Top 5 Reasons We Are Bad Drivers

Top 5 Reasons We Are Bad Drivers

Thursday, May 10, 2018

You might think the top 5 reasons we are bad drivers is because of the risky chances and moves we make, but nope. It’s the reason behind why we do irresponsible things and drive recklessly. Believe it or not, men are more likely to fail at changing their driving habits than women are according to Envista – forensics firm. They did a major survey of 2,000 American drivers and found some disturbing results. Disclosure: For all drivers who have bells going off when reading the list below, we buy cars and we’ll give you a FAST instant cash offer so you can sell your car quick! Why? Because you should be taking the bus.


Texting someone or dialing a number on our cell phones. Taking our hands off the steering wheel for just a moment, getting angry with another driver and becoming an instant aggressive driver out of anger or frustration; or any number of other common actions may seem like they are no big deal when we’re doing it, but a distraction is a distraction and a stupid action is a stupid action. Everyday common acts don’t feel like dangerous moves, but when you look at some in black and white they don’t seem so harmless.

Technology innovation may be omitting or resolving issues and filling a need to counter those that come up on the road, but there’s no way it can take care of all issues. Out of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, we Americans are a little off our rockers and some of us are down right out of our minds ridiculous.

  • To justify becoming distracted 36% say, “we just do it for a minute”. Really? How often have we said, heard, or even experienced that all it takes are seconds for disaster to happen?
  • How can anyone justify drunk driving? Guess what, some of us do and 46% did just that. Common defenses for the offenders are, “it was the easiest, cheapest, only, or quickest way for me to get home.” Guess what? There is technology being worked on right now to create a with absolute precision and accuracy that would be installed in EVERY vehicle to detect alcohol consumption. I image a driver will need to pass “the test” before the car’s engine would start.
  • Road rage, most of us have felt it and haven’t really acted on it more than some colorful language and friendly gestures, but there are those who should sit through some anger management classes. 47% out 2,000 Americans acknowledge it is a stupid thing to go overboard with.
    I’ve experienced road rage here in the Atlanta area… while sitting still in a traffic jam. The girl literally just decided to move over into my lane. Where my car was sitting still. I had to pull off the road. Lots of colorful language and friendly gestures came pouring out of me. I should have given her a business card and told her we buy cars from idiots too. She definitely was lacking in brain cells.
  • We’re late for work, church, an event, court, picking up our kids from school, or a million other reasons and 47% out of 2,000 justified speeding by playing the blame game. #SMH 👈 right. I’m just as guilty.
    I’ve had my share of running late and running red lights, speeding, and tailgating. Then you have those people on your rear end flashing their lights and honking their horns. BTW, if you’re one of these people you really should just sell our car and take the bus. You are annoying. Especially if you’re one of those who blares your horn the second the light turns green. Seriously, you don’t deserve to be driving on my roads.
  • For all you drunk drivers out there, again, sell your cars! There is absolutely no reason to be behind the wheel of a lawn mower much less a car. 37% admitted they were confronted about doing this and the rest of the time, friends, bartenders, co-workers, spouses, and kids kept it on the down low and just kept their fingers crossed the unthinkable wouldn’t happen.

Now that I think about it, and going totally against my autonomous worries, maybe they’re not such a bad idea.

If any of these above feel familiar, take a moment. Think about all the drivers out there doing it right and those who you’re annoying with your antics and take pause. Park that car and take the bus! And remember, we buy cars in any condition… angry cars raging on the road, cars that reek of alcohol, cars that are sick of tailgating, and cars that are all cracked up! Get an instant cash offer from and sell your car quick! We’re FAST and SAFE, and our EASY 2-step process will give you your car worth in as little as 20-seconds! Talk to us today and get cash in the bank now!

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