Scene 1: You Put Transmission Fluid Where? Dude, it’s time to run.

Scene 1: You Put Transmission Fluid Where? Dude, it’s time to run.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

This started out as a compilation of funny car repair stories that I figure if I think they’re funny, I’d give you a good laugh. It took a turn when I realized the stories some of the mechanics were telling fell into that “I guess you had to be there.” I don’t know how some of the guys posting their “funny stories” think they’re funny; but again... I guess you had to be there. This little ditty falls into that “you’ll look back at this one day Linda and laugh.” It only took about 21 years. I’ll never get over the “My brain doesn’t’ register what you’re sayin’ fella; repeat that please. You put transmission fluid where? You cranked it to see if it’d work what way?” Ok, it’s time to run dude. “Pleeease tell me I won’t have to sell my car for junk.”

There it was, sitting there just waiting for me. Twice a day for weeks I drove by it. I’d have conversations with it. I’d tell it I loved it, that it needed to be mine. Then the day came; I pulled in and took it out for a test drive.

Listen to that engine.

I climb into the seat and buckle up, turn the motor over and that engine. It rumbled like my daddy’s ’59 Vette and sounded like its sole purpose was to own the streets. (Did you hear that engine in the video?) I ease up to the edge of the lot and stop…

Just like I used to tell my English Lit Professor at SUNY in upstate NY that emailed me so many times for how my essays was going to end, “You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow.” What? I’m not leaving you hanging. There’s a part two, you’ll just need to wait until tomorrow.

I will say this to let you know where this story is going.

I’m no mechanic, but I have enough sense to know you don’t put transmission fluid in the engine. “I don’t care if it is dark outside and you grabbed the wrong one! You’re a guy! What guy does that?”

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