Think When You Drink – Don’t Drive Drunk

Think When You Drink – Don’t Drive Drunk

Thursday, December 07, 2017

CarBuyerUSA says Think When You Drink - Don’t Drive Drunk

We’re in the business of giving you cash for your vehicles and if you need extra money for the holidays, we’re the ones you want to talk to first! We pay you more cash for your car, truck, van, or SUV than anywhere else and we do it fast, safe, and easy. We’ll even come to you to do it! But what wants to stress right now with such festive Holidays riding up on us, is think when you drink. Alcohol and driving are like oil and vinegar, not motor oil and a dipstick. They don’t go together and we want to tell everyone, is give yourself, your loved ones, and all those out on the roads; don’t drive drunk.

Every Christmas family gathering we had a tradition; huge family gathering, tons of food, games galore, cheesy karaoke, and I was always the one who brought the merry concoction – flavored vodkas and fruit juice with frozen fruit as the ice. It only took me one time to walk in with just one pitcher of my tasty libation to learn there’d always be a hidden jug out on the back porch! Those people loved my holiday cheer way too much.

Now, I know that sounds like we all partied “like it was 1999”, and we did get to the point of feeling no pain on occasion, but we knew we wouldn’t be getting behind the wheel of a car. Those who indulged too much slept over for the night, and the only thing I had moving down the street was one foot in front of the other. Singing. Badly. And loudly. This may or may not have involved some very awkward body language on the icy roads with me sitting dead center on the line laughing hysterically thinking, “This couldn’t have happened to a better person!” It’s a very funny and jolly moment until you have to fight to stand up with your boyfriend standing mere feet away laughing harder than you feel he should be. “You better ask Santa for a donut pillow, cause when I get up I’m gonna kick your butt!” Yep, the laughing got louder and more robust as he headed on home.

My point is, it’s ok to have fun during the holidays and don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge, so enjoy yourself! But what you cannot do is drink and drive. It is NOT worth the risk, and it’s one of the most arrogant, selfish, and disrespectful things a person can do to others, adults and children alike.

The Facts Are Not Jolly – Impaired Drivers

2012 – Out of every 100,000 people in the U.S. on the roads, 3.4 die from drunk drivers. This accounts for 31% of all traffic fatalities and during the holidays, these numbers jump drastically in comparison.

In the U.S., a drunk driver kills a person every 45 minutes. EVERY 45 MINUTES and that’s just the everyday average. During the holidays, that number jumps!

Every 15 minutes teenager fatalities occur due to drunk drivers. Guess what happens to that number during the holidays. It jumps.

Do you know December is "Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month? Well, it is and we not only need to think of ourselves, but every single person on the roads is counting on us. If you know you’re going to celebrate with booze, then prepare to not have access to your car. Check the arrogance, selfishness, and disrespect with the keys when you walk through the door and leave the worries behind. Think when you’re going to drink and don’t get drunk and drive. CarBuyerUSA wants you to be safe and keep everyone else safe this holiday season; and when January 2nd rolls around we’ll still be here. After all, we buy cars so if want you to sell your car to us, no matter where in the continental U.S. you are or what condition your car, passenger truck or van, or SUV is in, we’ll buy it fast, safe, and easy.

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