An Outhouse – A Truck – A Boom Box – Winner?

An Outhouse – A Truck – A Boom Box – Winner?

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Frozen Lake Luzern in upstate NY

Ok, I’m going to be up front right from the get-go; but first I should say I love every one of these guys and this one in particular was a close friend. This story is about idiots that definitely know how to have fun. I think the “fun trigger” – a.k.a. 1 brain cell – in all of the 5 brain cells inside their noggins MUST BE HUGE. Ruler of their bubble headed universe. The King. Why do I say this? Not so long ago one friend earned his nickname on Lake Luzern in upstate NY. I was absolutely dumbfounded. He sold one of his trucks to buy parts for his outhouse. Should’ve looked online for companies that buy cars, he would’ve found us; we buy cars and pay more. His outhouse could’ve flushed him into the winner’s circle. What? An outhouse? The winner’s circle?

Winter Outhouse in Lake Luzern, NY

If you ask me, one he should’ve just used parts from the truck he sold. Two he should’ve used the other 4 brain cells and designed his outhouse to look like a “racecar”. And genius #three, a “boom box” strapped on the front of that sucker cranked up playing a hotrod motor revving… totally would’ve snagged 1st place for Best Outhouse 2013! Heck, he might’ve even taken 1st place from the keg outhouse and won the race too. Imagine, all those idiots on a frozen lake thinking a car was chasing them. LOL Distraction!! (I’m laughing right now btw.) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! He really should have asked me what to do. See, there’s idiot reason #1. Idiot reason #2, because really 2 is enough; selling his truck to build a crappy crapper on skis. Please! How was an outhouse that looked like an outhouse going to beat The Kegger when everyone out there freezing their tushies off had a Bud in their hand?

The moral of this story? Well, that depends on which part you’re referring to; but the point I’d like to instill is don’t sell your car, truck, van, or SUV to build an outhouse. But if you too have 5 brain cells and The King rules, then throw your vehicle details into our short form and get an instant offer. We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs and I promise you, we pay more. Don’t believe me? Check out Sell Your Car via Kelly Blue Book® KBB® – Cry Over Spilled Milk? for a little proof.

And northerners say us southerners are slow.

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