. Car shopping can be frustrating and lead to many disappointments. Every car salesman is trying to get as much bang for your buck in his own pocket, so of course he’s going to push your car worth down. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up taking the best offer they can find in town and settle, but you don’t have to!

We have great news! We buy cars the FAST, SAFE, and EASY way!

Here’s more great news. You can sell your car to in any condition. That means…

  1. If running or not, covered in the back yard, or sitting dead on the side of the highway.
  2. Clean and shiny.
  3. Dinged and dented.
  4. All worn and torn.

We don’t care. We take them all!

  1. We’ll give you an instant cash offer that NO ONE CAN BEAT!
  2. We’ll come to you to inspect it.
  3. We’ll put cash in your bank FAST!
  4. We take it away! FAST!

We take all the headaches out of the equation and make it convenient for you! All you need to do is fill out our short form, it’s a simple 2-step process btw, and you’re moments away for the highest instant cash offer you can find. So, what are you waiting for? Stop telling everyone else “I need to sell my car quick!” Turn your “I need cash now” into SOLD! We buy cars FAST, so get your ICO in as little as 20-seconds now, and sell your car to us today!

Car Podcasts – Repair Your Car, Sell Your Car News, Fun and Laughs

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 16, 2018

On more than a few occasions I’ve thrown around the idea with the guys of, especially one in particular, that live streaming would be a great fit for them. They are FULL of personality, extremely engaging, and are made to be on camera and in front of an audience! What’s more is they are sharp as a tack and know all things automotive! Then recently one of the guys, Mike, asked me about podcasting. “Really? What have I been saying?” These fellas can make a how to repair your car and sell your car news tons of fun and full of laughs so hard it’ll make your stomach hurt! They are sooo much more than a “we buy cars” guys.

Car Talk

“America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.”

Talking Cars

Join the experts from Consumer Reports Test Track for car discussions, answers to your buying questions, and gain insight on everything and anything automotive.

The Auto Detailing Podcast

Whether you’re looking to get your vehicle sparkly clean to feel good about or it’s to sell your car, this is the podcast for you. They say they’re the only podcast dedicated to car enthusiasts and professional car detailers. Where better to get tips, tricks, and great info for your car? By the way, we buy cars and give you the same instant cash offer whether your car is squeaky clean or needs a bath inside and out! And that ICO? It will be the highest you will get from anywhere else.

The Smoking Tire

Thad Brown, Zack Klapman, Matt Farah, and Chris Hayes sit down with industry’s comedians, pro drivers, icons, and others to talk about projects, racing, automotive news, and anything else that comes to mind.

Let’s Talk About Cars Yo!

A show where any, and all things automotive are discussed in a relaxed, fan engaging way. Get ready for a ton of laughs, some tears, and a lot of “WHOA! Did they just say that!? moments!


“Hooniverse \ who-kni-vur-s \ noun; A combination of the words “Hoon” and “Universe” The universe of all things hoon.”

A podcast to chat about cars but it trickles into a chat about the universe, life, and just about anything; which usually rolls right into a discussion about beer. This is the universe of all things that rolls on wheels and has an engine the hoon way.

The MuscleCar Place

This one right here may just be my personal favorite (the writer’s… mine); any guesses why? This weekly show is dedicated to all American muscle car fans. You’ll hear muscle car trends and news, you can share your own personal stories, and get your questions answered.

Street Rod & Custom Radio

“The street rod, custom rod and classic truck enthusiast never forgets the past.”

Rodding today’s biggest enthusiasts will love this podcast. They reveal the most innovative and hottest street rod news pack with classic styling ideas and how-tos.

The web is full of car podcasts on how to repair, sell your car news, and fun and laughs, but none would be as entertaining as one Car Buyer USA could do. AND they could tell you all about how they’re patent pending formula can give you the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere. They beat KBB®, Auto Trader®,, and EVERY OTHER place you’ll find on the web! They’ll even beat your local dealership’s appraisal! We buy cars anywhere in the Continental United States and we will NOT BE BEAT! Get you ICO today in as little as 20-seconds by filling out our short 2-step process form and sell your car today!

Ford Has Issues with Parked Vehicles and Keys Removed Moving On Their Own – RECALL

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 13, 2018

Seems to me Ford has an issue with keeping their vehicles from moving forward when it should not. I’ve had personal experience with a wonky Ford that scared the heck out of me! This time, however, it’s parked and the keys have been removed from the ignition! I’m on the fence if that’s as scary as my incident was.

Picture this. I was driving to work in downtown Albany, NY and it’d been snowing for days; but NYSDOT had done a great job clearing the streets. I’m sitting at a stoplight waiting to take a left that would have me traveling down a slight hill, when suddenly my Ford Thunderbird – brand new at the time – literally took off! This center left lane – triple lane – I was sitting in was already facing the left curve of the street so my wheel was slightly turned left. There were cars on both sides of me and the light just happened to turn green when my car became possessed.

I eventually, after a couple of seconds really, put both feet on the brake pedal but that car didn’t stop, it accelerated! And there it was, a big ole CTDA bus. Sitting there just waiting for me to slam my passenger side right into the driver’s side. I don’t know how I was able to maneuver that car in the slush, but I did it. I remember such a sigh of relief and then it took off again right through the next red stoplight! I have no clue why I did it, but I turned the radio, defrost, and the wipers off in a panic. I don’t know if the demon riding shotgun that morning lost its mojo when I did and it’s what caused the car to come to a stop, but I was so relieved. It had me shaking for hours! What do you think I did? Took it to the shop for repair? Nope. I went straight to the dealership after work and told them I wanted to sell my car! I wanted NOTHING to do with it! Very scary episode, which btw, the salesman definitely didn’t believe my story.

Now I see today, that approximately 350,000 vehicles are being recalled due to faulty transmission gears. The recall applies to some of Ford’s 2018 models including Expedition SUVs and F-150 pickup trucks. The issue causing Ford’s decision is when the driver puts the vehicle in park, turns the ignition off, and removes the keys, some SUVs and F-150s actually move; and there’s been one reported accident resulting in injury. The cause of some of these models “moving on their own” problems is possibly a cable clip that locks the gearshift may come loose or it could be a missing transmission roll pin resulting in some of these vehicles not shifting into park successfully.

All vehicle models in the recall – additional models included:

  • 2018 Ford F-150 vehicles built at the Dearborn Assembly Plant from January 5, 2017, to February 16, 2018
  • 2018 Ford F-150 vehicles built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant from January 25, 2017, to February 16, 2018
  • 2018 Ford Expedition vehicles built at the Kentucky Truck Plant from April 3, 2017, to January 30, 2018
  • 2018 Ford F-650 and F-750 vehicles built at the Ohio Assembly Plant from April 25, 2017, to March 9, 2018

If you own one of these vehicles, you can take it to a certified mechanic at a Ford dealer and they’ll do an inspection and make any repairs needed for free. What do I think I would do based on my own personal experience with Ford? Sell your car! Now!

We buy cars in any condition, even when there’s a recall on it! Here’s the other good news, we’ll even come and pick up your defective, what I call a damaged car, so you won’t even need to drive it anywhere! To find out your car worth, fill out our short form and get the simple 2-step process started so you can get your instant cash offer! It takes as little as 20-seconds and it’s FAST, SAFE, and EASY! Why worry that your parked vehicle with no keys in the ignition will decide to just move on its own. Why risk injury to yourself or others? Let Car Buyer USA worry about your Ford recall and sell your car today!

Whoa! Mercedes-Benz Challenges Gravity – Upside Down At Super Speed Through a Tunnel

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 06, 2018

You’d think wow would be the first thing out of my mouth here, but WHOA! Back in October 2017, Mercedes-Benz challenges gravity by driving an SLS AMG upside down at a high speed through a tunnel! How did I not know this? I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m about to and I’ll give you my thoughts on it. Hoping it’s a good clip!

Ok, he didn’t drive it all the way through the tunnel which is what I thought I’d be seeing, but still, it’s somewhat impressive to me. I think I love car stunts because there are so many details and planning that go into them, and so much that can go wrong it kind of gives me a rush. Before the car accelerated, all I could think about was a car crash with the roof caved in flat as a pancake. I won’t say what I was thinking about the driver’s head, it’s pretty gruesome. The only funny thought I had, and really if I’m honest the most distasteful was yep, we buy cars in any condition. Get your instant cash offer coming up! LOL, I’m not just saying that, I really did. You know you like your job if one of the tag lines pops in your head at the most inappropriate moments. (I feel no shame.)

So, what do you think about the stunt? Impressive, or not so much? I would have been much more impressed if he’d driven that sucker upside down for a longer distance, or looped it at least twice. That would have been a “whoa!” for me and even a bigger wow. As far as I’m concerned, the car scene in Grease was a gravity challenge and Danny drove that souped up 1948 Ford De Luxe Convertible farther. BTW, if you have one of those all souped up give us a call at our toll-free number, and sell your car to us. Maybe I can get the guys to let me drive it for a week.

So, my moment of whoa on Mercedes-Benz challenging gravity by driving upside down at super speed through a tunnel? Not such a wow moment for me after all, but I will say if he’d at least scratched it or dinged it – without injury – it might have been an exciting clip for me. You know, something to get me on the edge of my seat with an, “oh no!” I was all ready to tell you if they did that here in the U.S. and had a car crash, we’d take it. We buy cars as shiny as this one and even damaged cars; but nope, not today. But at least you know if you want to sell your car, damaged or not, or running or not for that matter, you’re in the right place. Get a 20-second instant cash offer right now. Just find the big red button and click it! You’ll be happy you did because won’t be beat! And how often do you hear that someone will pay you the highest value you’ll find anywhere when you’ve been in a car crash? Others may tell you your car worth isn’t much because of an accident, but we won’t!

What’s Embarrassing? When 11 Cars Lose Half Their Value In 3 Years!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 02, 2018

Were you a sucker? Did you pay full price for a car that turned out to be half the price later? According to an online resource, the average value lost when a vehicle drives off a dealership lot is 34.5%. What’s embarrassing? When the 11 cars listed below lose half their value in just 3 years. The good news for you if you purchased one of these, and want to sell your car is we buy cars and give you an instant cash offer higher than anywhere else you will find on the web.

What caused the depreciation value on these 11 models? It’s possible the 3-year depression that made the price of cars look better as a lease versus an outright purchase. In the three years depreciation on some car models topped between 45% to 51%; that’s an embarrassing drop in value and it didn’t matter if it was a certified pre-owned either. On the flip side, however, auto leases rose 91% over a 5-year span making the leasing option beneficial for shoppers wanting a later-model car priced at a bargain.

5.8 million vehicle car sales were analyzed to identify models with the greatest value loss after a 3-year period. The “certified pre-owned” luxury brands didn’t fare well against their down-market competitors. That’s bad news for consumers that purchase these luxury brands. However, models such as the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz models, and Nissan Maxima all received higher than average ratings as reliability. For American made autos, only one made the Top 20 sellers depreciation list, the Ford F Fusion.

As for pickup trucks, they all did a fine job retaining value with each year’s average depreciation at about 28.5%. This comes as no surprise, however, since pickup owners tend to keep their vehicles a lot longer than the average vehicle owner does.

Based On a 2017 Analysis:

#11 – Ford Focus
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $11,853
Depreciation – 45%

#10 – Ford Fusion
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $15,140
Depreciation – 45.1%

#9 – Volkswagen Jetta
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $13,033
Depreciation – 46.4%

#8 – Infinity Q50
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $24,956
Depreciation – 46.9%

#7 – BMW
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $24,812
Depreciation – 46.9%

#6 – Nissan Maxima
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $18,867
Depreciation – 47.9%

#5 – BMW 5 Series
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $33,474
Depreciation – 48%

#4 – Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $23,212
Depreciation – 48.3%

#3 – Mercedes-Benz #-Class
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $18,867
Depreciation – 47.9%

#2 – Cadillac ATS
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $33,474
Depreciation – 48%

#1 – Cadillac CTS
Average Price 3-Year Depreciation – $27,537
Depreciation – 51.4%

Are you an owner of one of these luxury model vehicles holding on to it hoping to get a better price before you sell your car? Your wait is over. We buy cars and pay you higher than any other place you’ll find. We even beat KBB®‘s highest value resell price and we do this in every Continental U.S. State! If you want an instant offer in as little as 20-seconds, and you want to sell your car FAST, SAFE, and EASY, then look no further. We will pay you more and put cash in your bank in just a few days! All it takes is completing our 2-step short form and in seconds, you know we give you more money! Fill out our form now and get your high instant cash offer and one of our live agents will be in touch!

Wow! Uber Autonomous Fatal Car Crash with Pedestrian

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

1st – At you get a FAST instant cash offer, we buy cars, and our purpose is for you to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV to us. All opinions are my own (writer) and do not in any way reflect Car Buyer USA’s views. I just talked about this last week. Wow, an Uber’s autonomous car test drive in Tempe, Arizona was the fear I had and one of the biggest fails to date. It’s so sad and should have not happened and to Uber’s credit they have halted their self-driving car testing after this deadly car crash. A female pedestrian, crossing the street was struck by one of their cars driving in autonomous mode, died on the way to the hospital. Everyone at Car Buyer USA and I send our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Tempe, Arizona police are investigating and Uber is fully cooperating, the mayor is looking into this accident and I’m sure combing through their city and state regulations, as they should be. According to a Bloomberg interview, Arizona seems to be the go to state for companies to have the most latitude to really experiment. Here’s my biggest beef with this new fairly technology; it’s the 3rd fatal reported case resulting from an autonomous car accident. The 1st two incidents involved Tesla, which to the best of my knowledge are still being adamantly contested. According to Bloomberg, this Uber crash is different.

“In Tesla’s Florida crash, the car was purchased by and used by the victim. In the Arizona crash, the vehicle was a test vehicle under the control in every sense by Uber, and the victim was an ordinary person.” ~Bryant Walker Smith, Professor, USC School of Law

Will Arizona’s fatal crash shake consumer confidence and set back the progress that’s been made? I predict we’ll be finding out really soon.

"It will set consumer confidence in the technology back years if not decades," said Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, a Washington-based advocacy group. "We need to slow down."

What do I think about buying an autonomous car? I’m not there yet. I want compulsive testing off roads and in an environment set up with every conceivable scenario they can collect from incidents, crashes, near misses, etc. in every type of climate conditions, day or night. Note: did NOT provide me with any information or direction, nor did they ask me to write a piece on my opinion.

On a lighter note, when you find you need extra cash, fast cash, just want to get rid of that vehicle taking up space in your garage or backyard, we’ll give you a FAST, EASY, and SAFE instant cash offer and you can sell your car to us. After all, we buy cars in any condition in any Continental U.S. state, including those not running or that’ve been in a car crash. But when it comes to a self-driving car? Well, we don’t plan to have any wows. If we send a tow truck to pick up your car, it’ll have a human holding the wheel. It won’t be an Uber autonomous car or truck.

Man with Car Theft Charges Drives Stolen Car to Court Appearance

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ok, there are dummies, then there are dummies; and a Connecticut man falls into both dummy categories. Dummy one, well, they’re just a dummy. Dummy two, well, that would be a dumb dummy. There’s definitely a ring of “So a man with car theft charges drives to his court appearance…” in this story. You know, kind of like “A dog walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he’s got any jobs… yada, yada… it’s a bad joke, but you get it. This guy made me laugh, he got busted for a stolen car and thought, “I need a ride to see the judge” and figured any ole car would do. I think this is a good time for a disclosure: Even though we say we give you the highest instant cash offer in about 20-seconds and we buy cars in any condition, running or not, you cannot sell your car to us if it’s stolen.

According to the Associate Press, Mr. Jonathan Rivera, charged back in February with tampering with an automobile and first-degree larceny, had his day in a Hartford, Connecticut court on March 7th. While inside visiting with the judge, parking lot security was busy rolling through the parking lot scanning plates. Unfortunately for Mr. Dumb Dummy, the car that’d safely gotten him to court on time had been reported stolen.

Sell your car to CarBuyerUSA

LOL, what an arrogant dummy. I guess he thought, “who’s gonna think he’d be dumb enough to do it?” Or maybe it was a way to “stick it to the man!” Ha! The joke was on him and it was a smart move on the police’s part to hang out waiting to see if the culprit would come back to the car. Which, the dummy did and was charged AGAIN only this time with taking an automobile without the owner’s consent and second-degree larceny.

Now, remember folks, don’t be the man that drives a stolen car to a court appearance for car theft charges. For that matter, don’t be the guy who steals cars. We definitely buy cars, and we even come to you to do if you need us too, but you can’t sell your car to CarBuyerUSA if it’s not yours. BUT, if you need extra cash and the title to the car, truck, van, or SUV is in your name, we’ll give you an instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds! Our 2-step process uses our patent pending formula to give you the highest value offer you’ll get anywhere else online! We even beat KBB®‘s quote! Don’t wait! Get started and get cash in the bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY!

Carjacking – Intense Chase – Police Dog Puskas Scores!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 02, 2018

Antonio Padilla (from here out may be referred to as he, him, his, and idiot) probably didn’t think his day would wind up with man’s best friend taking charge of this idiot’s stupidity and setting him straight, but it did. But then again, the idiot probably, well definitely, shouldn’t have committed an ADW against a Garden Grove Police Officer on February 18th either; the Garden Grove Police Detectives had been tracking him all week. It makes this carjacking his dumbest decision for the day and lead to an intense chase… IDIOT 0 points. Police Dog Puskas Scores! #K9Bite by SAPD K9 Puskas

Video Credit: WVTM 13

This chase started with…

  1. idiot blocking an Audi’s path
  2. literally pulling the female driver out of her car
  3. a cowboy Samaritan – gotta give him credit for trying to help, but man oh man, he could have been crushed between that car and truck!
  4. the owner of the Audi trying to join the fight to stop him from jacking her car – kudos to this chick, I would have absolutely done the same thing, but she could have been run over
  5. idiot not caring about any damages to his truck and definitely thought crashing into his truck leaving her with a damaged car was acceptable under the circumstances (ya know ma’am, you can sell your car to us damaged or not… #just sayin’)
  6. hitting a curb and coming to a jolting halt
  7. idiot running
  8. idiot freaking out
  9. Puskas taking charge
  10. Idiot arrested

Some rules I personally would like to suggest to Idiot.

Rule #1
Don’t break the law.

Rule #2
Check your surroundings. Good. Now check them again idiot, you’re being followed.

Rule #3
Don’t carjack. (Note to Idiot… see rule #2.)

Rule #4
Always have a spare pair of underwear handy. You never know when you’ll “soil” your pants.

Rule #5
Don’t be an idiot.

Rule #6
Don’t EVER make “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” go off in my head AGAIN! Do you know how hard it is to make it stop?

We buy cars and trucks, even damaged trucks, damage cars too for that matter.

Rule #8
Always carry dog treats

Some sad news, aside from his canines (there’s a pun there), Puskas lost his upper and lower teeth. But the good news is, he went into surgery and it went well for him; and for his hardship he was awarded a Purple Heart.

I guess to wrap this up I should throw in another rule for Idiot. Rule #9, carjacking doesn’t pay in the long run. Which reminds me, how did it feel to be the dog treat after in intense chase? LOL, Police Dog Puskas Scores! But hey Idiot! There’s good news for you! We buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs running or not, oh and in any condition! So you’re in luck! Call us when you get released and sell your car to us. Yep, I said car. Pretty sure that truck of yours is going up for auction, but we don’t judge. We’ll pay you top dollar the FAST, SAFE, and EASY way.

Think KBB® Is Accurate, Reliable and Gives You the Highest Instant Cash Offer? Think Again.

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 26, 2018 is often asked if KBB® is accurate. If they are reliable? If you can get the highest instant offer using them? The answers to these, well, are no, no, and no. First, their information is days behind current market values. The big misconception that Kelly Blue Book® is “setting car prices” is an astounding and big fat NO THEY DO NOT! They follow “the money trail” not the other way around. They use supply and demand to track car prices and the normal for them is to be a few days behind to get the information they’ve collected and put into their pricing lists. This means, all their advertising about being the most accurate is not accurate, but they’ve got people believing it!

There is another website out there that boasts the same bold statement; Autotrader®. Why do I pair these two up together? Because KBB® owns them and they pull from Kelly Blue Book®’s database. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too? It’s cake for them and sour grapes for you when you’re looking for current value to sell your car! Lucky for you we buy cars and truly do give you the current market value.

You Want the Highest
Instant Cash Offer!

NOT a Joke Offer!

KBB® has claimed this for so many years, they’ve positioned themselves in American minds they’re “The Trusted Resource®”; but if they are days behind today’s current car values, and didn’t tell you this tidbit of info, then how could this be true? How can anyone trust them? Too bad for them we’re letting the cat out of the bag… again. Maybe, just maybe we’ve been yelling from the top of the mountain that will not be beat and we give you the highest instant cash offer (ICO) in as little as 20-seconds so much that people – and Google because we beat KBB® for people looking for ICOs! WOOT! – that Americans are starting to get it. Take that KBB®! The word is out and we’ll keep telling America!

Read “Is KBB® Accurate and Reliable” to find out more. When you’re thinking good ole trusty, KBB®, is accurate, reliable and that they give you the highest instant cash offer, you need to think again. We buy cars in any condition running or not and WE GIVE YOU THE HIGHEST INSTANT CASH OFFER! For real and in a 2-step process with just a few of your car’s details. Don’t believe me? Fill out our short form and KBB®’s multiple pages LONG form and then compare the two of us. See for yourself then sell your car to us. Our process is FAST, SAFE, and EASY. We won’t be beat.

Change Your Luck This St. Patrick’s Day! Sell Your Car and Get An Instant Cash Offer!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 19, 2018
Get Instant Cash from CarBuyerUSA

There are more than a few ways to change your luck – like getting an instant cash offer, and you don’t need to wait for the one big lucky day to do it. Leprechauns won’t disown you and they’ll still come around next year, but if you’re one of those who thinks you need the luck of the Irish to find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, nope! Think again! You can change your luck this St. Patrick’s Day and we’ll help you do it! We buy cars and you can sell your car to us anywhere in the Continental United States and in any condition! Running or Not!

St. Patrick’s Day Makes a Dummy Out Of Some Of Us

For YEARS I had the best birthday’s ever in upstate New York, Albany to be exact! I always thought I was Irish and Cherokee… with maybe some French thrown into the mix. You know, a mutt. PXY106, the hottest radio station up there back in the day, used to do this thing every mid-month Friday called the Breakfast Club and in March, I called it mine! Boy could I tell you stories! I remember once Anna – a co-worker – came over to my desk with some gum. I can’t remember who but if I could I’d call ‘em out, lied to me that a certain libation had no scent and I was dumb enough to believe it; but truth be told, I wasn’t the DD so I was a champ this day at justifying why going to “my birthday party” before work was absolutely acceptable! Of course, free gifts, party hat, free libations, being called out in front of the crowd, lining up the fellas with paddle in hand, and Shannon making sure it was MY DAY! What girl wouldn’t wake up at 4:00am to start her special day?

No, I wasn’t very work conscious that day, but I only had a couple of mixed drink earlier that morning (if you believe that we really should talk.) I think since everyone at work knew where I’d started my b-day weekend celebration off, Anna was just making sure my luck didn’t go south. And no, you wouldn’t catch me doing something so arrogant today and I can’t believe I took my financial life so lightly. Big dummy.

So, my b-day weekend celebration always carried over to Albany’s big St. Patty’s Day Parade and it was like the city threw a HUGE party just for me and in honor of such a special life event, they held a parade for this Irish gal to boot! How does all this tie into making a dummy out of me? I’m Scottish. But don’t tell Albany that, they’re still celebrating it.

Had a run of bad luck lately? Are the bills way behind? Is your vehicle “a hunk of junk”? Do you just need some extra cash fast? For whatever troubles that ail ya? Are you looking to change your luck this this St. Patrick’s Day? Peeeerfect! I’ve got just thing for ya! We buy cars and you can sell your car to us! How much will give you? Find out with our instant cash offer right now! It takes a couple of minutes to fill out our short form and our safe 2-step process gets you a 20-second offer in well, as little as 20 seconds! That’s fast! That’s safe! That’s easy! Fast cash in the bank doesn’t get any better than that and then St. Patty’s Day can be your lucky day too!

How It Works

We Buy Any Car in any condition, anywhere in the Continental USA.

1 Get an Instant Cash Offer
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