If Only I Had a Car to Sell – What Can Your Vehicle Do for a Kid?

If Only I Had a Car to Sell – What Can Your Vehicle Do for a Kid?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A week ago something happened. It’s personal for me and I’m now on a mission to help; and nope, this isn’t to ask you to help my cause. While sitting here thinking how I can help raise money for these kids it crossed my mind, “If only I had a car to sell.” If I did, I absolutely would; and I wouldn’t even bother searching the web for companies that buy cars. I wouldn’t waste my time. I already know who to call. Believe me when I tell you, Car Buyer USA is not only my go-to, but YOUR go-to as well. In a time when it could be your family or friend in need, you want to get the most cash for a vehicle you can; and you want that fast. Let’s face it, if there’s no money for food to put on the table, they won’t eat.

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I’m not putting the Go Fund Me link here, because I don’t think it’s cool to use this blog to get you to donate and I feel like I’d be exploiting my cause since I get paid to write here. I’m writing this story, because it’s a reality. People pass away every day and leave their children behind devastated. Some are fortunate and have a 2nd parent or family to step in. Some, well, their circumstances are quite as fortunate in their tragedies. It’s for these children and people I write this for; and you, that person with the heart the size of the earth. Maybe you’ve been the chosen one, or you’re like me and you’re wondering, “How can I help?”

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If you are in the middle of a brainstorm to figure out the simple ways, odd ways, best ways, unique ways, and out-of-the-box ways to raise cash to go with all the normal traditional ways to raise money for someone in need – for ANY REASON – remember something. We buy cars easy, safe, and fast. If you have an extra car, truck, van, or SUV, and you’ve been thinking of selling it or it’s one you know you don’t need; please consider what it can do for someone in need. If you decide to sell your car, sell it to CBU. We’ll give you cash in as little as a few days and you can use it to help to make someone’s life easier. How am I going to include CBU to turn my “If only I had a car to sell.” into cash for these kids? I’m going to ask people to consider what I asked you to; consider what can your vehicle do for a kid and feel great today!

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