Sell Your Car & Shop This Holiday Gift Guide

Sell Your Car & Shop This Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, December 11, 2017

The holidays! They’re here! Kids young and old wait for this time of year; we count down the days, make our list for Santa, and get all worked up with anticipation of Jolly Saint Nick There’s nothing we don’t like about it! The days are filled with great foods, lots of presents, some joyful songs, and it’s a time families come together to celebrate. There’s nothing we don’t like about it! Well, almost nothing, there’s that thing called money, money, money! It can be so dang stressful! Am I right? Of course I am! Why else would there be Holiday bank accounts? Why else would millions of Americans be knee deep in unpaid bills come January? Why else would my daddy have gotten so mad at my mom and caused such a rukus? Wait, that’s for the therapist. Just forget I said that.

Need some extra cash to get you through the holidays and have you bringing in the new year with cash in the bank and debt free? Here’s an idea, we buy cars so sell your car and do some shopping! To help you with some fresh ideas for that easy to buy for and that not so easy to buy for mother-in-law, we’ve pull together some ideas in this holiday gift guide.

First, got an extra vehicle sitting around? Well then sell your car, truck, van, or SUV taking up space in the garage. You know, the one you keep saying you’re going to sell some day. It’ll free up some much needed space needed, get your wife off your back to get rid of it, and when it’s gone the garage will look cleaner! And your wife? Well, she’ll be reeeeal happy. You know what they say, happy wife, happy home.

Cell Phone Mount for the Car

Ok, this one has to be cool and look cool too. Splurge a little and think about what their favorite color is.

Heated Car Seat Covers

Someone’s going to love you! Why wouldn’t they? You’re putting them in a hot seat they’ll love!

Dash Cam

A good quality dash cam does more than just record potential car accidents. It can make you the trendiest thing on social media. Or, set it up for the wife or teenage drive to record your kid’s sport event!

Car Cleaning Kit

I think we all know this is a no brainer, but don’t skimp! Go for the big kit!

subliminal message…. sell my car

Speedometer Cufflinks

So cool these speedometer cufflinks!

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Older cars are great, but you know you know someone who just won’t give up their cassette collection! Imagine their surprise with this puppy! 

Glove Box Car Jumper

We’ve all been there and we definitely know someone that could use this one.

Kick Mats

No more kid’s shoes scuff marks!

1959 Corvette Billiards Table

Need my address?

subliminal message…. we buy damaged cars

Funky Hood Ornaments

Ok, this one is for you. Put it on someone’s car and see how long it takes for them to notice.

Really Thoughtful Gifts 

Pay Someone’s Electric Bill

Who do you know that would love this? Can you imagine if someone would have paid 6-months or 1-year of yours when you really could have used the help?

Pay Someone’s Rent or House Payment

We all know how grateful the person would be.

subliminal message…. We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs

Restaurant Gift Cards

These are always a nice stocking stuffer, but I’m talking about giving them to the homeless or the shut-in elderly. This is a monumentally rewarding gift.

Pillows and Blankets

You guessed it, the homeless. Baby it’s cold outside!

This isn’t your normal shopping holiday gift guide, but it has some pretty unique ideas. Even the really thoughtful gifts might be unique to most. Whether you’re looking for something unique for that hard to buy for person or you’re in a very giving mood to give to those in need, sell your car to subliminal message…. need my address? We buy cars in good condition, those in terrible shape, the ones that just won’t run anymore, and damaged cars too. We just don’t care what the reason is you are saying, “I need to sell my car” because We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs! We’ll take it off your hands and put hard cash in your bank and we’ll do it fast, safe, and easy peasy! Now. Get to moving on filling out our short form and let’s get you shopping!

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