How Will the Faster, Safer, & More Efficient 5G Change Tomorrow's Cars?

Tomorrow's Trucks – Faster, Safer, and More Efficient 5G Will Change Their Future

Monday, November 19, 2018

There’s a lot of hype about 5G wireless networks centering on faster speeds for data on laptops and phones, but there’s a slew of devices that stand to benefit from a more quick and robust connection. The cars of tomorrow are set to get in on the action too. We may not be able to purchase cars with 5G yet, but we’re looking forward to it. We buy cars in any condition and give you an instant cash offer that can’t be beat. Don’t believe us? Get your quote now and we’re betting you’ll sell your car quick! How will the faster, safer, and more efficient 5G change tomorrow’s cars? Let’s take a look.

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In 2019, major U.S. carriers will be activating their 5G wireless networks… for devices already in existence, and those that will be the next generation for those devices too. What about cars? From the hype online, that’s still a few years away but when it does hit the road, vehicle owners will see benefits similar to a smartphone. Cool, right?

Taking the Web on the Road with You

We’re seeing modern cars of today equipped with some kind of local area Wi-Fi hotspot feature allowing passengers to use their cell phones to share an onboard 4G LTE connection. Let’s face it, LTE is fast, but when the 5G comes along, 4G is old news.

5G’s bandwidth and speed will increase so even all seats in a 7-passenger vehicle will be able to stream different Netflix shows without a glitch. That’s impressive stuff right there.

Cabins featuring the K-Byte and M-Bytes will sport a massive display screen that connects to the Internet in 5G mode! Don’t think automakers won’t be able to give you more with that extra bandwidth. How does more info in that dashboard and rich media sound?

Connecting the car to 5G benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer. They get more data from/about you and you get more things you never knew you needed in a car. What about that connection lag when you attempt to unlock your car with a smartwatch or cell phone? With 5G, it will be ridiculously fast, like instantaneous.

An electric car is a connected car with more cars moving toward electrification in the future. If it’s a plug-in hybrid or a full-battery electric car, Internet capabilities are coming for them. No more smartphone needed to search for those charging stations. Honestly, they’re already connect to the web in some way. By the way, we buy cars operated with gasoline or those running on electric. If you own an electric car, don’t hesitate to get a quote and sell your car to us. We’ll jump on it too!

Autonomy vehicles are already being tested and it won’t be long before we’re all sharing the road with them. You guessed it, these will have 5G available to them too, but can we all say safer?

From Now to the Future

From more commuting entertainment to smarter self-driving vehicles, to more efficiency, we’re coming into what you’ll find as just the tip of an iceberg. The possibilities are limited only to one’s imagination and as we all know, those are endless. cannot wait to purchase our first 5G car, but for now, we buy cars with 4G LTE and those without it. Fill out our short form and in as little as 20-seconds you’ll get an instant cash offer that will be the highest quote you can find. Once you do, and you like it, sell your car quick to us and get cash in your bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY!

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