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Just Tell Them We Buy Cars

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 30, 2017
CarbuyerUSA - Ford Focus Car

This is a personal story I was reminded of last night and thought you might find it amusing too. It’s a “need to sell my car” story that still makes me laugh after all these years. It’s about a competitive… we’ll say less than smart ex-boyfriend. Yes, I know that’s harsh, but stay with me here. You’ll see why I wish we’d had Car Buyers USA back in the day. It would have been a lot of help if we could have turned to the Internet to search who buys used cars instead of looking for a dealership claiming, “We buy cars at the best price!”

In my younger years I worked for a car dealer as a title clerk, so when my boyfriend wanted to trade his car in we agreed I’d do all the talking. After all, I knew the bargaining game well. So off we went.

First Car Lot

He finds the car he likes and wants it bad. We finally are sitting in the office with the salesman… remember we agreed I’d do all the talking? It was going well then it happened.

CS: “What are you looking to get for your car as a trade in?”

Me: “No less than $5000.00.”

CS: “Ok, we may be able to work with that. What are you looking to pay for your new car?”

Me: “He’s thinking $13,000.00.”

Dummy: “Pfft! $14,000.00!”

The salesman and I lock eyes. Both of us dumbfounded. What just happened? The salesman couldn’t even process the “proud I can beat that response”.

Me: “He’s all yours.”

About 20 minutes later we’re off to the second dealership. In the car ride he kept repeating “I want a new car! If I’m going to get a good trade in, I need to shut it!” Repeatedly HE STRESSED I’d do all the talking and that HE really messed that up.

Me: “Ya think?”

Second Car Lot

He finds his MUST have car. Tells me he’ll stay outside and I will go inside to negotiate. That idea had a short life and we’re sitting at the table being asked similar questions.

CS: “What kind of payment are you comfortable with?”

Me: “Didn’t he say $250.00 dummy?” (Disclosure: it’s ONLY for protecting his name.)

Dummy: “No! He said $354.00!”, said with an are you kidding me attitude. See?

There it was again; that classic look in the salesman’s eyes. “What just happened?”

Me: Giggling as I looked at dummy and see the “I did it again” on his face, I turned to the salesman still giggling… “He’s all yours.”

The lesson here for him, that I truly thought he learned at the first dealership, do NOT “out do” me unless it’s in your favor.

Dummy: “Think I should just sell my car myself?”

If there had been a Car Buyer USA who make selling a car easy peasy back then, my response would have been “most definitely!” Even though the steps are short and easy, mister competitive would have found a way to mess it up. I could have handled the entire process, and he would have gotten more than $2,900.00 for his car and paid less than sticker price.

Need to Downsize? We Buy Cars Online

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We women start to get spring fever and grab some boxes along with a mop and bucket, then get to packing up the old and scrubbing a shine on everything in sight! And men, they may start thinking about that car taking up space in the garage, or the one covered sitting in the backyard getting no road time. Or, maybe it’s just that time in life where you need to downsize. There are many reasons to “lighten the load” around the house. Whatever the reason, there’s an easy way to spring clean to free up space. For instance you can sell your car online, like Rick did. After all, his daughter had her own car now and the 2006 Subaru Forester was just collecting dust.

When Rick decided to join the millions of others in 21st century and meet Google for the first time, he had no idea the Internet was literally a way to sell your car, much less it would give you a place that could walk you through step-by-step on how to sell your car fast. He thought it’d be difficult at best, and mostly a waste of his time; but it wasn’t long Rick was a happy guy with what he saw as “free money” to burn.

If you’re like Rick and want to sell your car, use Car Buyer USA. We walk you through our easy process and we buy cars at a top price. Fill out the short form, send us a few pics, and the VIN, and let’s get to spring cleaning. It’s time to downsize!


Need to Downsize? CarbuyerUSA Buy Cars Online Need to Downsize? CarbuyerUSA Buy Cars Online
Need to Downsize? CarbuyerUSA Buy Cars Online
Need to Downsize? CarbuyerUSA Buy Cars Online Need to Downsize? CarbuyerUSA Buy Cars Online


You Rear-Ended A Car – Now What?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 27, 2017
CarbuyerUSA - Rear-Ended A Car

Jill was cruising along in her sporty Mazda and her cell phone range. Yep, she knew she shouldn’t have looked down to see who was calling. When she looked up traffic had come to a stop and she slammed on her brakes, but it was too late. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, but unfortunately we all know sometimes the occupants of the car hit are injured with whiplash from a rear-end collision. Now what was she going to do? She was faced with some legal problems and financial ones on top of that. Jill needed cash and she needed it quick. It wasn’t long before she was wondering who buys cars and thinking that selling a car isn’t a fast process. Guess what? It was; she used

It was a painless process and set up specifically to make it easy for people that are looking for answers to how to sell your car fast. Jill opted to call and speak to a live agent at 1(888)995-6498 over filling out the online form. All she had to do was provide the VIN number, the miles on her car, a few details about trim/style and email some pictures in. She didn’t have to worry about the agent trying to up-sale her anything and ended up getting top dollar for her damaged car. You can imagine how happy she was when she Googled “we pay cash for used cars” and got a cash offer she couldn’t refuse from CarBuyerUSA. If you’ve rear-ended someone’s car, hopefully everyone was ok; and if you’re looking at selling your car in its new not so great condition, make the decision to call.

Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 24, 2017

Linda, in Round Lake, NY, had a 2004 Toyota 4Runner she loved. Then one day it wouldn’t shift into drive, so she took it off the road and registered a loaner from her dad. She didn’t think it was a big deal parking her 4Runner right outside her apartment without valid plates, but soon had a note under one of the wipers. The note gave her three days to remove the vehicle from the premises or the apartment complex would do it for her. She knew she couldn’t afford transmission repair, much less replacement and needed to find a way of selling a car fast or it was headed to the junkyard. She definitely didn’t like her dad’s idea of selling her car as scrap metal, so she did what every smart lady with a computer does. She searched for help on the Internet.

Linda found a lot of websites that promised to get her car sold fast, but none could really come through in her definition of fast. She only had days not one month! After hours of searching, making phone calls, online chats with websites and emails she found Car Buyer USA. Could it be true? “We buy used cars” and “sell your car online”! Could the impossible be possible, and fast? Those were the exact words she’d been looking for! Just a few days later she had fair market price and cash in her bank! And her dad, he thought for sure she’d have to sell her car for scrap metal. The lesson here, sell your car online!


CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal
CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal
CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal CarbuyerUSA Don’t Sell Your Car In As Scrap Metal


About to Lose Your Car? We Buy Cars!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is your car sitting in a tow yard? Are you about to lose it? Can’t afford to get it repaired? No problem! Car Buyer USA can help you sell your car fast and keep you from losing it to the business holding it hostage!

Sarah was in a tight spot. Her 2006 Ford Mustang GT broke down on the side of the highway and even though she put a “Please do not tow, I’ll be back to get my car.”, note on the windshield, the next day when she returned with a mechanic friend her car was gone. It had been towed and had racked up a $150 tow and $75 per night storage bill! Money was an issue to begin with or Sarah would have called a tow truck at the start. Now she was faced with $75 per night adding up and losing her car altogether. She had to figure out a way to sell it quick.

After a few unsuccessful calls trying to find help, Sarah turned to the Internet and searched for local places that buy used cars; broken cars to boot. To her surprise she found a catchy little phrase “we buy used cars” and an even bigger surprise “online!” As you can imagine Sarah was about as happy as a girl can get in her predicament. Her bad situation turned great!

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to lose your car and asking yourself who buys used cars, think of Car Buyers USA first. Don’t waste time, we buy cars and put money in your pocket fast.


CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars
CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars
CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars
CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars CarbuyerUSA We Buy Cars


SOLD! Congratulations on Selling Your Jeep Wrangler!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 20, 2017

Daniel was looking to sell his 2016 Jeep Wrangler, but unfortunately wasn't getting the numbers that quite sealed the deal for him. After some frustrating results he started asking himself, “How am I going to sell my car? It’s well maintained, it’s clean, it looks good, and who doesn’t want a Jeep Wrangler? It’s been months!” Then Daniel grabbed his laptop and starting looking online. He needed options other than running ads on Craigslist or in those cars for sale catalogs. Conventional ways just weren’t getting the job done. Once he started thinking outside the box, he found CarBuyerUSA and the unexpected was set in motion.

How did that progress happen for Daniel? He found a service that offered an easier way for him to get his Jeep Wrangler sold. An online business that could put money in his pocket, and make it happen fast. What was it that caught his attention? We buy used cars. Then, Daniel had an “Ah ha!” moment, “I can sell my car online!”

Thinking their might be alternatives to selling his car was a smart move on his part. He found the help he needed, set up an account and before he knew it, his Jeep was sold.

Congratulations to Daniel for finding us, we’re happy he did! We love adding happy customers to all our other success stories. So what are you waiting for? Haven’t you heard? We buy cars here at


CarbuyerUSA Selling Your Jeep Wrangler CarbuyerUSA Selling Your Jeep Wrangler
CarbuyerUSA Selling Your Jeep Wrangler CarbuyerUSA Selling Your Jeep Wrangler


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