We Have Google Reviews – Bad Reviews – Even Fake Reviews – BUT MORE ORGANIC & HONEST GREAT REVIEWS

We Have Google Reviews – Bad Reviews – Even Fake Reviews – BUT MORE ORGANIC & HONEST GREAT REVIEWS

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Full Disclosure: My name is Linda – an advocate for great customer service, I am not a direct employee of Car Buyer USA, and this is my honest point of view.

As I’m sitting here doing some work for my client, A.K.A. Car Buyer USA, I’m more than a little concerned and bothered. If you don’t know it, there are a few things that can affect a business’ Google rating. Obviously, organic and honest good, and great, reviews make the score go up a little and even then, you need a ton of really positive ones to see an increase in the number. When it comes to the bad reviews, however, it doesn’t take many, at all, to cause a drop in the rating. This is where my frustration comes in. I’ve gotten really good at spotting fake reviews (hence the image) from friends and family of potential customers who Car Buyer USA was unable to provide a satisfactory quote, or outcome, due to issues with a vehicle; and even bad fake reviews from competitors (yep, they really do!) from the real ones left by unhappy customers. The owners are on top of all honest, organic reviews including both bad, good, and great. (If you see through the fake bad reviews and are ready to sell your car quick, get your high instant cash offer here.) I flagged two 1-star fake bad reviews recently and for days now I’ve been waiting for Google to hopefully take down the latest negative fairytale reviews from two accounts I strongly feel are non-legitimate accounts. If real accounts, then the fake part comes into play with the two of them never having been a customer of CarBuyerUSA. Ever. How is that type of action fair to any business?

I’m an influencer in the Greater Atlanta area and here’s my take on posting a review on any business – good or bad.

  1. It must always be from a true and honest experience. As the reviewer knows, they influence the reader.
  2. No part of it can ever be, smudged or in other words written in a “better or worse light”, not even a little.
  3. Not only does the business rely on the reviewer, but also so does the public.

Why is this so important to me and actually everyone?

Before I answer this question, I should tell you a little about me.

  • I’m an expert on customer service (this is NOT self-proclaimed, though I totally 200% agree).
  • I have been an expert for the better part of 27+ years.
  • I’ve written training material and instructed literally thousands of people on customer delight for fortune 300 and 500 corporations.
  • Corporation Presidents, upper management, lower management, and this is important, those I have taught more times that I can count, have said, “Get me Linda for this.”, “Did you get Linda as your instructor?” and either, “That’s great! She’s the best and the one you want!” or “Oh no, that’s too bad. She’s the one you want.” (I actually left a company because the Sr. V.P. promised me to the home office, which meant he was breaking a promise to me – which was my University courses came before my job and he would never let it interfere; he then said I had to make a choice because he had promised to deliver me.) The way I saw it, I wasn’t just an associate, I was his dissatisfied customer. On my last day there, it was literally like a “cat and mouse chase”. He wanted to convince me to stay and take the new position “he’d” created just for me. Best decision I ever made.
  • I know what mediocre, good, great, and perfect customer service is and I definitely know when it’s bad.
  • Convinced I’m honest and ready to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV? Your high instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds is waiting for you.
  • I can unequivocally state with confidence due to my knowledge and proven expertise, Car Buyer USA delivers great customer service. They strive for it 24/7, which is paramount in my relationship with them.
  • Since no one wants me when it’s bad customer service – as my son’s embarrassment can attest to when he’d hear and all efforts on my part failed, “Do you like your job? Do you want to keep it?” then his, “I’ll be outside mom.” followed without fail, I promise you I would NEVER work with a company that even dished out mediocre to just good customer service much less bad. I cannot deal with it and I could give you references. You may think my favorite go-to line above is too harsh, but I disagree. They are taking my money on the premise I will get what they have promised. When I try every attempt to resolve, sometimes I have no choice but to put my foot down. Don’t mess with me and my dollar.
  • I really wish you knew me personally, because you would know I’m being 100% honest with you; in every single word. I almost want to give you my full name so you can Google me.

Now, why is this so important to me and actually everyone?

Since I know my words, as should you, in any bad reviews can hurt a business, or lead a potential customer to believe a business is better than my true experience that was bad, I’m particularly honest in what I say; but also how I say it. I cannot, and will not, mislead either party. It. Is. Wrong.

What if a newly opened 2-month-old restaurant is struggling through some operational issues and they haven’t quite gotten in their groove? It’s not fair for me to post an ugly or negative fake review on Google, or anywhere else for that matter. Depending on their current reviews, I could be party to putting them out of business after they have put their life savings and so much sweat equity into it before they even have an opportunity to get the kinks out. How is that fair to them? It. Is Not.

The moral of this post, is think before you dishonestly try to hurt a business someone is pouring their heart and soul into; they most likely have employees who need their jobs. How would you feel if negative fake reviews were posted often, losing your employer business and the threat of eventually leading to the unemployment line for you? Not such a warm and fuzzy feeling, eh? Car Buyer USA’s tag “we buy cars fast” is true and their agents eagerly sit ready and waiting for you to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV quick to them all while providing you superb customer service.

Always leave an honest experience review, great, good, or bad. If positive, that’s outstanding! If bad, then it is important to speak directly to the business owner to try to resolve it first. If you are unable to reach a positive, and/or understandable, resolution and still strongly feel your experience was negative, then write it as it should be but please choose your words carefully. The old adage, “think before you speak” exists for a reason. I always, always think of the effect my words can have on others and the trickle affect in can impose. Another old adage for you, “be a good neighbor and treat others as you would like to be treated.”

It’s true, we (yes, I include me and take it personally) have honest bad reviews that come from real dissatisfied customers, but it is equally as true that Car Buyer USA receives un-organic fake bad reviews; shame on these selfish people. With this said, our current Google 3.9 star rating holds strong (and continues to rise) because we, collectively as a team, are dedicated, all-in, to striving for nothing short of a great customer experience 100% of the time. It is very, very gratifying for all of us! In addition, those dishonest fake bad reviews, they don’t hurt our feelings like you think they do; we have the best employees and tons of good, honest people out there telling the truth and we love them for it.

For years now, “We buy cars FAST, SAFE, and EASY in every Continental U.S. state and have done this for thousands of customers needing to sell their vehicles quick. Therefore, when you need to sell your car quick – or your truck, van, or SUV, and you need to find the most value, you can rely on us to provide you the highest instant cash offer you will find anywhere. Don’t believe this? Find out here in as little as 20-seconds.” ~ Car Buyer USA

All you need to do is enter information about your vehicle as accurately as possible - this is key to you getting the most money possible - so take your time with it. Especially since pulling a CarFax report is a crucial step in our business and we won’t buy a vehicle without one first. Do this and you’ll be a believer with cash in your bank fast.”

If you err on the side of the fake bad reviews we have, we understand your hesitation; but, we have customers who don’t leave fake bad reviews, rather we have more organic and honest great reviews from people who have actually sold their vehicles to us. Become a believer; we buy cars fast and pay you more so you can sell your car quick. Get your 20-second high instant cash offer now. We’re anxious to buy your vehicle today.

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