Think KBB® Is Accurate, Reliable and Gives You the Highest Instant Cash Offer? Think Again.

Think KBB® Is Accurate, Reliable and Gives You the Highest Instant Cash Offer? Think Again.

Monday, February 26, 2018 is often asked if KBB® is accurate. If they are reliable? If you can get the highest instant offer using them? The answers to these, well, are no, no, and no. First, their information is days behind current market values. The big misconception that Kelly Blue Book® is “setting car prices” is an astounding and big fat NO THEY DO NOT! They follow “the money trail” not the other way around. They use supply and demand to track car prices and the normal for them is to be a few days behind to get the information they’ve collected and put into their pricing lists. This means, all their advertising about being the most accurate is not accurate, but they’ve got people believing it!

There is another website out there that boasts the same bold statement; Autotrader®. Why do I pair these two up together? Because KBB® owns them and they pull from Kelly Blue Book®’s database. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too? It’s cake for them and sour grapes for you when you’re looking for current value to sell your car! Lucky for you we buy cars and truly do give you the current market value.

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KBB® has claimed this for so many years, they’ve positioned themselves in American minds they’re “The Trusted Resource®”; but if they are days behind today’s current car values, and didn’t tell you this tidbit of info, then how could this be true? How can anyone trust them? Too bad for them we’re letting the cat out of the bag… again. Maybe, just maybe we’ve been yelling from the top of the mountain that will not be beat and we give you the highest instant cash offer (ICO) in as little as 20-seconds so much that people – and Google because we beat KBB® for people looking for ICOs! WOOT! – that Americans are starting to get it. Take that KBB®! The word is out and we’ll keep telling America!

Read “Is KBB® Accurate and Reliable” to find out more. When you’re thinking good ole trusty, KBB®, is accurate, reliable and that they give you the highest instant cash offer, you need to think again. We buy cars in any condition running or not and WE GIVE YOU THE HIGHEST INSTANT CASH OFFER! For real and in a 2-step process with just a few of your car’s details. Don’t believe me? Fill out our short form and KBB®’s multiple pages LONG form and then compare the two of us. See for yourself then sell your car to us. Our process is FAST, SAFE, and EASY. We won’t be beat.

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