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What Our Customer Service Means For You

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What does our customer service mean for you?

It means you get the highest, reliable, and accurate current market value instant cash offer you will find anywhere else, and we pay cash for cars, trucks and suvs fast, the right way, so you can sell your car quick.

What Customer Service Means to

To us, customer service means we will take care of you and your car, truck, van, or SUV (2006 or newer) and we will always be on your side. Right from the start all the way to the finish line, we provide guidance and complete transparency throughout the entire process. Our patent pending formula was built with you at the forefront.

We know that selling your vehicle can be a timely and frustrating process. This is why from the very beginning our number one goal and mission here at was to simplify your experience from the get go. In doing so, we did not forget you receiving the highest instant cash offer is mandatory, so we developed our patent pending formula to make sure we could stand behind the value we say we deliver.

“ is often asked if KBB® is accurate. If they are reliable? If you can get the highest instant offer using them? The answers to these, well, are no, no, and no. First, their information is days behind current market values. The big misconception that Kelly Blue Book® is “setting car prices” is an astounding and big fat NO THEY DO NOT! They follow “the money trail” not the other way around. They use supply and demand to track car prices and the normal for them is to be a few days behind to get the information they’ve collected and put into their pricing lists. This means, all their advertising about being the most accurate is not accurate, but they’ve got people believing it! “ Read the full story.

It is simple really. The process of selling your car fast should be easy as 1-2-3 and with us, it definitely is. We guide you through the entire process, set all appointments for vehicle inspection and turning your car, truck, van, or SUV over to us, and we take care of all the paperwork so you do not have to. As if that is not enough to make you want to sell your car to us, we have taken simplicity to the next level. We are partnered with a preferred nationwide network putting a trusted and reliable location to drop your vehicle off right in your own neighborhood! How is that for making it convenient for you to sell your car quick? Every step of the way, we are here to help. We will provide complete transparency, and the best part: if all information entered into our short form is correct, you will not only get the highest instant cash you will find anywhere, but you get your quote in as little as 20-seconds!

What our customer services means for you, is FAST, SAFE, EASY, RELIABLE, CURRENT, and ACCURATE, TOP REAL MARKET VALUE, and cash in your bank quick. We pay cash for cars, trucks and suvs and want you to sell your car quick to us today. Get your highest instant cash offer now!

Car Buyer USA Buys Bentleys Too! Sell Your Car Quick!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Bentley, it is something anyone would love to call their own and this 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur model is no exception; though, it is exceptionally spectacular! When we first spoke to Paul, he was thinking about giving up his dad’s prized car and was on the fence until he found out how much more he could get from us. We assured him we buy cars fast and Car Buyer USA buys Bentleys too for top dollar he could not find anywhere else. It took more than a hot moment, but finally he said yes to, “Sell your car quick to us, Paul!” Honestly, our agent working with him never expected “yes” to come out of Paul’s mouth, but she hung in there and let him be the one to make the decision without a “hard sell” that we all associate with any kind of sale when it comes to cars.

Paul spent a lot of time contemplating if it was the right move to sell his dad’s car and called us better than 10 times before taking the plunge. He agreed we presented the highest instant cash offer he could find, and was sick of being lowballed by others looking to make a quick turn-around for a quick profit. Our agent was understanding and knew how much Paul hated selling the car his dad loved, but he just did not want to leave it sitting in the garage unused. He felt it needed to go to a new home where a new owner could use and care for properly.

When you are thinking it is time to sell your car quick, or longer than a hot moment, and even if it is a Bentley too, you can trust us. is your go-to and we buy cars fast no matter what the model or condition. That means it can be running like a champ or it has to be pushed to be moved, or towed away. Sell your car the FAST, SAFE, and EASY way. We make it so convenient you can even sell your car quick from your couch! That’s right! Right from your couch! Get started by filling out our short 2-step process form and get an instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds! You will be happy you did!

What Is Your Accident Vehicle Really Worth – Mike Lasini USA’s Diminished Tells You!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 08, 2018

It’s true, Mike Lasini is USA’s expert on diminished value and he’s the go-to pro to find out what your accident vehicle is really worth. Therefore, when you need to sell your car quick and want to know what the diminished value is and how it works, ask Mike. Get all your questions answered at and discover what your rights are, what your car crash diminished value is actually costing you in value, and how to get the reimbursement you’re entitled from your insurance carrier.

CarBuyerUSA - Sell Your Diminished Value Car

Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs roll off an auto assembly line built by experts in perfect condition. Each automobile is put together right – the way is meant to be. It’s common knowledge when a new owner drives their car drives out of a dealership and the tires hit the road, the value instantly depreciates and the depreciation clock starts counting down as expected. However, once the vehicle has been in a car crash, the depreciation clock stops and a new one begins.

What happens to the value after a car accident?

Once a car crash occurs its value changes. Yeah, but once all repairs are completed it goes back to its pre-accident value, right? Wrong, it will never be the same value and if you’ve been told differently you’ve been misled. If you’re at a dealership to trade your damaged car in on a new vehicle, you’re in for a surprise. They’ll run a Car Fax report and see your car’s history and just like that, your trade-in value drastically drops. Read LINK TO PAGE → What Is Diminished Value and How Does It Work? Mike Lasini Is USA’s Diminished Value Expert Tells You Your Accident Vehicle Is Worth to find out more.

Will my car insurance company give me the highest reimbursement on my damaged vehicle?

No, they will not. They don’t save money by doing so and they won’t tell you it’s true diminished value. First, they start off with a list of points that drop the value of vehicles damaged in an accident. Then they use the nationwide standard 7c formula and further depreciate the value of the automobile. At Car Buyer USA Mike doesn’t allow this unfair practice and helps you sell your car quick for more money.

To find answers of fair versus unfair, read the full story here. LINK “full story here” TO PAGE → What Is Diminished Value and How Does It Work? Mike Lasini Is USA’s Diminished Value Expert Tells You Your Accident Vehicle Is Worth

Mike and his team use a unique patent pending formulated system to calculate pricing to provide you the correct value to sell your car quick. Your insurance carrier will never give you a number close to the one you get from Car Buyer USA.

Things You Need Know

  • All insurance companies are required by law to payout diminished value, but they don’t pay the actual amount on a car’s diminished value. I will help you get the true reimbursement you are entitled to and deserve.
  • Your insurance premium cannot increase due to a diminished value claim submission or payout. If you feel this has happened, speak to an attorney.
  • Your insurance policy cannot be cancel by a carrier if you submit a claim or collect a reimbursement for diminished value. If your insurance is cancelled after submitting a diminished value claim, and you feel it’s possibly the cause, speak with an attorney. .
  • A driver at fault or a driver NOT at fault for a car accident, can file a diminished value claim. Never let your insurance company convince you otherwise.

With full understanding and awareness of what diminished value is, what your rights, and how it works, wouldn’t you like to know your damaged car’s accurate worth? Of course, you do and Car Buyer USA can give you the correct dollar amount! You can read more about diminished value by clicking one of the links mentioned above and there are 2 ways to find your car worth and sell your car right now.

  1. Fill out our short 2-step process form and get the high instant cash offer you won’t get anywhere else.
  2. Call and speak directly to one of our live agents at (888) 995-6498.

By knowing what diminished value is and how it works, you can trust Car Buyer USA to help you. Our process is FAST, SAFE, and EASY and you get the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere in the Continental U.S. in as little as 20-seconds. Once we have your information we’ll touch shortly after to get cash in your bank fast. Sell your car quick today. Mike Lasini, your diminished value USA expert and he’ll tell you exactly what your accident car worth really is. Don’t let the other guys lowball you! We can help you today!

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