WOW! Ford Cars North American Future – Only Two Ford Cars to Choose From

WOW! Ford Cars North American Future – Only Two Ford Cars to Choose From

Friday, April 27, 2018

Look out Ford fans, 2020 is the deadline. On Wednesday, Jim Hackett, Ford CEO, said over the next four years they plan to shed all but two of their models – the Mustang and the Focus crossover vehicle will survive. Wow, Ford cars dwindled down to only two models for North Americans to choose from? In only four years? It’s all about the bottom line, so as shocking and impossible to think of I can’t say I blame them. I guess. Geez Ford. We pay cash for cars, trucks and suvs and you could have sold any one of your cars to us for top dollar! We give instant cash offers! You could be selling your cars quick!

What happened, Jim? Who dropped the ball here? Obviously, this isn’t something that happened overnight so who missed the all the warning signs of “failure ahead”, uh-oh we’re in trouble, let’s take a different direction in design, marketing, budgeting, and well, everything. Then again, I guess once you hit what feels like the proverbial bottom, which I imagine the company’s first-quarter earnings must have lit a fire with such drastic changes coming. Wait? Does this also mean a drastic drop in jobs too?

Declining demand, per Hackett, is why Ford is going with such a dramatic strategy. The U.S. marketplace continues a hard sift toward SUVs and trucks. Due to profitability and demand, Ford will no longer have the Taurus (large), Fusion (midsize), Fiesta (subcompact) or CMax (hybrid) available in U.S., Mexico, or Canada for purchase. So if you’re a fan of any of these models, you better jump on it. What? Strapped for cash to make grab up one of these “collector’s cars”? Well, isn’t that one way it works? Manufacture and production comes to a halt and sets a vehicle up to be the future hottest car? Buy it now and sell your car for quadruple the car worth in 30 or 40 years!

Hey Ford, we’ll give you an instant cash offer higher than you’ll get from your own dealerships! Ha… ok, that may be taking it too far; but I just couldn’t help it.

In all seriousness, this is sad. If an icon like Ford has found them self in such a dismal position, what’s and who’s next? It’s hard to believe North America’s Ford future is trimming down to just two cars to choose from. Not everyone wants the big boy trucks and SUVs, and it feels like they’re going to lose loyal customers they’re leaving “hanging out to dry”.

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