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Sell Car with a Dirty CARFAX

Monday, February 17, 2014

If you are trying to sell a vehicle that has accident history, the bad news is that you will have to sell it for less. The good news is, you can now pay to have a survey done to determine if the work was performed "to standard". The question is, do you want to go through all that or just sell your vehicle to CarBuyerUSA buys any car, anywhere in any condition. We are truly the "any" car buyers and our funds are guaranteed.

So if your car took a punch from the Car Fox, get rid of that vehicle with a "dirty CarFax" the easy way, by selling it to CarBuyerUSA!

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Trueframe of Georgia is Now Offering Comprehensive Car Inspections
that Update Carfax and Autocheck

PRWEB.COM Newswire

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Who is TrueFrame of Georgia? TrueFrame of Georgia is a car inspection company that helps potential used car buyers make informed purchase decisions on vehicles with prior accident records. They inspect vehicles with negative history reports and identify prior or existing damage – both cosmetic and structural.

What is the TrueFrame inspection process? The TrueFrame inspection identifies good vehicles with a bad vehicle history report by answering these questions:

1- Was the vehicle in a serious accident?
2- What work was done to the vehicle as a result of the accident?
3- Is there existing cosmetic damage to the vehicle?
4- Does the vehicle meet TrueFrame's Structural Standards?

TrueFrame Reports are designed to restore the value of wrecked and repaired vehicles as well as increasing buyer confidence.

What does TrueFrame of Georgia look for in a vehicle?
Unlike other vehicle inspections, a TrueFrame inspection focuses on structural integrity. It starts with frame or unibody measurements taken with digital precision and includes a visual inspection of the vehicle’s structural components. A TrueFrame Report also identifies where the vehicle was impacted in the prior accident and provides a cosmetic analysis of the vehicle’s exterior.

What is a TrueFrame Report?
All TrueFrame inspections involve a structural review of the vehicle, vehicles that meet theTrueFrame Structural Standards are eligible to receive a TrueFrame Report. TrueFrame Reports include a cosmetic body score (32 to 100) along with an indication that the vehicle meets the TrueFrame structural standards. Vehicles that possess a TrueFrame report can be then sold as Trueframe Certified.

Where does this information go?
A TrueFrame report helps take the guesswork out of those accident reports by identifying vehicles that are structurally sound, despite the prior accident history. TrueFrame's reports are easily accessible through the TrueFrame website and also appear on the Carfax vehicle history report.

What does the TrueFrame Report Cost?
The cost of a TrueFrame report is $245. It is currently available through licensed car dealers in the Atlanta metro area. In the near future, TrueFrame of Georgia will be opening an inspection station in North Atlanta.

Is there a guarantee associated with TrueFrame?
If a vehicle meets TrueFrame’s Structural Standards and qualifies to receive a TrueFrame Report, and the frame/unibody measurements included in the TrueFrame report are incorrect by more than 5 millimeters on any one measurement, TrueFrame will provide a refund of your purchase price of the vehicle (not to exceed 100% of the current NADA clean retail value).

"Buyers would prefer purchasing a vehicle with a dirty carfax that's TrueFrame certified rather than taking a gamble on a vehicle with a dirty Carfax and unknown damage," says Tony Rached, Managing Partner at TrueFrame of Georgia. "Trueframe is a great asset to dealers and consumers alike," he adds.

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