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- Tuesday, September 28, 2021
CarBuyerUSA - Sell Your Car

Everybody in the media is telling you how much your car is worth right now. Forget about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency stocks, your car will make you thousands of dollars…sigh!

In the history of the automobile, the used vehicle market has never been hotter! All vehicles are worth way above the average book value right now. So if you have 3 or 4 spare cars you can sell, now would be a phenomenal time to sell them all and take a couple of years off from work!

Now that the fantasy is over, let’s talk reality. Yes your car is worth top dollar right now but it won’t be forever…selling it makes sense as long as you don’t need a replacement. New cars are nowhere to be found and production has been cut back to the tune of almost 50% through 2022 so finding a replacement will be difficult and there are 4-6 month lead times – if you are lucky.

If you have a vehicle that you DON’T need or want any longer you can sell the car very quickly for a great price. Not all vehicles will fetch above market, but everything will sell fast. Guidebooks don’t move at the same speed as the market however and they lag on both sides. They take a few weeks to catch up when things are moving upward and about the same duration when things start to slow down. The used vehicle trading arena is much like the stock market. There are fluctuations – even sometimes daily ones, but far less volatility.

What can you do to take advantage? Be smart. Online Car Buying Companies like CarBuyerUSA come to you and the experience is 100% digital with no obligation and zero hassle. If you want hassle because it makes you feel like you got the most you could get for the car, we probably aren’t for you.

Friction is something people seek to minimize these days, almost to a fault. That’s why we give people a price quote without any personal information. We do this because we know the market and we know what a car is worth usually within a few hundred bucks. The wild card is the condition & the vehicle history. Our pricing algorithm doesn’t factor in accidents, mileage issues, branded titles, etc. We don’t know of any guidebook source or car buying site that does. Once you jump into the funnel and get to your vehicle inspected we can provide an exact price. Why use a car buying company?

  1. We come to you
  2. The inspection is fast & free
  3. Price adjustments happen when there is wear and tear but 35% go through with ZERO adjustment
  4. Payment is electronic – no paper and no checks to clear
  5. Avoid the headaches, scammers and a lost Saturday at the dealership

So now is without question, the best time to sell your car. Get an offer fast and without giving up your email address or phone number. Shop it around and see how we stack up. We usually beat CarMax 75% of the time and our offers are better than Kelley Blue Book Avg Trade-in 84% of the time.

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Does wrapping a vehicle enhance the value?

- Tuesday, September 07, 2021

It is sometimes more productive to tell the punchline before the joke. Anticlimactic? Sure it is… but people today want information fast. That’s why they use the internet!

So the answer to the above question is a resounding “NO”…in fact you can make that a “Hell No!”

Here are the TOP 3 Reasons not to wrap your vehicle:

  1. Wrapping a vehicle requires a personal selection. It is highly custom and designed for your taste exclusively. All you are doing is limiting the audience of potential buyers to those with your exact preferences. When you limit the audience for an item, you lessen the demand which equates to price erosion.
  2. It is not, I REPEAT…it is not easily removed. You will spend $2000-4000 wrapping your vehicle in a very unique color and most likely this will not include the door jambs and trunk and under the hood which will remain the factory color. The wrap is applied and heat shrunk or worse yet sprayed onto your car (dipped) and there will be razor cuts, tape marks, overspray and other undesirable effects that will cause damage. That is during the application! When you try to remove it there will be paint hazing and potentially removed paint when yanking it off. That doesn’t even consider fastidious hands of an untrained detail assistant with a razor scraper. Yeah even the plastic blades will tear the paint up on a car. Show me a vehicle with the wrap removed and I will show you the damage.
  3. It does not protect the paint, it fades, tears and scratches more easily than any factory finish. Paint is much harder and far more durable than vinyl. We have seen them damaged in car washes, in fact some car washes won’t take a wrap vehicle in – they require hand washing.

This information is going to make a lot of people salty and will draw all kinds of fire from MFR’s, custom shops, applicator techs, tuners and the performance crowd. We will add that a Clear Bra or Paint Protective Film (PPF) is a huge value killer. Dealers (MFR’s also) sell this garbage for thousands of dollars along with a so-called “magic” paint sealant (wax) and an optional warranty for stone chips / paintless dent removal (PDR) packages. This film is very thick and yellows in the sun very quickly and is quite noticeable after a season of carwashes and normal road wear. PPF has a lifespan of 5 years tops and most shops won’t even give an estimate on removal. It is very tedious work and the paint will be left damaged and the shop won’t want the liability.

In closing, in our experience we have never seen a wrapped vehicle fetch more than fair market value for a vehicle with the original factory finish. Even if its BROWN, don’t wrap it because the brown door jambs won’t show well with the pearlescent pink wrap your daughter wanted.

For more info on Wraps and vehicle valuations please email us:

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