Ever Had Bad GPS Directions Waste Your Drive Time? You’re Not Alone!

Ever Had Bad GPS Directions Waste Your Drive Time? You’re Not Alone!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Picture this; I’m a food blogger and a bit of an influencer around these parts which means I get invited to tons of restaurants and events often all over the Greater Atlanta area. How does a bunch of foodie stuff relate to a car? Well, I depend on my GPS to get me to places I’ve never been before. Ha! Truth be told, even to repeat places! The mind ain’t what it used to be! But there have been moments when the GPS on my Android LET. ME. DOWN. Do you know how scary Atlanta can be at night? This may be the peach state, but dark parking lots and empty buildings are NOT peachy! Have you ever had bad GPS directions waste your drive time? Get you there late? Make you cancel on the person waiting on you? Land you in a dark creepy neighborhood? I swear I could do better driving blindfolded sometimes. I should just let CBU buy my car and stick to the bus and train. At least I’d get there on time, even earlier most of the time.

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Ok, my mind is sharp as a tack (yes, I know this is subjective), but I still use GPS to go everywhere no matter where it is. It’s not just strictly for the shortest directions from point A to point Z; it recalculates in this FUNNER than a kick in the teeth traffic. Yep, I said funner. That officially makes it a real word now. Feel free to use it at will. You’re welcome.

It may not sound like a big number, but when it’s you sitting in some location scratching your head, “Huh? This is it? Where is everybody? Maybe it’s around back?” you’ll think 29 hours is HUGE! Forbes reports a study where MyTaxi found drivers waste nearly 29 hours every year due to poor or inaccurate GPS routing.

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    “Nearly half (47%) of all respondents reported becoming so upset with their nav systems at times that they’ve gotten into a “verbal disagreement” with their devices, with 31% admitting to being drawn into a shouting match with the system’s robo-navigator, “as if it was a real person.” As reported by Forbes.

Totally not embarrassed to say I belong in the 31%. But seriously, a study on this? MyTaxi sure did go to a lot of trouble to get you to use their app. But I guess if you’ve ever had bad GPS directions waste your drive time, this might be a good Android or iOS app. Oh, and Car Buyer USA? We’ll happily let you sell your car to us so you can take a taxi. We’d hate for you to be late.

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