Total Loss Thresholds

State % Total Loss Threshold Comments/Source
Alabama 75% 2009 Alabama Code; Section 32-8-87; Part D
Alaska Insurer Det. Title affixed with junked code (J) following total loss determination.
Arizona Insurer Det. 2010 Arizona Code; 28-2091
Arkansas 70% 2007 Arkansas Code; Amended Rule 2007-8; Part 1 N
California Insurer Det. Insurance company files for Salvage Certificate.
Colorado 100% Colorado Revised Statute 42-6-102 [1]
Connecticut Insurer Det. Insurer must use NADA average and one other source approved by insurance commissioner when determining loss ratio. Connecticut General Statute Section 38a-353
Delaware Insurer Det. Delaware DMV
Florida 80% 2010 Florida Code; Title 23; 319.30 (3)(a)1.b.
Georgia Insurer Det. 2010 Georgia Code; 40-3-2 Paragraph 11
Hawaii Insurer Det. Hawaii code; 286-48
Idaho Insurer Det. 2010 Idaho Code; Title 49; 49-123-2r
Illinois Insurer Det. 2010 Illinois Code; 625 Chapt 3
Indiana 70% 2010 Indiana Code; 9-22-3-3
Iowa 50% 2009 Iowa code; 321.52  paragraph 4d
Kansas 75% 2011 Kansas code;  8-197 2(B)
Kentucky 75% 2009 Kentucky code; 186A.520 paragraph 1a
Louisiana 75% 2009 Louisiana code; Title 32:702 paragraph 13
Maine Insurer Det. 2009 Maine Code 29A-667
Maryland 75% 2010 Maryland Code; Title 11; Subtitle 1; Section 11-152
Massachusetts Insurer Det. 2009 Massachusetts code; Part 1; Title 14; 90D Sec. 1
Michigan 75% 2006 Michigan code; 257.217c Paragraph 2  
Minnesota 80% 2010 Minnesota code; 168A.151  (c)
Mississippi Insurer Det. 2010 Mississippi code; 63-21-33
Missouri 80% 2009 Missouri code; 301.010 Paragraph 52a
Montana Insurer Det. 2009 Montana code; 61-3-211
Nebraska 75% 2009 Nebraska code; 60-171 (6)
Nevada 65% 2010 Nevada code; 487.790
New Hampshire 75% 2009 New Hampshire code;  261:22  VI
New Jersey Insurer Det. New Jersey DMV
New Mexico Insurer Det. 2006 New Mexico code; 66-1-4.16 C
New York 75% New York DMV
North Carolina 75% 2009 North Carolina code; 20-71.3
North Dakota 75% 2009 North Dakota code; 39-05-20.2
Ohio Insurer Det. 2010 Ohio code; 4505.11(C)(1)
Oklahoma 60% 2010 Oklahoma Code; Title 47; Chapter 74; Section 1111
Oregon 80% 2009 Oregon code; Volume 17; 801.527
Pennsylvania Insurer Det. 2010 Pennsylvania Code; Title 75; Chap. 11; Sec. 1161 (a)
Rhode Island Insurer Det. Rhode Island DMV
South Carolina 75% South Carolina code; 56-19-480 G
South Dakota Insurer Det. South Dakota code; 32-3-51.19
Tennessee 75% 2010 Tennessee code; 55-3-211 para. 8a
Texas 100% Texas code ; 501.091 paragraph 15 "Salvage Vehicle" defined " cost of repairs, exceeds actual cash value of the motor vehicle immediately before the damage; ... " [1]
Utah Insurer Det. 2010 Utah code; 41-1a-1005
Vermont Insurer Det. 2009 Vermont code; 23-21-2001 para. 14
Virginia 75% 2010 Virginia code; 46.2-1603 Para. D
Washington Insurer Det. Washington code; RCW 46.04.514
West Virginia 75% 2010 West Virginia code; 17A-4-10(a)
Wisconsin 70% 2011 Wisconsin code; 342.065(1)(c)
Wyoming 75% 2010 Wyoming code; 31-2-106(a)(5)

Texas and Colorado are the only states that specify the limit at 100%.
Check with your insurance company to see how this would be handled if you have a damaged vehicle in these states. Note: Most insurers who are free to make the determination that a car is a total loss use the 70% rule. So, in the states where they defer to the insurance company, you should expect the limit to be approximately 70%. In states where thresholds for a salvage title are specified, insurance companies will use the mandated limit in that state.

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