Sell My Car – Car Quote (Exact Details) – Car Buyer USA Offer $8,826 – Vroom Offer $2,900

Sell My Car – Car Quote (Exact Details) – Car Buyer USA Offer $8,826 – Vroom Offer $2,900

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I’ve been thinking to sell my car… maybe… and I wanted to see how CBUSA currently stood up to other online companies claiming they’ll buy your car for the most money too. If for no other reason I’d know my car’s current market value, and for free with no obligation to boot. So, I grabbed my VIN and went comparison-shopping. The first one I was a Vroom quote. When I saw $2,900 I was more than disappointed, but I thought, “my car’s value has dropped that much in just over a year? That stinks!” I then proceeded to enter the exact same details into Car Buyer USA’s short form. I. Was. Floored. WTH?? $8,826? Whoa! That can’t be right so I started over; got a quote from the vroom-vroom guy (“Sell your car quick”… really Vroom? #SMH) and then, what I have now reaffirmed for myself yet again, got a real high instant cash offer from the experts. And, I got it in under 20-seconds. I had to wait for an email from zoom-zoom to read and then click my way to my you gotta be kidding me offer. It may be a good SEO tactic, but guess what? I’d much rather get my offer in seconds than to wait over 30 minutes and have to put in some work for it. Especially when scoot-scoot is LOW BALLING ME! CBUSA boasts, “We buy cars fast, safe, and easy!” for good reason. I was a believer before, but now? Now I’m a zealot!

Want to sell your car quick for the real current market value, or a price that is days old claiming to be market value? My question is, what day is the other guys “market value” based on?

Car Buyer USA has a patent pending formula that literally presents you with a number based on TODAY; and they don’t use any other company’s numbers in their calculation. The other guys use a popular company’s numbers that are 110% days old in their calculation. Really.

Whoa. Did Car Buyer USA beat the Vroom quote by a landslide or what? I don’t know about you, but a $5,926 difference is a big deal. That’s a lot of money. Truth be told, full disclosure and all, if the cards had been flipped I’d definitely sell my car quick and go buy a different one. I paid a little over $7K taxes and fees included for my 6-speed, 3- door, turbo – love that sucker btw. CBUSA’s instant cash offer is higher than they sold it to me for! What does that tell you? Well, I’ll tell you what that tells me. One year, four months and ten days ago they sold me a car for just over $6,900 and are offering to buy it back from me at $8,826. That puts me $1,926 on the upside. Hmm… do it or keep tooling down the road in the car I love driving? This kind of business proves they’re honest and in it to give you the best deal whether it be selling you a used car from the dealership or buying your car, truck, van, or SUV online.

Vroom’s quote makes me giggle.

Car Buyer USA’s quote has me dancin’ in my seat.

I’ve been schooled.


If you’re thinking, “sell my car” then I sincerely recommend you skip the others and go straight for the money.

Car Buyer USA Values You, Your Time, & Your Vehicle’s

Current Market Value

  1. See how it works.
  2. Fill out a short form
  3. Get the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere in around 20-seconds.
  4. If you like the offer an agent will setup a vehicle inspection (at a nationwide preferred partner or “we come to you”).
  5. Sell your car quick

It’s really that simple.

“We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY” is a promise and a mission to be the best. Tell putt-putt along to move on down the road; you can do much better. If you ask me, they’re vroom-vroom quote is more like a pothole’s ka-boom ka-boom flat tire! Potholes are on my mind because I just hit one last week and immediately my car tire pressure warning light came on; but that’s another post for later.

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