BMW Manual Transmission – Around For Another Decade

BMW Manual Transmission – Around For Another Decade

Monday, December 03, 2018

It appears the brand’s M4 will be the only model to take the manual transmission torch into its final days. BMW says the manual transmission will be around for another decade. Being one of the favorite driver-focused cars in the market, BMW is committed to making a car that suits a businessperson. We buy cars of any brand, so if you want to sell your car quick, you can get an instant car offer from us, giving cars a befitting gearbox has always been the tradition of the automaker. BMW exhibited their upcoming G20 platform placing less priority on a manual transmission for their upcoming cars. But Road and Track engineers said people purchasing M cars for at minimum the next decade shouldn’t worry about this development. BMW's development chief, Klaus Fröhlich – BMW-veteran, discussed the future of BMW M cars manual transmission at the Los Angeles Auto Show. He announced the continuation of BMW's current six-speed manual transmission into the next generation M4, Fröhlich considers the M4 to be the "fortress" of BMW’s manual transmission.

"Honestly, the pure engineering answer is, you're much faster with paddles and an automatic transmission," Fröhlich told Road and Track at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. "They're very precise and sporty. Especially on the Nurburgring, you are much better in control when you're not taking one hand away [to shift]. I think, in the overall portfolio, manuals will disappear. But I think M4 should be the fortress of manual. So the last manual transmission which will die, it should die in an M4, as late as possible. That's my view."

Fröhlich accepts the flappy-paddle automatic gearbox is faster around the track, and admits the BMW’s niche market that has been and is built focused on very specific platform defining the M3 and M4 legacy – putting the power down to the rear wheels is the inline-six with a manual gearbox and a front-engine. Fröhlich says, the next generation M4 with a front-engine, which will be in production through 2027 or 2028, will have the same featured drivetrain as its predecessors. We hope this is the case as BMW tagged the M4 “Drift Machine”

Sadly, with the limitation in demand of three pedal M-cars that lashes out lots of torque, BMW isn't spending more in a new manual transmission at the moment. It’s very costly for the dependable and desired power output of a manual transmission Considering the cost of conducting a research and a new transmission design BMW feels she won't make a profit. "Honestly, you have a problem with manuals," Fröhlich continued later in the conversation. "Because we have these turbocharged engines with 600 N-m of torque, to develop such a high-torque manual transmission for such a small volume isn't profitable at all. So I tried to prolong the lifetime of the manuals, but we can't invest in developing a new manual transmission. No transmission partner will do that with us. So we are evolving our existing manuals as long as possible."

Fröhlich is a strict principled man, In the previous month, he lashed out on journalists proclaiming the E46 was the last "real" BMW the automaker produced. Fröhlich also supports keeping both rear-wheel-drive platforms and manual transmission alive for so long in favor of all-wheel-drive and automatic; but after the next generation M4, both coveted features may disappear and simply represent Fröhlich’s legacy at BMW.

BMW has gone on record we can look for the manual transmission to be around for at least another decade. Are you looking to upgrade to another 6-speed manual shift? Do you have an M series BMW, or any other car for sale? We buy cars and give you and instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. Sell your car quick and get cash in your bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY. All you need to do is fill out our short form to get started. Our live agents are waiting to talk to you.

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