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I Want To Sell My Car To Car Buyer USA – How Do I Know This Isn’t A Scam?

I Want To Sell My Car To Car Buyer USA – How Do I Know This Isn’t A Scam?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 04, 2017
CarBuyerUSA Security

Unfortunately Internet scams have been around for almost as long as the Internet itself and if we haven’t fallen victim to one, we most likely know someone that has. So when you start thinking “I want to sell my car to Car Buyer USA”, how do you know this isn’t a scam? Easy, we’re A Rated by the Better Business Bureau and our link is live. We are a licensed, bonded and insured motor vehicle agency and a member of the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA). Still need more convincing? You can call and speak to us directly at number located at the bottom of this post.

When one scam is squashed another one pops up trying the latest sneaky and malicious way to get your personal and private information. It’s attempted everyday on Craigslist for example and one that’s been around for a few years or better. You post an ad and get a too good to believe hit. Everything in the process from a to z is seamless and smooth. “Wow, this guy must really want my car! He’s so anxious to meet!” I’m not going to tell you specifics of the horror stories I’ve seen on the news and online, I’ll just say BE CAUTIOUS PLEASE! Think safety first!

One of the latest and very successful phishing scams is you receive a Gmail message, it has information that prompts you to click the “trusted link”, and after all it’s from Google. So you click! “That’s odd, why is Google asking me to sign into my account again?” You might feel a little annoyed you’re forced to re-enter your login information but the login page is exactly like Google’s, so you get that warm fuzzy “I trust you site” feeling and follow their directions to re-enter your personal information. Bam! They have access to your account! Many, many people (some of the smartest out there) have fallen victim to this phishing scam. With things like this happening we don’t blame you one bit for being cautious. You should be!

In today’s Internet world you can never be too careful. It’d be great if there were no identity thieves in the world and we could trust everyone on the web; but we can’t. But one thing for sure, we buy cars online all the time so we go out of our way to prove we’re a trusted business and you can trust our website. So when you want to sell your car to, you can feel safe we’re not a scam. Still not convinced? Visit our FAQs for popular questions with answers. Give our customer service agents a call today, they’ll answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. We want to buy your car today!

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