Video – Best DIY Car Wash Spring Cleaning to Remove Salt! Great DIY For Southern Autos Too!

Video – Best DIY Car Wash Spring Cleaning to Remove Salt! Great DIY For Southern Autos Too!

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Since I’m visiting upstate New York, with no leaves on the trees and snow barely melted away off the ground and roads, it occurred to me that spring cleaning isn’t only for the house. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs need a good cleaning too to remove the hard winter’s salt. So, I combed through YouTube for the best spring cleaning DIY car was to remove salt I could find. I know you know we buy cars in any condition and that you can sell even the saltiest car to us, but I also know there are people who feel strongly if it’s shiny clean you can sell your car at a higher value. Therefore, I did all the research for you. You’re welcome. Oh, and we’ll give you the highest instant cash offer you’ll find in about 20-seconds. How’s that when you want to sell your car quick? You’re welcome for that too.


NO greasy cleaning products should be used.

Brush all the crevices to remove dust, dirt, and salt debris.

Use a cleaner and cloth to wipe:

  • driving dust off the dash
  • focus on cleaning the steering wheel – has the most bacteria and germs

Don’t forget the buttons, cup holders, and switches.

Gas, clutch, brake, and footrest pedal


Use clean tools – rinse all previously used materials still dirty from the last cleaning.

  • Bucket
  • Cloths
  • Brushes

Get under the hood and work the engine first.

  • Remove all debris – leaves, pine straw, twigs – first to avoid making a muddy muck
  • Lightly hose it all off
  • Cover any area sensitive to soap and wet cleaning
  • A round paintbrush might be a good tool to soap up and clean the jams and other dirty areas
  • After rinsing don’t close the hood all the way so it can dry
  • Remove tires – tip: keep each one near their respective wheels so you don’t get confused about which goes where
  • So many other step-by-step tips!

After going through this video I realized this isn’t just for northern automobiles, it’s for vehicles all over the U.S. I’ve been saying I’m going to give my car a good cleaning, but now it’s going to be so much cleaner! This video is literally great for any automobile owner and though I don’t endorse, nor does Car Buyer USA, the product he uses, I highly recommend it as a reference to clean your car right.

Like we’ve said many times, we buy cars from anywhere in the Continental U.S. in any condition; not only those running or not, but those that are covered inside and out with dirt, salt, sand, stains, dents, breaks, scratches, etc. and we will give you the highest instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds. If you like the number you see then speak to one of our friendly live agents and sell your car quick! You’ll have hard cold cash in the bank FAST, SAFE, and EASY!

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