Ford the Historic Icon – Don’t Sell Your Car If…

Ford the Historic Icon – Don’t Sell Your Car If…

Friday, July 28, 2017

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these cars, Car Buyer USA is pretty sure you’ve been told countless times, “Don’t sell your car if it’s one of these.” Many times. “Here is the first and only chance ever offered to secure a touring car at a reasonable price any man can afford to pay. It is a roomy, powerful car of handsome appearance and finish at a price lower than you are asked to pay for any 4-cylinder runabout excepting the “FAMOUS FORD.” This car sounds the death knell of high prices and big profits.”

Ford Ad

The first thing that bothered this writer, is …”FAMOUS FORD.” Totally should have been “FAMOUS FORD”. The second thing, what the heck does “death knell” mean? Imagine my surprise at how wrong this was… until of course I read further and realized this is an old 1908, Ford advertisement and they were using what we would call click bait so-to-speak on the Internet. The third thing? Eight. Hundred. Fifty. Dollars. Doesn’t even seem possible.

We all know Ford is the powerhouse when it comes to shiny new cars, old classics and muscle, but do you know Henry Ford’s first “ride” was a 1986 Quadricycle?

Ford Quadricycle

During Henry Ford’s employment as Chief Engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit, he built his first gas-powered vehicle called the Quadricycle. I’m pretty sure when Henry envisioned his idea he had no idea what he was really doing for, or to, the world and just how far his iconic dream would go. Can you imagine driving that thing? I’d love to sit in that seat! Fun!

The Model-T, probably the most renowned car in Ford history, and any automobile history, everyone knows about. But another little tidbit of information little tidbit of information you may not know, is this car hit the public market on October 1, 1908 just 13 days before the Cubs won their last World Series Championship, until 2016 that is. Yep, took 109-years but they did it!

Thirsty for some more Ford history? We’ve got it for you!
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Ford Interesting Figures

Tons of car enthusiasts not only love their cars, but cars in general. When it comes to cars of Ford history, however, there’s so much more to love. He gave Americans their first ride; he gave us freedom; he gave us comfort (LOL, eventually! You know it was rough riding there for a while!) He gave us economical vehicles; he gave us luxury; but best of all he gave us muscle. Ford is still one of the strongest and rivals the best of the best, as the one who started “the best”. That makes Ford the true best. Got a Ford? Looking to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV? Good! Call us; we buy cars anywhere in the U.S.A. 2004 and up. Just like Ford history shows us this iconic Brand is the best, so are we at buying cars the Fast, Safe, and Easy way with mega convenience for you to boot! Sell your car to us and it’ll be history! But of course, don’t sell your car if it’s a Quadricycle. It’d be a shame to let that one go.

Source: Images Credit: Ford Motor Company

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