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Stay Home – Sell Your Car – We Come To You – Order Takeout – Wash Your Hands

Stay Home – Sell Your Car – We Come To You – Order Takeout – Wash Your Hands

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 19, 2020

We all know, as a people, all of us need to be on top of our social behavior and think of others in this time of crisis. By doing this we the save lives of others outside our homes, our mother, father, children, brothers, sisters, along with whoever else you may be in close quarters with. We must all stay conscious of our responsibility – scratch that – our duty to protect others in this health crisis. Coronavirus (COVID 19) is attacking the world at a rapid pace, specifically the elderly and those with underlying health conditions where their immune systems are weak. Please stop and think; we must treat these groups of people as if we have the plague and at all cost we must protect them. Act as if it is life or death and follow the guidelines our government and medical professionals have provided; because it is, in fact, life or death for millions of Americans and others in our great country. It has been believed the younger, healthy generations seem to be safe from this deadly disease, but just this evening on a national news network it was reported this may not be the case in France. There are young people very sick. Car Buyer USA encourages you to stay home, order takeout, wash your hands – wash your hands – wash your hands, practice social distancing, practice #SocialDistancing, please practice social distancing. We buy cars in every Continental U.S. state and WE COME TO YOU so you can sell your car quick from your home, your yard, in an outdoor setting you choose, anywhere you tell us. See how it works and get a 20-second instant cash offer now.


We hear it everywhere. We can’t tune in to our favorite news network without those we trust giving us information we’ve been told over and over, and then of course, the latest COVID 19 updates. It is scary. Keep yourself safe and protect others who may be more apt to catch the Coronavirus.


  • Wash your hands every single time you touch something you’re not sure or you know COVID 19 could be lingering on.
  • Keep your through wet by drinking water often; the CDC recommends taking a sip every 15 minutes. DO IT!
  • Stay home.
  • Order takeout if you’ve been exposed or are sick.
  • Call the store and ask if they have the supplies you need.
  • Ask the business how many people are there now or what time of day they recommend you stop in.

The Age of Social Media

Calling on all caterers, takeout restaurants, food trucks, and any organizations that are providing food in a controlled safe environment that minimizes a health risk. We want to help get you visibility to support your efforts and your business, and help Americans stay safe.


Help Us Help You!

Please post your information on our Instagram – @CarBuyerUSA

(Car Buyer USA reserves the right in our sole discretion to delete NON-FOOD INDUSTRY related posted comments. No spamming or self-promotion. We have the last say.)

  • Website link
  • Social handles
  • Address w/city state (illuminates same name/street confusion)
  • Any special information you’d like the public to know; ex., coupon code, free delivery, kids eat free, etc.
  • Be Specific of special dietary offers (gluten free, truly sugar free, low sugar, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)

Why be specific? Because there is a hibachi & wing joint down the road from us - odd combo but could be the most brilliant thing since Henry Ford's 1986 Quadricycle.


  • Buy local business gift cards/certificates to use at a later date.
  • Reminder: Order takeout instead of dining in. Ask the restaurant if there is a way to tip their server(s) via credit card.
  • Order via a drive through.
  • Hang a bag of food on the front door’s knob, knock, then walk away.
  • Order deliver for someone who’s sick or if you’re sick. Don’t forget to tip well.
  • Stop and think!

If we all work together and put safety first, we can speed up the return of our “normal life”. We buy cars fast, safe, and easy so if you want to sell your car quick – because as you well know, Coronavirus is affecting the DOW. This means it’s having an adverse effect on used car values; it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. See how it works and get a high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. One of our friendly agents will be in touch promptly. Don’t forget; order takeout, wash your hands, practice #SocialDistancing, stay healthy, and stay safe. For COVID 19 updates visit CDC.GOV.

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