Can I Sell My Ferrari Quick Online If the Registered Owner is Deceased?

Can I Sell My Ferrari Quick Online If the Registered Owner is Deceased?

Thursday, April 01, 2021

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Harrison Haines

People ask us often, “Can I sell my car quick online if the registered owner is deceased?” What this normally means, is someone has inherited a vehicle or is the rightful heir to an estate but doesn’t want to keep the vehicle. When this happens, the process can be daunting. If an estate sale, then the new owner by inheritance of the vehicle cannot sell the car to a buyer without first legally getting the vehicle registered in their name. The local DMV needs to be contacted to inquire what forms are required and what the legal process is. You can get an instant cash offer in 20-seconds and once you do, one of our agents will be in touch and can walk you through our fast, safe, and easy process. The agent can also provide some guidance getting the vehicle in your name as the legal registered owner. We buy cars quick and you can have money in your bank in a few short days.

What is Dual Ownership, Plural Ownership, etc.?

Dual ownership, A.K.A. plural ownership, is when more than one name is listed as joint legal owners on a vehicle title. There are many reasons this could occur; parent and 16-year old child, a husband and wife; or for instance a person could inherit a vehicle, as mentioned above, from a deceased individual’s estate. This does not always mean it has been willed to a person; it could be due to an unexpected or expected death of the original owner where the rightful heir obtained it.

Are you ready to get started and sell your car quick? See how it works and get your high cash offer now. We buy cars fast, safe, and easy! This includes owners who have inherited a vehicle, or have the difficult task of an estate sale. We can come to you with our hands-free service diligently following CDC guidelines. Your Ferrari, or any vehicle, will never leave your garage or driveway. We’ll just start it us to have a listen, but there is no test drive. How is that for no risk and convenience to you?

There are many reasons a person can find themselves in this or a similar situation. Regardless, to transfer the title of ownership to another person, all-currently registered owners must sign the title for you to be able to sell your car, quick or otherwise, online, to a dealership, or a private buyer. If the legally registered owner on the vehicle’s title is unable to sign over the vehicle to a new owner, then the new owner – regardless of how ownership was obtained, possibly from a deceased relative for instance – will be required to present rightful ownership documentation to the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

How can I sell my car online if the owner listed is deceased?

When this occurs, you can only transfer the title with a copy of the death certificate and legal documents showing proof of Estate Executor, Surviving Spouse, Administrator, or Next-of-Kin. Contact your local DMV for requirements.

Do You Know?

  • FACT – Ferrari’s racing career began in 1919, as a C.M.N. - Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali – driver. A short time after he left and joined Alfa Romeo where he took on the role of overseeing the Alfa Corse racing division.
  • FACT – During World War II, in 1994, Allied Forces bombed the Ferrari’s Maranello factory and again in 1945.
  • FACT – Two years after the WWII ended, the V12 125 S, was the first official Ferrari finally debuting in March 1947.
  • FACT – Ferrari red, though classic, was not the company’s first choice.
  • FACT – Every element of a Ferrari can be customized for the buyer.
  • FACT – In Abu Dhabi, Ferrari has a theme park where you can ride the F1 roller coaster.

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