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How Do I Check If A Car Has Ever Been Stolen?

How Do I Check If A Car Has Ever Been Stolen?

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Car Buyer USA - How Do I Check If A Car Has Ever Been Stolen

Discovering that a car you’ve purchased was previously stolen and recovered can be a distressing situation. If you find yourself in this predicament, here are the steps you should take to address the issue effectively.

First, contact the seller. Inform them of the vehicle’s history and ask if they were aware of its stolen status. They might have crucial information or may be willing to assist in resolving the matter. Next, report the situation to the police. Provide them with all relevant information; they can investigate further and advise on the necessary steps.

Inform your insurance company immediately. They can offer guidance on your coverage and any required actions concerning your policy. Legal recourse might be an option, especially if the seller knowingly sold you a stolen vehicle. Consulting with a legal professional will help you understand your rights and potential actions.

You may still be the legal owner if the vehicle was recovered before your purchase. However, the vehicle's history WILL impact its resale value and future insurability. Ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and hasn't been tampered with. Consider enhancing its security features to prevent future thefts.

Additionally, utilize online resources like the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) at This site allows you to enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) to check if it has been reported as stolen. This tool is free and can provide valuable information about your vehicle's history. It is wise to send the money on a CarFax Report and Experian AutoCheck to see if the vehicle history is recorded. If it is, details are available through those sources about the reporting with a tag back to a police report that you may need.

Finally, maintain thorough documentation of all communications, transactions, and steps taken regarding the situation. This documentation is invaluable if you need to pursue legal action or file an insurance claim. Act swiftly and seek legal advice to navigate this complex scenario. Understanding your rights and options will help you manage the situation more effectively.

Car Buyer USA does buy cars that have been stolen and recovered, provided that you have the necessary documentation to prove the car's ownership and history. This typically includes a clear title and any paperwork related to the theft and recovery. It's best to contact us directly with the specific details of your vehicle to confirm their requirements and process.If you need assistance in selling a stolen vehicle you are welcome to contact us at or visit our site for guidance with Vehicle History Reports.

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