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Sell Your Car & Shop This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Sweethearts young and old wait for this time of year. We count down the days, make our romantic plans, and get all worked up with anticipation of Cupid doing his thing. Most times, there’s nothing we don’t like about it. The day is filled with great food, a gift or two – more if you’re lucky, a romantic evening to celebrate love, maybe even some candle light, and more. Well, it’s almost nothing; there’s that thing called lack money due to the holidays we’re coming off the tail end of. It can be so stressful! Am I right? Millions of Americans are probably still knee deep in-unpaid bills come February. If you’ve been thinking about that vehicle you’ve been wanting to sell, maybe now is the time to sell your car quick to Car Buyer USA and shop our Valentine’s Day gift guide.

First, got an extra vehicle sitting around, or like mentioned above one you want to sell quick? Well then, sell your car quick – truck, van, or SUV too. You know, the one you keep saying you’re going to sell some day. It’ll free up some much needed space if it’s just sitting around, get your wife or husband off your back to get rid of it, get you in a new or newer vehicle, help with finances, help you buy a sweet gift for your honey, and when it’s gone the garage will look cleaner! And your wife or husband? Well, they’ll be reeeeal happy. You know what they say, happy wife happy home. That goes for the husband too.


  • Cell Phone Mount for the Car
    Ok, this one has to be cool and look cool too. Splurge a little and think about what their favorite color is.
  • Heated Car Seat Covers
    Someone’s going to love you! Why wouldn’t they? You’re putting them in a hot seat they’ll love!
  • Dash Cam
    A good quality dash cam does more than just record potential car accidents. It can make you the trendiest thing on social media. On the other hand, set it up for the wife, husband, or teenager’s drive to record your kid’s sport event – also for safety!
  • Car Cleaning Kit
    I think we all know this is a no brainer, but don’t skimp! Go for the big kit!

    subliminal message…. sell my car quick

  • Bluetooth Cassette Adapter
    Older cars are great, but you know you know someone who just won’t give up their cassette collection! Imagine their surprise with this puppy!
  • Glove Box Car Jumper
    We’ve all been there and we definitely know someone that could use this one.
  • Kick Mats
    No more kid’s shoes scuff marks!
  • 1959 Corvette Billiards Table
    Need my address?

    subliminal message…. we buy cars fast

  • Funky Hood Ornaments
    Ok, this one is for you. Put it on someone’s car and see how long it takes for them to notice.

Really Thoughtful Gifts for a Girlfriend or Boyfriend or?

  • Pay Electric Bill
    Who do you know that would love this? Can you imagine if someone would have paid 6-months or 1-year of yours when you really could have used the help?
  • Pay Someone’s Rent or House Payment
    We all know how grateful the person would be.

    subliminal message…. we buy any car in every Continental U.S. state

  • Restaurant Gift Cards
    These are always nice to get for a night out, but I’m talking about giving them to the homeless or the shut-in elderly. This is a monumentally rewarding gift.
  • Pillows and Blankets
    You guessed it, the homeless. Baby it’s cold outside on Valentine’s Day!

Like I mentioned above, this isn’t your normal shopping Valentine’s Day holiday gift guide, but it has some pretty unique ideas. Even the really thoughtful gifts might be unique to most. Whether you’re looking for something unique for that hard to buy for person, or you’re in a very giving mood to give to those in need, sell your car quick to We buy cars in good condition, those in not so good shape, the ones that aren’t running at the moment, and we consider damaged cars too. We just don’t care what the reason is you are saying, “I need to sell my car fast” because we buy any car! We’ll take it off your hands and put hard cash in your bank and we’ll do it fast, safe, and easy peasy! Now. Get to moving on seeing how it works, filling out our short form – please, it is important to be as accurate as possible, get your instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds, and let’s get you in a Valentine kind of mood!

Estate Sale – Valentine’s Day Broke Blues? Sell Your Car Quick!

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 23, 2020

With the holidays on the cusp of our heels; so much cheer, so many presents, lots of celebrations, and our special holiday libations… eggnog! The holidays are awesome and come with lots of new fun memories, but then for some people it wraps up with holiday broke blues leaving out bank accounts shy more money than we planned for. Ok, spending more than we should is probably a “tradition in the house”. I’ve had the holiday blues and I’m pretty sure thousands of others do too. Ya know, it is not too late to turn “what am I going to do? And what about Valentine’s Day?! If you are sitting on a spare car, truck, van, or SUV, maybe from an estate sale or inheritance, then start thinking “sell my car quick!” I know I’ve been talking a lot about how we buy cars, any car, and how awesome the holidays are, but if you want money fast, safe, and easy; we have it for you. See how it works and get a high instant cash offer.

That’s right, if you’ve been holding on to a vehicle and you know you’re going to sell it, sell your car quick to If you’re planning to trade-in your car and get a new one for a big ole “Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!” moment, or even a loved one, talk to us first. We do it better. We do it right. There is NO low-balling with us! I’d love to tell you we’d give you special treatment this Valentine’s Day because we love you, but I can’t. However, just because we won’t make you special for the holiday, does NOT mean you’re not special! AND we treat you special ALL YEAR long! What’s that? You’re asking how?

  1. Our short form, is well, short. We don’t ask for a lot of questions and don’t require a bunch of details.
  2. We give you a solid 20-Second Offer in, well, about 20 seconds.
  3. One of our live agents works with you through-out the entire, ok short, process.
  4. That live agent in #3 up there, he will schedule EVERYTHING for you!
  5. Do you have a car from an estate sale? If you’re planning on selling it down the road, why not do it now? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re ready, find out how it works, get you instant cash offer now, and Sell Your Car Quick! We buy cars really fast, safe, and easy.

  6. Our agent arranges for us to sell your car quick to us – schedules an inspection and a pick up by us or secures an appointment for you to drop your vehicle off at one of our preferred partners nationwide convenient to your location!
  7. Ugh… #4 and #5 means you won’t miss a beat sipping on that eggnog from your couch!
  8. A vehicle is inspection takes place at your appointment.
  9. We both agree all is good and on the price we’ll pay you to buy your car.
  10. The legal owner signs over ownership to Car Buyer USA.
  12. Say bye-bye to that car, truck, van, or SUV!

Oh, and GOOD BYE HOLIDAY BROKE BLUES! That’s right, no more “I gotta sell my estate car blues!” either. Sell your car quick to us; it’s that easy, safe, and FAST! In a few short days, or less, you can have the extra cash you need to catch up on bills, buy your love a special Valentine’s Day gift, or spend it on yourself; because we buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUV, and even fleets. We do it in every Continental U.S. state, in any condition btw, not just estate sale cars; we love all cars.

How to Locate and Process an Estate Car Title After a Death

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Even in the simplest of content, nearly every estate involves a car, truck, van, or SUV. Many times an estate includes a vehicle that is paid off and a beneficiary is named in the will. When this happens additional documentation is required for the person named to claim the asset. Prior to deciding to sell, keep, or donate an estate vehicle, the first thing a person needs is the car title to legally transfer ownership. How to locate and process an estate car title after death can be a headache, or if lucky, a simple one. If you want to wait and you are interested in finding out the value of your inherited vehicle, get started with an instant cash offer now.

The Title

Once the legal owner is deceased, not having a valid car title results in a stall and you cannot register the vehicle, sell your car, or drive the car. A valid car, truck, van, or SUV – or any automobile – title must be presented to the local Department of Motor Vehicles along with other documentation, such as the death certificate and paperwork showing the new owner has a legal claim, to transfer ownership.

    “No one should drive a deceased person's vehicle until the Probate Court issues an order transferring the vehicle to that individual and the vehicle is then titled and insured to that individual. The estate and driver are both potentially liable and will be sued if an accident takes place. You may also be liable to the estate for a diminution in value claim if the vehicle is worth less due to your driving it and you eventually do not receive the vehicle as part of your distributive share.” ~estate planning attorney

Locating the title

If the title is not in the vehicle’s console or glove compartment – which hopefully it is not because the car title should never be stored inside the vehicle in case it is stolen – starts with searching all properties of the deceased owner. If you would like to sell your car quick and get help through the process of an estate vehicle, we buy cars and help you sell yours. Get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds now.


  • First, check all obvious places.
  • Leave no stone unturned in the vehicle.
  • Expand your search.
  • Check every place, area, location, and every nook and cranny,

Has the title been processed?

When you sell your car from an estate, a relatively easy process can get complicated if the title has not been processed; especially if it is a collector car. During World War II and the Great Depression, most times cars were purchased most times with cash, so depending on if the deceased had titled and registered it, there may not be a title for the estate vehicle. If this is the case, or if you are not sure if there is a legal title exists, contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles to inquire on what needs to be done. If you have the VIN number you can possibly run the number on DMV’s website, or run a CarFax report.

When There Is No Title – What To Do

If you are unsuccessful in locating a legal title, you will need to contact the local DMV to find out what needs to be done and what documentation is required to acquire one and legally register the estate vehicle transferring ownership over.

  • If you do not have a registration card for the vehicle, write down the VIN to take with you to DMV.
  • You will need a notarized copy of the will or the court-issued document showing you are the vehicle’s legal heir.
  • Death verification document or a death certificate must be presented to DMV.
  • A valid government issued photo I.D.
  • Credit card or cash for the fees.

Transfer Deceased Ownership Over to a New Owner after a Death

It is pretty much the same as mentioned above. What you will need:

  • Title
  • Death verification document or a death certificate must be presented to DMV.
  • A valid government issued photo I.D.
  • You will need a notarized copy of the will or the court-issued document showing you are the vehicle’s legal heir.
  • Credit card or cash for the fees.

Like we mentioned above, even in the simplest of content, nearly every estate involves a car, truck, van, or SUV. Many times an estate includes a vehicle that is paid off and a beneficiary is named in the will. When this happens, additional documentation will definitely be required by the beneficiary to claim the asset. To avoid issues, it is a good idea to be proactive and secure all paperwork needed prior to selling, keeping, or when donating an estate vehicle. The new owner must apply for a new title to legally transfer ownership. How to locate and process an estate car title after death can be a headache and take some time. If you need any help and you want to sell your car quick you inherited, give us a call. We buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. state 24/7. You can get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds; when we agree on a quote there can be cash in your bank in a few days or less. If the vehicle is a classic, give us a call to let us prove we give you the highest offer you will find.

Can I Sell My Car If the Title Is Not In My Name?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Your mom buys you a 2010 Honda CR-V LX for graduating high school to send you off to college with and you love it! You’ve gotten your Master’s Degree and you’re now working at your dream job. You pull into your law office’s parking garage and suddenly you notice all the luxury cars surrounding you. You pat “old dependable” on the steering wheel and say, “You know I love you, and we’ve been good together; but it’s time for us to part sweetheart.” Then it dawns on you that your mom is still paying the insurance on the car and legally owns it. Your next thought? “Can I sell my car quick if the title is not in my name?”

Simply put, no. At Car Buyer USA we buy cars from the registered owner on the front of the title, unless the seller has proof they have ownership of the vehicle; such as in the case above or it’s an inherited car from the previous owner who is now deceased. You can get answers to questions like this one, “Can I sell my car quick if the title is not in my name?” in our FAQs list. And, if you can’t find answers to your questions give us a call at 888-995-6498 today. One of our friendly agents can answer all of your questions, and remember; don’t forget to tell them “buy my car”! And if you’re mom, or someone else, is the registered owner on the front of the title, have her give us a call to sell your car online fast and get a high instant cash offer followed up with cash in the bank. Then? Then you can take your new car camping.

How Do You Buy a Used Car from a Deceased Person's Estate?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 10, 2020

How do you buy a car that belonged to a deceased person? Are the “rules” that may differ from a traditional used car ownership transfer? Purchasing a vehicle from a deceased person’s estate sale does not differ much from buying any other used car. Conveniently, for the purchaser most of the work lies with the executor of the estate whose job it is to ensure the sale and transfer of ownership is legal. The same laws apply in an estate transaction as it does when you buy a vehicle from any private seller, or a used car dealership. The buyer is required to pay sales tax, if applicable according to your state laws – check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles on your specific requirements. A sales receipt may be required along with any other paperwork found at DMV.

What Should the Buyer Do When Purchasing a Car from a Deceased Person’s Estate Sale?

Inspect the Car

When a car sits for an extended period of time, as can happen with an estate sale, it can develop mechanical problems requiring repairs. Not only should the buyer take the time to inspect the vehicle, but they should also consider taking an automotive specialist along or request to take the car to one for inspection. On the surface the purchaser may be able to see any obvious damages, but without the knowledge of an experienced mechanic, internal issues may be missed by a non-mechanical buyer. If mechanical issues are present, it may be possible to negotiate the asking price down.

Has the Vehicle Been Cleared By Probate Court - Is the Sale Is Legal?

If probate court has approved the vehicle to be sold prior to it clearing the estate, the executor will be able to present documentation as “right to sale proof “. It is imperative to confirm the seller is authorized to sell the car. Ask to see proof he/she can legally sell items from the estate. The documentation should include:

  • Probate Court Order
  • Death Certificate
  • Personal Identification

It is also recommended the buyer inquire with the probate court the documentation is legitimate and the executor has the court’s approval to sell assets from an estate sale.

NOTE: Be sure to keep a copy of the death certificate to present to DMV when transferring the title to new ownership.

Are you the legal owner of a vehicle from an estate and want to sell your car quick? We buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. State. Find out how it works and get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. We will buy your vehicle and get cash in your bank in about two days.


Examine and Compare the Title with Existing Paperwork

Prior to a final purchase:

  • Confirm the vehicle was legally owned by the decedent.
  • Verify the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) located in the lower portion of the windshield on the driver’s side matches the VIN present on the vehicle title.
  • Compare the name and address matches on both the death certificate and the title of registration.
  • Check the same information matches on all other documentation (if applicable).
  • If any information does not match contact the police or a lawyer before proceeding with a purchase.

Title Transfer

Once everything has been reviewed and verified the last steps are easy.

  • The executor signature and the sale date go the back of the title – be sure it is in the correct boxes and all other information required by the seller is properly entered.
  • Give the executor the money for the vehicle.
  • Take the title to the local Department of Motor Vehicles or the local tax assessor’s office – confirm with proper procedures with DMV.
  • Confirm if insurance coverage is required prior to obtaining the title in the seller’s name.
  • Inquire if other requirements exist by the local DMV or tax assessor’s office.
  • Confirm all fees required with the local DMV or tax assessor’s office.

Now that you know how you buy a used car from a deceased person’s estate, you are all set to own your next vehicle. If you are the seller and you want to sell your car quick, we buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. State. You can find out how it works, get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds, and get cash in the bank in about two days.

How Can I Sell My Car Quick Online If the Registered Owner is Deceased?

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, December 28, 2019

People often ask us, “How can I sell my car quick, and sell it online if the registered owner is deceased?” Usually this means someone has inherited a vehicle or is the rightful heir to an estate, but does not want to keep the vehicle. When this happens, the process can be daunting. If there is an estate sale, the new owner who inherited the vehicle cannot sell the car to a buyer without first taking action to legally get the vehicle registered in their name. The local Department of Motor Vehicles needs to be contacted to inquire what forms are required and what the process is. If you feel you might want some help navigating through the legalities, you can get an instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. Once you do, one of our agents will be in touch and walk you through our fast, safe, and easy process, and help you get the vehicle in your name as the legal registered owner so you can sell your car quick. We buy cars fast and can put money in your bank in a couple of days.

What is Dual Ownership, Plural Ownership, etc.?

Dual ownership, also known as plural ownership, is when a vehicle title lists more than one person as joint legal owners. Though there are many reasons this could happen; a wife and husband, or parent and 16-year old child; or for instance a person could inherit a vehicle, as mentioned above, from a deceased individual’s estate. This does not necessarily mean it would be willed to a person; it could be due to an expected or unexpected death of the original owner where the new owner obtained it by being the rightful heir.

Are you ready to get started and sell your car quick?

See how it works and get your high instant cash offer now. We buy cars fast, safe, and easy! This includes owners who have inherited a vehicle, or have the difficult task of an estate sale.

There are many reasons this could occur but regardless, to transfer the title of ownership to another person all-current registered owners must sign the title to sell your car, quick or otherwise, online, to a dealership, or a private buyer. If the legally registered owner on the vehicle’s title is unable to sign over the vehicle to a new owner, then the new owner – regardless of how ownership was obtained, possibly from a deceased relative for instance – will be required to present rightful ownership documentation to the local DMV.

How can I sell my car online if the owner listed is deceased?

When this occurs, you can only transfer the title with a copy of the death certificate and legal documents showing proof of Surviving Spouse, Estate Executor, Administrator, or Next-of-Kin. Contact your local DMV for requirements.

Settling matters at hand during an estate sale can be a very difficult time in your life. Let us help make the process of dual ownership less stressful. When you have a vehicle that needs to be sold to settle an Estate remember, CarbuyerUSA can handle all the paperwork and make sure we get the asset sold for a fair price and funds to the Estate quickly. We buy cars every day in every Continental U.S. State and make it convenient for you. We give you the highest instant cash offer you will find anywhere, and we do it in as little as 20–seconds. Sell your car quick today and have cash in your bank in as little as two day. Get started here.

We Have Google Reviews – Bad Reviews – Even Fake Reviews – BUT MORE ORGANIC & HONEST GREAT REVIEWS

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Full Disclosure: My name is Linda – an advocate for great customer service, I am not a direct employee of Car Buyer USA, and this is my honest point of view.

As I’m sitting here doing some work for my client, A.K.A. Car Buyer USA, I’m more than a little concerned and bothered. If you don’t know it, there are a few things that can affect a business’ Google rating. Obviously, organic and honest good, and great, reviews make the score go up a little and even then, you need a ton of really positive ones to see an increase in the number. When it comes to the bad reviews, however, it doesn’t take many, at all, to cause a drop in the rating. This is where my frustration comes in. I’ve gotten really good at spotting fake reviews (hence the image) from friends and family of potential customers who Car Buyer USA was unable to provide a satisfactory quote, or outcome, due to issues with a vehicle; and even bad fake reviews from competitors (yep, they really do!) from the real ones left by unhappy customers. The owners are on top of all honest, organic reviews including both bad, good, and great. (If you see through the fake bad reviews and are ready to sell your car quick, get your high instant cash offer here.) I flagged two 1-star fake bad reviews recently and for days now I’ve been waiting for Google to hopefully take down the latest negative fairytale reviews from two accounts I strongly feel are non-legitimate accounts. If real accounts, then the fake part comes into play with the two of them never having been a customer of CarBuyerUSA. Ever. How is that type of action fair to any business?

I’m an influencer in the Greater Atlanta area and here’s my take on posting a review on any business – good or bad.

  1. It must always be from a true and honest experience. As the reviewer knows, they influence the reader.
  2. No part of it can ever be, smudged or in other words written in a “better or worse light”, not even a little.
  3. Not only does the business rely on the reviewer, but also so does the public.

Why is this so important to me and actually everyone?

Before I answer this question, I should tell you a little about me.

  • I’m an expert on customer service (this is NOT self-proclaimed, though I totally 200% agree).
  • I have been an expert for the better part of 27+ years.
  • I’ve written training material and instructed literally thousands of people on customer delight for fortune 300 and 500 corporations.
  • Corporation Presidents, upper management, lower management, and this is important, those I have taught more times that I can count, have said, “Get me Linda for this.”, “Did you get Linda as your instructor?” and either, “That’s great! She’s the best and the one you want!” or “Oh no, that’s too bad. She’s the one you want.” (I actually left a company because the Sr. V.P. promised me to the home office, which meant he was breaking a promise to me – which was my University courses came before my job and he would never let it interfere; he then said I had to make a choice because he had promised to deliver me.) The way I saw it, I wasn’t just an associate, I was his dissatisfied customer. On my last day there, it was literally like a “cat and mouse chase”. He wanted to convince me to stay and take the new position “he’d” created just for me. Best decision I ever made.
  • I know what mediocre, good, great, and perfect customer service is and I definitely know when it’s bad.
  • Convinced I’m honest and ready to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV? Your high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds is waiting for you.
  • I can unequivocally state with confidence due to my knowledge and proven expertise, Car Buyer USA delivers great customer service. They strive for it 24/7, which is paramount in my relationship with them.
  • Since no one wants me when it’s bad customer service – as my son’s embarrassment can attest to when he’d hear and all efforts on my part failed, “Do you like your job? Do you want to keep it?” then his, “I’ll be outside mom.” followed without fail, I promise you I would NEVER work with a company that even dished out mediocre to just good customer service much less bad. I cannot deal with it and I could give you references. You may think my favorite go-to line above is too harsh, but I disagree. They are taking my money on the premise I will get what they have promised. When I try every attempt to resolve, sometimes I have no choice but to put my foot down. Don’t mess with me and my dollar.
  • I really wish you knew me personally, because you would know I’m being 100% honest with you; in every single word. I almost want to give you my full name so you can Google me.

Now, why is this so important to me and actually everyone?

Since I know my words, as should you, in any bad reviews can hurt a business, or lead a potential customer to believe a business is better than my true experience that was bad, I’m particularly honest in what I say; but also how I say it. I cannot, and will not, mislead either party. It. Is. Wrong.

What if a newly opened 2-month-old restaurant is struggling through some operational issues and they haven’t quite gotten in their groove? It’s not fair for me to post an ugly or negative fake review on Google, or anywhere else for that matter. Depending on their current reviews, I could be party to putting them out of business after they have put their life savings and so much sweat equity into it before they even have an opportunity to get the kinks out. How is that fair to them? It. Is Not.

The moral of this post, is think before you dishonestly try to hurt a business someone is pouring their heart and soul into; they most likely have employees who need their jobs. How would you feel if negative fake reviews were posted often, losing your employer business and the threat of eventually leading to the unemployment line for you? Not such a warm and fuzzy feeling, eh? Car Buyer USA’s tag “we buy cars fast” is true and their agents eagerly sit ready and waiting for you to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV quick to them all while providing you superb customer service.

Always leave an honest experience review, great, good, or bad. If positive, that’s outstanding! If bad, then it is important to speak directly to the business owner to try to resolve it first. If you are unable to reach a positive, and/or understandable, resolution and still strongly feel your experience was negative, then write it as it should be but please choose your words carefully. The old adage, “think before you speak” exists for a reason. I always, always think of the effect my words can have on others and the trickle affect in can impose. Another old adage for you, “be a good neighbor and treat others as you would like to be treated.”

It’s true, we (yes, I include me and take it personally) have honest bad reviews that come from real dissatisfied customers, but it is equally as true that Car Buyer USA receives un-organic fake bad reviews; shame on these selfish people. With this said, our current Google 3.9 star rating holds strong (and continues to rise) because we, collectively as a team, are dedicated, all-in, to striving for nothing short of a great customer experience 100% of the time. It is very, very gratifying for all of us! In addition, those dishonest fake bad reviews, they don’t hurt our feelings like you think they do; we have the best employees and tons of good, honest people out there telling the truth and we love them for it.

For years now, “We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY in every Continental U.S. state and have done this for thousands of customers needing to sell their vehicles quick. Therefore, when you need to sell your car quick – or your truck, van, or SUV, and you need to find the most value, you can rely on us to provide you the highest instant cash offer you will find anywhere. Don’t believe this? Find out here in as little as 20-seconds.” ~ Car Buyer USA

All you need to do is enter information about your vehicle as accurately as possible - this is key to you getting the most money possible - so take your time with it. Especially since pulling a CarFax report is a crucial step in our business and we won’t buy a vehicle without one first. Do this and you’ll be a believer with cash in your bank fast.”

If you err on the side of the fake bad reviews we have, we understand your hesitation; but, we have customers who don’t leave fake bad reviews, rather we have more organic and honest great reviews from people who have actually sold their vehicles to us. Become a believer; we buy cars fast and pay you more so you can sell your car quick. Get your 20-second high instant cash offer now. We’re anxious to buy your vehicle today.

First Time in a Decade – Number of Uninsured Americans Rises in the Throes of the Health Law Political War

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 29, 2019

*Disclosure: All views and opinions are mine and mine alone and in no way do they reflect Car Buyer USA’s views. Aaaaand, I’m really hoping I’m not writing something I shouldn’t. However, this is a very important topic, so I’m taking a chance.

It’s simple really; all Americans have the right to affordable healthcare. No one should be sick or injured and be reluctant to seek medical attention because they cannot afford coverage or the out-of-pocket expense for medical services. No one should have to choose between medical attention and meds, food, and/or a roof over their head. In my humble opinion, it’s wrong, inhumane, embarrassing, humiliating, unethical, and did I mention wrong? I cannot believe for the first time in a decade the number of uninsured Americans has risen in the throes of the embarrassing political war on the healthcare law. Can a company that states, “we buy cars fast” help with medical coverage? What does “sell your car quick” have to do with it?

My Message to Every Government Party

“You work for us! Figure it out! Work it out! Think of us Americans first! Leave your egos outside the war room because it’s NOT about you. Find real solutions, and make it happen. I mean, c’mon! How are you not ashamed this hasn’t been resolved yet? When it comes to our health, we are not divided. We are your people as a whole.” ~Me

Do you know 8.5% of the U.S. population, according to a Census Bureau report, has gone without healthcare insurance the entire year of 2018? That’s up from 2017 with 7.9%. How is this possible since the economy was doing so well? I can only speak from my personal experience – not Car Buyer USA’s experience – from a couple years before this report, even with the economy booming, when I applied for coverage under the Obama Affordable Care Act for coverage, I was denied because I didn’t make enough money. Seriously? I was referred to Medicaid where I was denied because I didn’t have any underage children I was legally supporting. If you don’t think this diabetic with high blood pressure being caught between a rock and a hard place was scary, I hope it’s because you’ve never experience being caught in one yourself. I wish it on no one.


I know it may seem it makes no sense to say this, but if I’d known about Car Buyer USA I would have without a doubt used them to sell my car quick for the cash. Let’s face it, a car is worthless to me if I’m in a diabetic coma, have a stroke or heart attack, or worse yet I’m dead. A 20-second instant cash offer and sell your car quick would have been awesome to know about.

Not qualifying for any coverage, which still to this day I find reprehensible that a person is denied because they make a few dollars under the minimum amount to qualify for Obama Care, is ludicrous. How does that make sense, especially when they know your state doesn’t allow even short-term Medicaid for a single adult living alone? I quickly realized – and I may be alone is this assumption – Obama Care passed the buck on me so-to-speak. I was livid with a thick coating of bad taste in my mouth.

To handle my conundrum I resorted to going to the local emergency room to get a one-month supply of my meds monthly for almost a year. What an embarrassing routine; finding stories to justify why I was there yet again for months. Luckily, well depending on your point of view, the last time I went to the emergency room for my Rx, an admin nurse slipped me a name and number as she whispered she worked for a doctor that I could just walk in, pay $50, and he’d write my scripts for me no questions asked. All I had to do was tell him what medications I take and the dosages. Wow! I was elated and the relief was huge. In retrospect, was what he was doing even legal? I will say this, during my first visit he made sure I knew he didn’t write scripts for narcotics. Since I didn’t (still don’t) take any narcotics, it gave me a feeling of, “are you on the up and up doc? Are you one of those?” Another surprise was no one even took my vitals. Whatever, I let that go real quick since he was keeping me alive. Literally.

Maybe you have a similar situation, medical or otherwise, where you’re caught between a rock and a hard place? If so and you have a car, truck, van, or SUV you don’t need, you might want to consider to sell your car quick to Car Buyer USA. They’re not joking when they say, “We buy cars fast, safe, and easy; and put cash in your bank when you need it.” If you knew me, you’d have no doubt I would never associate with any company that wasn’t ethical, honest, and backed what they preach. I worked for a vision health insurance corporation in upstate NY for 13 years, wrote, and trained thousands of employees across the country on customer service, including NEVER promise more than you can deliver – this is vital in customer service. They still use my training manuals/tools to this day and I left there October 1, 2007. My son’s reaction when anyone at any company provides really bad customer service, “Good grief, I’ll be outside mom.” (makes me laugh still) My favorite line for really poor customer service, “Do you like your job? Do you want to keep it?” I’m a BIG proponent on “I’m giving you my business and my money, so you better treat me right or I’m going to ruin your day.” I’m a perfect testimonial for these guys and admire their business practices and ethics.

I don’t know; all of this may seem like one thing has nothing to do with the other for you; but let me be clear, as a person who has more scars on her heart for helping people her whole life, it makes perfect sense. If you need help for anything and it requires cash, and you want to sell your car because it’s not imperative for you to keep, it’s a means to an end. Let Car Buyer USA help you get the most cash you’ll find anywhere else. You can get your instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds now, and please, be as accurate as possible with your vehicles information. It will make it an even smoother process for you and it increases your odds of getting exactly what your onscreen quote is once the CarFax report is ran. “We buy cars every day all over the Continental United States and we want to buy yours today for top dollar!” They mean it.

What Is a Recall and Why Is It a Big Deal?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 13, 2019
Car Buyer USA

MFR Recalls Hurt the Value of Your Car

MFR recalls not only hurt the value of your car but also are a serious issue for your safety. It is important for us to get the word out that we give you the highest instant cash offer you can find, that we buy cars fast, and you can sell your car quick for fast cash in your bank; but we feel your safety is more important. The information here will help you understand what an open recall is and why it is a big deal for you.

For new cars, federal law is very explicit; dealerships are prohibited from selling any new car with a recall that requires work to be done to bring the car up to safety standards. As for used car dealerships, they are not required to perform recalls at all if they choose not to. It is a good rule of thumb for a used car buyer to add the recalls question to their list.

The common protections on new cars are not available on some pre-owned vehicles.

Recalls and Dealerships

Despite the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act not mandating it, as part of the certification process manufacturer-backed certified pre-owned vehicle programs normally include checking for and performing any open recalls. On another note, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NDA) suggests to all member dealerships they periodically verify their inventory’s recall status and to perform any that are outstanding. Ultimately, however, it is left up to the consumer to verify and confirm the car they are purchasing has had any and all recall work completed.

Are you thinking, “I need to sell my car quick, but it has an open recall? Good news, we buy any car quick in any condition and we pay you more for your car.

Recalls Impact Used-Car Buyers

The Rocky Recall Road for Used Cars

With automaker recalls continuing to make the news, it is natural owners of a recalled vehicle would ask how the campaigns affect them. Many legislators have taken on how used car recalls are handled and whom it is that is accountable to make sure the work gets completed.

“CarMax”, per Blumenthal, “advertises that all its vehicles must pass a rigorous ‘125-point inspection’, but no inspection that routinely ignores outstanding safety recalls can be called ‘rigorous.’” Blumenthal strongly recommended the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) crack down on “CarMax’s dangerously deceptive marketing of used cars with lethal safety defects.” He sponsored a bill to make it illegal for dealers to lease or sell recalled used cars without the needed repairs being completed and has requested the bill be enacted.

Unfortunately for CarMax, under federal law they cannot perform recall work due to automobile manufacturers are responsible to perform safety recalls. The manufacturers work closely with dealerships overseeing the required repair process. This often includes providing specialized instruction for the franchised dealers’ auto technicians. Of course, all recall work performed is at no cost to CarMax or any other new or used car dealerships.

Unfortunately, the used car purchaser is left holding the bag so to speak until the law changes or the FTC takes action. This is why the Consumers Union (CU), the public policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, supports a June 2014 petition (pdf) asking the FTC to put a stop to deceptive claims by CarMax. Ten groups, along with CU argued these claims “tend to lull car buyers into a false sense of security regarding the safety of used vehicles CarMax is offering for sale to consumers.” CU further supports Senator Blumenthal’s S. 900 bill – Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act; reason being no auto dealer should be able to legally sell a defective used car to consumers prior to recall work being complete.

We buy any car quick at Car Buyer USA. See how it works and get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. Then you can sell your car quick (with or without an open recall) for fast cash in your bank!

Car Buyer USA Google Review

    Rick T.
    “I would like to thank our agent and all of his associates for the help in this difficult matter. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I'd like to personally thank Travis I will recommend this company to any of my friends and family if needed.”

How Can Consumers Protect Themselves?

So, are you prepared and ready to purchase a used car from a used car lot, private party, or especially CarMax? If you are, get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so you can check if the vehicle you have chosen has any open recalls. How do you check? Here are some choices to select from.

While the thought of having just purchased a vehicle or buying a car with an outstanding recall may be scary or worrisome, rest assured a recall means a problem has been identified and a solution found. To add to this good news, work on all recalls are free of charge and only require you to take your vehicle to your local franchise dealer to have the work needed performed. You want to speak with a technician at the franchisee dealership to inquire about the time involved for parts, if not in stock, repair, and any other question you may have.

We Buy Cars fast in any condition every day all over the USA and we have bought our share of vehicles with open recalls. We suggest registering a purchased vehicle with the manufacturer to all car buyers to receive up to date open and future recalls information. We also support legislation requiring automakers to provide used car retailers with diagnostic and repair instruction, all recall notices, and parts and tools given to their franchised dealers.

Do not get caught holding the bag, check for recalls on a vehicle you already own or are ready to buy. If there is an open recall, play it safe and get it fixed.

Car Buyer USA BBB Review

    Terri V
    “I was selling my (deceased) dad's truck. I first contacted ******* thinking they'd be the easiest and fastest due to their popularity in the market. I worked with them for a week and they kept insisting the title be transferred to me first. I had all my docs in order from the estate and the affidavit required from the DMV. I contacted and Brian called me within an hour. I expected a lot of BS honestly. But I uploaded my docs to him (same ones sent to *******) and had an initial offer within a few hours. They were totally professional and above board throughout the process. They were accommodating and did everything I expected ******* should have (but didn't). I recommend them 100%!!”

You now know what a recall is and why it can be very dangerous. You also now know why putting it at the top of your car-buying list and owner’s list is a big deal. We care about you and your family’s safety out on the road so check for open recalls today. Remember this though; we buy cars fast in any condition in every Continental U.S. State. If your car has an open recall, or not, see how it works and then get your high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds now. Then you can sell your car quick – truck, van, SUV – and get paid what your car is really worth!

Sell Your Car Quick – CarBuyerUSA Is Now At Manheim Pensacola, Florida

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 27, 2019

We Do All the Work So You Don’t Have To

Florida, we now have a location at Manheim Pensacola, Florida – 6359 North West Street, 32505 and we want to know, are you interested in trading in your current vehicle or selling it outright? If so, then get your quick 20-second instant cash offer from us and know its true value. After you get your quote and it is paired up with a little, or a lot of homework, you will see we give you the most money for your car. Once we both agree on your high and fair offer, you can sell your car quick to Car Buyer USA and get money in your bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY! If you want to skip right past being lowballed in Car City and jump right into a high payout from us, see how it works then fill out our short form and one of our friendly agents will contact you shortly to go over any questions you may have and set your vehicle’s inspection appointment. If you are close by, like in or near The Community of Marcus Lake or a little farther out; perfect, get your high quote today.

If you are not ready to sell to us, it is not a problem. Knowledge is power and puts you in the driver’s seat. Be smart and prepare first. Get a quote from us before, or during, the daunting task of running ads, endlessly driving around from dealership to dealership, placing a For Sale sign in the window, dealing with all the phone calls, emails, scheduling viewings with no shows, the exhaustive time, and salesmen/women lowballing you. It is not just a great idea; it gives you the edge.

Get rid of the huge pains that come with the DIY headaches. We take all the hassles out for you; and here is a little extra tidbit for you, if you cannot make it in to our new Manheim Pensacola location, we may be able to come to you to buy your car, just ask our agent for details.

Think the Old Fashioned Way to Sell Your Car Quick (Truck, Van, SUV Too) Is the Best Way?

Hold On a Second!

Car Buyer USA Is Now At Manheim Pensacola, Florida!

Why settle for a dealership trade-in value or go through the back and forth “this is all your vehicle is worth” and “I want more money for my car” dance? No one likes to dance to that tune! Do you think you are stuck with the traditional hassles when you think; I need to sell my car quick – truck, van, or SUV too?





The old tradition of selling a car IS BORING, OLD, AND BUSTED, and NOT the best way to get the most money for your vehicle anymore. There is a better option that is more convenient; and fast, safe, and easy. Do you know you may not even need to leave your couch and we could possibly come to you and with money in hand to boot ready to pay you for your vehicle? Sell your car fast and we will load it right up and drive off with it. Really! What is more, we will NOT do this in a week. We do this in as little as a few days, if not faster!


…driving from dealership to dealership trying to get that number that hits the spot!

…parking your vehicle in your front yard with a for sale sign in the window.

…driving your car around with for sale written across the windows.

…paying to run a car, truck, van, or SUV for sale ad in the classifieds.

…risking your safety for posting your car, truck, van, or SUV for sale on Craigslist!

…meeting strangers at your home, or places you feel are safe to risk they may not be. Have you seen the news headlines lately? A safe place is not always safe.

… “Are you firm on the price you are asking?” Did they not understand what the word FIRM said in the ad?

…hassle emails, phone calls, and no shows!

…nothing happening when you need to sell your car quick!


We are here to help you with an informed decision and you get an INSTANT 20-SECOND OFFER you can bank on! All it takes is filling out our short and simple form or calling 888-995-6498 to speak with a live agent. We buy cars and are here to tell you, “Yes, we buy any car in any condition and do it fast, easy, and safe!” That’s right Pensacola, Florida, it is convenience customized to you! We come to you so sit back, relax, and sell your car to us!

Guess what? If you do not like the idea of us coming to you, do not worry! You can still sell your car fast; just take your vehicle to our preferred partner, Manheim Pensacola, Florida. That means fast cash in the bank could literally be right down the road or only a short drive away!

We Are Happy To Be At Manheim In Pensacola, Florida!

America`s Auto Auction - Pensacola, Inc.
Manheim Pensacola
6359 North West Street
Pensacola, Florida 32505
Get Directions

When you want to sell your car fast and maybe you are not from Pensacola, or maybe you are new to the area, either way there is a lot to do. For all those who love the Navy and cannot get enough of it, this is your place! How about viewing the ocean from a lighthouse? Then there is always packing a picnic and heading to the 290-acre Florida State Park located on a barrier island just fifteen miles southwest of Pensacola! Moreover, for the history enthusiasts, there is something for you too. If you like museums, Pensacola has got you covered!

  • National Naval Aviation Museum
  • Pensacola Light
  • Perdido Key State Park
  • Fort Barrancas
  • Pensacola Museum of Art

And so much more you are sure to find entertainment for all!

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Whether you are near Car City, The Community of Marcus Lake, in Florida, or any other state, I am sure this goes without saying again, but we also have other preferred partners nationwide like Manheim Pensacola, so there are many of other locations to choose from when you want to sell your car quick. does not mess around putting our customers first; it is why we are now located at Manheim Pensacola. We want to provide every convenience for you we can and make it easy when you start thinking, “I need to sell my car quick.” We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY in every Continental U.S. State. so we deliver no hassles all over America and put the money you want for your vehicle in your bank without delay. See how it works, get your high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds, and sell your car fast – truck, van, or SUV – today. If you are not in or near Pensacola, Florida, or just want to see what other locations are out there for you we have you covered. Find Your Nearest Drop-Off Location.

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