Identical Vehicles – History Vs. Past – Is their a difference?

Identical Vehicles – History Vs. Past – Is their a difference?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CarBuyerUSA - Identical Vehicles

What you see below are identical vehicles. Both have a history, but do either have a past? What’s the difference in history vs. past; and really, what difference does it make? Before we get into the details, you can bypass all the fuss over it and sell your car FAST, SAFE, and EASY right now. We buy cars every day in every city in every Continental U.S. state, including Washington D.C. and as the experts, we can move you right through our patent pending process quicker than others can through their process, and ours is as smooth as butter. We can even come to you to inspect your vehicle, but here’s the real kicker. We don’t do a test drive so your car, truck, van, or SUV never leaves your driveway. How’s all that for convenience and no risk to you? We’re the real deal and we mean business. We won’t be beat!

When you think of the history of a car, what does this mean? Think age, owners, good maintenance, memories made, etc.

When you think of the past a car may have, what does this mean? Think bad maintenance, minor accidents, more serious accidents, diminished value, driven hard, excessive wear and tear, hidden excessive wear and tear, hidden damage, high mileage, etc.

The majority of the time, it’s clear the owner has taken great care of their vehicle and it’s in great shape. Another frequent occurrence in our business, is an owner is fully aware when their vehicle is in less than the expected wear and tear condition according to its age. There are also occasions when a vehicle inspection finds underlying issues with a vehicle the owner may not be aware of and we have the unfortunate task of delivering the not so pleasant news. You can imagine this is not only a shock but very disappointing to the customer. Most of the time once the owner is provided supporting documentation from the vehicle inspection, they understand an adjustment to our original offer is required. We do our very best to absorb as much of the cost as we can, so the customer can get the most money as possible for their car, truck, van, or SUV.

All customer service representatives at Car Buyer USA have been trained extensively in working with a customer to provide the best service, always be sensitive to our customer’s needs and expectations, to simplifying our process to a point of efficiency where the customer’s time is used wisely, and the most money for a vehicle is paid out.

With Car Buyer USA, you’re in really good hands when you need to sell your car, truck, van, SUV, or fleet. Yep, we also buy fleets and we specialize in exotics, sports cars, Super Duty Diesel-powered trucks, Super Cab trucks, work trucks, leisure vehicles, luxury vehicles, and any passenger vehicle you can think of. We treat you as if you’re our very first customer ever, and like our business with you will make us or break us! We appreciate you and your business, and we let you know it. So please remember, we know identical vehicles are never identical. There’s a history then there’s a past; and there is a difference. You can count on getting the true value of your car from us based on your car’s inspection. We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY. We come to you to do it with our hands-off service. There is no test drive, we just crank it up to have a listen. Your vehicle never leaves your driveway. That’s a big no risk for you. We’re here. We’re waiting. We want to buy your car. Sell your car quick. Get big cash in your bank. See how it works and fill out our short form, then get a high cash offer in 20-seconds. All this no matter what city in any Continental U.S. state you live in. We’ve got you covered.

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