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Scrap Car Prices – Sell to Car Buyer USA Instead For More Cash

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 19, 2017

Are you fed up with your car’s engine problems? Chris was and almost sold his truck for scrap metal; until we told him what scrap car prices were currently going for. Our live agent gave him the rundown of how the pricing works and that scrap value of a vehicle is deep-seated to the price of metals. Meaning, it fluctuates with the current metal prices from sources worldwide. With metals being commodities, their prices go up and down like a yo-yo; sometimes drastic amounts. So what did Chris decide to do? He decided not to risk it and sell to Car Buyer USA instead to get more cash.

Clearly no one wants to get less than the highest prices we buy cars for, but sometimes frustration causes people to do crazy things! Like get paid a fraction of what their car is really worth; just like Chris almost did for his 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. But honestly to Chris’ credit, the first thought for most people when they think their vehicle is hopeless; is part it out, junk it or scrap it. With scrap metal prices being such finicky creatures, it’s a good thing Chris found us.

If you don’t want your car to end up like this and want top dollar for your car…

Image Credit: Tony via Wikimedia Commons  

…then do NOT sell your car to a scrap yard! With scrap metal prices being such finicky creatures, it’s a good thing Chris found us. Fill out our short info form and get your instant offer right now. Sell your car to us instead and get more cash in your pocket. Let’s get your car sold fast, safe and easy!

Buy My Car! I Am Sick of Taking the Bus! Ugh What?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It may sound like an oxymoron, but a person who says buy my car because they’re sick of taking the bus has reached their limits of transportation hassles. They’re tired of waiting at the bus stop and running to catch the bus. They’re tired of their ride to work being 3 to 4 (or more) times longer than it used to be. They’re tired of standing out in every element of weather Mother Nature offers up every day, and they’re tired of lugging all those grocery bags with them for a 15 minute ride. And, comfort? Forget about it! What makes buy my car and taking a bus make total sense?  According to Monica from Seattle, it was the useless culprit on four wheels blocking her garage door.

Monica’s not the only person who feels the pain of a public transportation; there are thousands upon thousands paying the bus toll every single day, 24 hours a day. But for those of you who have a solution to your travel troubles and just don’t know it, I’ve got good news! You can sell your car to us to buy yourself a car that runs great! Just think of it! No more hassles waiting for it or on the bus. You can’t cut the chains and find your freedom again!

Want to be hassle free even more? We’re not like those other companies that buy cars, we’ve got you covered! Sell your car to us easy, safe, and fast. You’ll have cash in your bank in just a few days and your new ride sitting in the driveway! We make it so easy and convenient for you, you don’t even have to take that bus to us. We come to you. Don’t believe me? See for yourself right here. We’re thinking you’ll be telling our live agent, “Buy my car!”, and you won’t be sick of taking the bus anymore.

Is Selling Your Car a Hassle with Car Buyer USA?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

As a consumer you’re used to two traditional ways to sell your car; but with us around, you now have another choice… a better choice. You can now literally tell your friends all it took was Googling “I want to sell my truck” and in just a few days it was sold! Moreover, that you sold it from your couch! 

How can anyone possibly sell a vehicle from a couch? Because we’ve got the most EASY, SAFE and FAST process in the country! We give you a concierge service like NO OTHER and take all the work out of it for you. Think of us as your personal assistant, just like these people did. Look at what our happy sellers say about us! 


“Hey guys, Yall were so awesome to work with! Fast and easy! Thank you very much! The funds went in last night and its all good to go! We'll hit y'all up if we decide to sell another vehicle in the future! Thanks again and take care”
~Katie S. 2008 Lexus LS460 | Austin

"I was very impressed and thankful for the professionalism and efficiency that was put forth in the buying of my truck. The process was explained very well and my questions were answered in a timely manner. The stress of selling my vehicle was minimized by the friendly staff. All in all it was a good experience."

~Wes | Billings MT

"I just want to say how nice it has been to work with and David. I have sold vehicles before but never online, it was quick and easy and I feel they were very fair in the price. I didn't have to jump through hoops most of the stuff I was able to handle just from my phone. Thank you for the great experience I will definitely use again. Thank you!”

~Joshua F.

Wait! If you’re still not convinced there is NO HASSLE, there’s more!

When we begin a new relationship with a seller, they know they’re V.I.P. right from “hello” and some never even leave their sofa. We buy cars and take your experience very serious. It MUST be hassle free with no exceptions. We promise, selling your car will be hassle with us.

I Want to Sell My Car to You – I Live in Rachel Near Area 51

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This is definitely different than anything our LIVE AGENTS have heard before. “I want to sell you my car, but I live in Rachel.” “Great! Where is Rachel located?” Imagine the silence on our side of the call when Keith replied, “In Nevada… it borders Area 51.”

That’s definitely not what most anyone ever expects to hear; but we did! After a short silence our agent didn’t miss a beat; he jumped right back into the game, “That’s awesome! We buy cars in Rachel! Did you get your online instant offer yet?”

We keep pounding our message out to everyone that it doesn’t matter where you and your car live. We’re partnered with preferred facilities across the country in every state, including Washington, D.C. – over 400 locations – but I if you prefer, we’re happy to come to you instead! Wherever you want us to meet you for a car inspection, to make payment to you, and to take your car away; we’ll be there! 

Here’s How It Works

  1. Get an INSTANT OFFER online in 20 seconds, no personal information is required.
  1. IF you like our OFFER, complete our online form or just speak to a LIVE AGENT to schedule vehicle inspection, payment, and pick-up.
  1. Our process is 100% Digital, we’ll come to you; but because convenience for sellers is our motto, they may also drop off their vehicle at one of our 400+ partner facilities nationwide.
  1. Payment is made at the time we pick up your vehicle – you can literally sell your car from your sofa! How convenient is that! 

Bam! It’s that easy! Car Buyer USA is a trusted business and has an A+ Rating on BBB, and we want you to know we’ve made sure our process is the best at being EASY, SAFE & FAST when it comes to other companies that buy cars. An added bonus; there are no hassles when you sell your car to us. To find a preferred facility nearest you visit our Locations page and enter your zip code, or call us now. Let’s get the ball rolling!

For Sale on Craigslist – Is It Really Worth Risking Your Life For?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 15, 2017

We’ve all been warned many times over, and we’ve all heard about the dangers from responding to for sale ads on Craigslist. But most likely the majority of people either don’t listen to the warnings, nonchalantly brush it off as, “that must have been in the wrong neighborhood”, or just simply think “that would never happen to me”. Normally you read happy ending sell your car stories on here; but today we’re taking a serious turn and talking about the heartbreaking tragedies of running your own, or responding to a Craigslist ad, and the abundance of times the headlines read…

"At this point in time we're very concerned that our missing person could be in danger," Atlanta Police Lt. Ricardo Vasquez said, according to WSB-TV

“Heartbroken son witnesses father’s murder during Craigslist sale of boy’s dirt bike” 

“Third person charged in connection to parking lot double murder” – This was in a Walmart parking lot! A very public place you’d most likely feel safe in. I know I definitely would, well would have. 

“Man accused in Craigslist double slaying appears in court for death penalty hearing”
Then there’s this very disturbing post, “I was wanting to thank Tulsa for letting me have my first kill,” the post begins. “It will not be my last thou (sic).” According to the news report, Craigslist remove the ad. 

“Georgia man charged with murder in death of couple seeking car on Craigslist

This couple was killed after being lured to South Georgia after the husband posted an ad on Craigslist they were looking for a vintage Ford Mustang

And the last one I’ll share with you, “Woman Stabs Craigslist Date, Attempts to Eat His Heart in Murder Attempt”! Yep, that one gets the entire headline linked. 

…and btw, these are all recent headlines. 

It’s beyond awful that putting an innocent ad out or responding to one on Craigslist ends up in tragedy; there are just no right words. Let’s face it, more often than not things go smooth; but for those of you who feel you’d cover all the bases on safety, what do you think the people in these real stories felt? Danger? No, “It won’t happen to me. I’ve taken the right safety precautions.” Dead.

Why risk your life when we have a FAST, SAFE, & EASY way to sell your car? We buy any car anywhere in the U.S. in any condition, so don’t risk your safety. Just fill out our short form for an instant quote , or give one of our LIVE AGENTS a call. We’ll show you how to sell a car fast and you’ll be safe.

Car on Side of Highway and Can’t Afford Repairs? – We Can Help

Darren Kincaid - Friday, May 12, 2017
CarBuyerUSA Companies that buy cars

Is your car broken down on the side of major highway and you can’t afford to get it towed, much less get it repaired? That’s exactly what happened to Cindy, a single mom with 3 children living in Trenton, Ohio, and her problems just got worse from there. How was she going to get her car off the side of the highway? No worries! We buy cars in any condition!

Cindy was driving down I-495 when her car started overheating; it wasn’t long before the gauge was at the max. Lucky for Cindy, she was smart enough to pull off the highway before the car started shooting a lot of steam from under the hood and shut off. Now what was she going to do? Cindy made a couple of calls and was able to get a ride; now she just needed to wait. Her friend arrived to pick her up, but before leaving she put a note under the windshield wiper; “Please do not tow. I will be back soon.”

Soon quickly turned into 4 days – “I need to sell my car fast.”

Cindy knew she needed to remove her car before the state towed it, so she started looking for companies that buy cars. The next thing she knew, her car was sold and towed away by us! If you have the same problem and need to sell your car fast to get it off the highway before the state does it for you, we can help with that! Don’t worry; we buy cars fast in any condition. Just fill out our short form or speak with our live agent today!

County Code Enforcement – Get Your Car off Your Lawn

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 11, 2017
CarBuyerUSA buy any car in any condition

Counties have codes you may sometimes feel are unfair; but nonetheless you still must obey or you could find yourself looking for a car buyer like Leon. After a long day of work he came home to find a written warning from the County Code Enforcement – You have 10 Days to Get Your Car off Your Lawn Without Penalty. What were the consequences for not complying in that 10 days? “You will be cited, have 30 days to remove your car, and will incur up to a $1000 fine.” Worse yet, if he didn’t comply within that 30 days, they would remove it for him! Leon had a big problem; the car wasn’t running and he knew he wasn’t going to have the repairs done within 10 days; and especially that he couldn’t spare $1000. Leon had no choice and started looking for companies that buy cars.

Leon did what most people would do if they have no way to move a car themselves or didn’t have storage for it and panicked. “How am I going to sell my car and have it out of my yard in 10 days? There’s got to be a way to sell my car fast!”

Enter stage left, Car Buyer USA to save the day. We buy any car in any condition, and in any city/town in the USA. When Leon told one of our live agents that County Code Enforcement had left a written warning ordering him to get his car off his lawn, the agent calmly told him, “We’ve got you covered.” Three days later Leon had cash in his bank and no car on his lawn. We work fast.

What is a Blue Title Texas – Really?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 10, 2017
CarBuyerUSA buy any car in any condition

If you search Google for what is a blue title in Texas, like I just did, you’ll find there are TONS of people offering up what one “really” is” in forums and on private websites. Most state a Texas blue title is a salvaged title and others state it’s a clean and clear title. Google rarely fails me, but this time was a complete failure.

It is so confusing! Especially, since I could find nothing in my search results from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to answer my question. So what’s a gal to do? Well, call the Texas DMV of course!

Why am I so concerned with what a blue title in Texas is? Because Judy asked us, “Will you buy my car if it’s been totaled? It’s been rebuilt and has salvage stamped on the title.” Of course we told her yes because we buy any car in any condition, even salvage cars. There was just one issue; Judy had the original title to her car – her blue title. Our live agent let her know she needed a pink title from her local Texas DMV and then helped her in how to get one.

A blue title in Texas (and most states – check with your local DMV) is a “clear” title issued to any vehicle that is deemed safe to drive.

A pink title issued to vehicles means the car has been in a major accident, fire or flood, it is un-drivable, and can no longer be licensed.

A blue title stamped with “salvage” on it means it has been repaired, meets all DMV requirements, it’s safe to operate again, and can be licensed again.

If you want to sell your car and it has a clear blue title in Texas (or any other state), just give one of our live agents a call. They’ll walk you through our easy, safe, and fast process. If you’re selling a car labeled salvage with a Texas pink title for it or a salvage title of a different state and color; like we tell everyone, we buy any car in any condition anywhere in the U.S. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call for an offer.

My Car Is Broken and Not Running – Can I Still Sell It to CarBuyerUSA?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 09, 2017
CarBuyerUSA beats offers for damaged cars

Ring, ring… “Thank you for calling CarBuyerUSA, where we buy cars fast. This is Dan, how can I help you today?” “Well, my car is broken and not running. Can I still sell it to CarBuyerUSA?” Kimberly couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “In one simple word, absolutely!”

CarBuyerUSA beats offers for damaged cars from all other car buyers. We buy cars, trucks, and vans with mechanical issues, those that are damaged and even non-running vehicles. We’ll even help you replace a lost title for your damaged car–see FAQs for more info. It’s well known that we buy any car in any condition and do it fast. As a matter of fact, roughly 1/3 of all vehicles we buy don’t run, or drive or they have one or two, or a lot of mechanical issues. Guess what? We don’t care! We make your business of selling your car our business, and we get to working on it out the gate. When Kimberly called us, and Dan was finally able to convince her he wasn’t joking, he got the wheels in motion (see what I did there?) and in no time there was cash in Kimberly’s bank account. Another CarBuyerUSA success story folks.

Remember, we buy cars running or not, and we know when you call us you may not believe your ears either; and we’re ok that. “Seriously; I can sell my broken car? The one sitting in the driveway, that’s not running?” is a regular in the office. Don’t believe it? Call 888-995-6498 and we’ll prove it. Just tell us you’re selling a car that’s not running and get ready for it; because like Kimberly, you’re going to sell your car to CarBuyerUSA today.

What’s the Process to Sell My Vehicle to CarBuyerUSA – Car, Truck Or Van

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 08, 2017

Judy was looking for and fast and easy way to sell her 2012 Nissan Versa and turned to the Internet to find companies that buy cars. Her requirements – a place that offers a safe process, it had to be convenient for her, and it had to be quick. Jackpot! Car Buyer USA! We’re exactly what she was looking for. It made total sense to Judy that we were the perfect fit! We buy cars the easy, fast, and safe way; and we insist everything involved is convenient for our customers. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

You might be surprised the toughest part in our process, is agreeing on and meeting pricing expectations. Once we reached a fair number that made both Judy and us happy, the process was simple, fast, and safe. Have a look at the steps Judy went through below and you’ll see we made the process for her to sell her car quick and easy!

  1. Judy accepted the fair price we offered to buy her car.
  2. For her protection and liability, a Digital Purchase Agreement was signed by Judy and Car Buyer USA.
  3. We scheduled an inspection appointment with Judy and since we were picking her car up and scheduled a time convenient for Judy to perform a simple inspection. Note–If Judy had been dropping it off at one of our partnering preferred locations, her car would have been inspected while she waited.
  4. Payment time! As the seller, it was by her preference. The seller always tells us how they want to receive their money – bank check, bank wire, or certified funds.
  5. Once Judy received payment from us (because the seller always get paid first) she signed the title and turned over to Car Buyer USA.

If you’re selling a car like Judy and you’re looking online for companies that buy cars, look no further than Not only do we buy cars online, but we’re a car buyer that buys fast.

Car Buyer USA bought 2012 Nissan Versa Car Buyer USA bought 2012 Nissan Versa
Car Buyer USA bought 2012 Nissan Versa Car Buyer USA bought 2012 Nissan Versa


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