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Are you typing the following into Google with no avail? “I need to sell my truck.” We are happy to say that we Buy Used Trucks & SUV’s in every state, regardless of condition. CarBuyerUSA is “Sell My Truck” headquarters. No other Car Buying Company or even CarMax pays more for used trucks. CarBuyerUSA will buy anything from a rollover to a Range Rover and has paid up to $65,000 for late model SUV’s.

If you want to sell you truck or SUV, CarBuyerUSA can get you cash quickly

CarBuyerUSA is the leading car buying website with the largest network of buyers worldwide. CarBuyerUSA can pay more for your truck or SUV because we have access to buyers and markets that other car buying agencies do not. Don’t be fooled by Junk Car Buyers or Auto Auctions that dabble in buying used cars. These companies are not in position to make a competitive offer on your Truck or SUV and local dealers want to sell you a new vehicle in exchange for buying your truck or SUV.

CarBuyerUSA will pay top dollar for your truck or SUV, regardless of condition and we do not require you to buy anything from us. To get an instant onscreen quote, simply fill out the form on this page. It takes just 20 seconds.

Check out our last 12 Purchases

2014 Land Rover Evoque

10,500 miles

Paid: $48,000

2014 Jeep Grand

5,200 miles

Paid: $25,200

2014 Land Rover

15,689 miles

Paid: $75,000

2013 Silverado LT

31,000 Miles

Paid: $23,000

2013 Chevrolet Avalanche

22,000 miles.

Paid: $33,000

2013 Nissan Pathfinder

30,000 Miles

Paid: $19,000

2010 Honda Ridgeline

54,000 Miles

Paid: $20,300

2010 GMC Denali

81,300 Miles

Paid: $25,000

2010 Tundra Limited

134,400 Miles

Paid: $17,500

2010 Ford Raptor

80,000 Miles

Paid: $28,000

2010 Ford F350 Lariat

51,000 Miles

Paid: $27,000

2010 Ford F150

38,000 Miles

Paid: $14,200

2009 Ford F450 Lariat

84,000 Miles

Paid: $26,000

2009 Nissan Frontier LE.

57,000 Miles

Paid: $17,000

2009 Dodge Ram

85,000 Miles

Paid: $16,000

2009 GMC Sierra

96,500 Miles

Paid: $15,000

2005 Ram 3500

272,500 Miles

Paid: $5,400

2004 Chevy Silverado

162,000 Miles

Paid: $7,000

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We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs, in any condition, anywhere in the Continental USA.

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