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What's my car worth? All you need to know about used car values

Every month, lots of people go online looking for a used car value.  Close to 20 million people want to know “what’s my car worth” and the may research.  Most of these people want to sell a car so that they can go get something new so it’s critical that they get a concrete used car value.  What is the best source ? is indeed the biggest and most widely recognized Used Car Value provider but nobody pays Kelley Blue Book Value when they buy a car from a dealer. Why would they presume they can sell their vehicle for KBB?  As a consequence of getting an unrealistic used car value from KBB, many sellers get frustrated by trying to sell their used car at an inflated price. or NADA Used Car Value Site sponsored by the National Automobile Dealers Association.  These are new car franchised dealers and their numbers are based off actual retail transactions that are very accurate.  Most lending institutions rely on NADA in determining how much they will finance on your vehicle.  This has a direct impact on the resale value and the selling price of your used car. has been a staple for wholesale and retail used car values for decades.  Most banks will make loans off Black Book Used Car Values and they are considered to be very accurate.  BlackBook uses transactional data from auto auctions to establish Used Car Values and has recently started providing retail black book car values to consumers via their website.

How easy is it to get an idea of my car’s value?

You can look for car values online until you are weary…Your car is only worth what someone else will pay for it!  Guidebooks do not make a guarantee that the value they provide is achievable.  It is in fact exactly what it says…”a guide”, not a guarantee.  If you are looking for a bankable used car value then give a call and we will give you a GUARANTEED CASH OFFER for your car, truck or SUV.  We Pay Cash for Cars, Trucks and SUVs in every state, regardless of condition.

Knowing what your used car’s value is

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