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Why Would A Company Disable Google Reviews?

Why Would A Company Disable Google Reviews?

Monday, February 26, 2024

Why Would An EV Platform Not Be BBB Accredited?

Customer Review - Google Review

Car Buyer USA encourages and values both Google and BBB reviews from our customers. Reviews improve online visibility and credibility. BBB reviews and being accredited signal trustworthiness and commitment to customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts the company’s reputation and consumer trust.

One company we have encountered, FindMyElectric (FME), does not have any Google reviews. Upon further research, per Google, it means that the company’s website has prevented Google from creating a page description, but did not actually hide their page from a Google search. Secondly, per BBB in Minneapolis, FME is not part of the BBB accreditation system as a member of the BBB, therefore, no reviews or information about the company. This company does feature Trustpilot as their only review system. It is important to consider other factors as well, such as the total number of reviews received by the company. A business with a high rating based upon a few reviews may not be as reliable as one with a similar rating with many more reviews. In addition to the rating and number of reviews, a consumer should read the individual reviews to get a better understanding of the specific experiences. They may perceive Trustpilot as a more trusted or reputable review platform due to industry focus or overall brand perception, as they only deal with electric vehicles. Car Buyer USA currently has 1222 Google reviews with a 4.3 star rating and a BBB A+ accreditation rating.

While FME clams to be the #1 marketplace for buying and selling used electric vehicles, are they really? Trustpilot states FME is 18 out of 109 companies in their category, with 180 reviews from customers. Remember, a business with a high rating based upon a few reviews may not be as reliable as one with a similar rating with many more reviews. FME is a buying and selling platform for EV’s. A customer can register for their site and request a cash offer or create a listing, choosing between a free or featured listing to be published on their site. Some of the reviews we viewed stated their app and process may be easy to use, but had big differences in the free version versus the paid and some said they received no traction or hits from the listings.

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