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How to Sell a Car in a Private Sale Florida

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 14, 2019

Have you been thinking, “I’ve got to sell my car?” Selling a car in a private sale is definitely doable in Florida, though it can be a long drawn out and even a little confusing and even complicated at times. We buy cars every day in Florida, and we make it easy for you, but we realize not everyone is easily convince on how fast, safe, and easy our process is. This is why we’re here to prove it. How? By providing information for the DIYers and then telling you how we take the hassles out in just a few easy steps. <2>Before the Sale

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If a seller has already purchased a new car and the license plate has been transferred, then the sell is required to apply for a temporary demonstration only tag so potential buyers can test drive the vehicle. You’ll need proof of insurance for a the temporary tag to be issued.

Notes for the seller:

  • The seller is required to transfer the title over to the buyer.
  • If the title is paper and has been misplaced or lost, the seller will need to apply for a duplicate title before the car can be sold.
  • Complete and submit an HSMV 82101 form along with the applicable duplicate title fee to your local DHSMV service center. Some counties have expedited service available for a $10 fee in addition to standard title fees.
  • Electronic titles require both the seller and buyer be present at DHSMV to secure a title replacement (HSMV 82994 or 82092). The official odometer reading will be required and both parties must have a valid photo ID.

Car for Sale Curbstoning Advertising

In Florida you are prohibited by law to park any vehicle on private property or on public right of ways for the purpose of selling it without permission from the property owner. This is known as “curbstoning”. Florida law also presumes a person, corporation, or partnership that offers for sale, sells, buys, deals, or displays a vehicle for sale within a three-month period, or more in a 12-month period, to be a motor vehicle dealer. Anyone meeting these criteria must have the appropriate state issued license to do so.

Selling a Car with an Existing Lien

In the state of Florida, you cannot legally sell a car privately if it has an existing lien. The lien must be satisfied before the car can be legally sold and the lien holder must have reported the lien release to DHSMV. Once this has been successfully completed, the car is free and clear to be sold and the title transferred.


  • When trading the car in at a dealership, the lien can exist. The dealership then has 10 days to satisfy the lien before they can legally resale the car.
  • You do not need to request a paper title when trading in a car at a licensed Florida dealership.

Out-Of-State Title – The VIN Inspection

If you have a title issued from a state other than Florida, you must complete and submit a Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification form by the owner and one of the following:

  • Florida DHSMV compliance examiner/officer
  • Florida notary public
  • Licensed Florida motor vehicle dealer
  • Law enforcement officer

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Wrapping Up and Completing the Sale

To protect bother the seller and the buyer, it is encouraged by DHSMV to complete the sales transaction in a motor vehicle service center for proper transfer of a title.

Transfer of Title by Seller section must be completed including:

  • Buyer name and address
  • Odometer information
  • Sell price
  • Date Sold

For the title to be successfully transferred over into the buyer’s name:

  • An Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration from
  • Attach the form to the title
  • Submit to a motor vehicle service center

Note: To avoid a late transfer penalty fee, this must be done within 30 calendar days.

Recording the Mileage

Florida titles have space for the odometer disclosure reading and the odometer reading at the time of purchase must be written in on the title application. Both the buyer and seller must acknowledge odometer disclosures on title transactions.


Filing an HSMV 82050 form protects the seller!

As the seller, you are required by Florida law to file an HSMV 82050 form with a local motor vehicle service center. By do so your name as the registered vehicle owner will be removed and release you from all liability. The new buyer becomes the responsible party from the date of the sell to apply and obtain a current registered titled. If the buyer fails to secure a new title, and the seller does NOT submit a completed HSMV 82050 form. The seller can still be held responsible and liable even if they no longer have possession of the car. DHSMV recommends the seller keep copies of the certificate of title, any other transaction type documentation, and bill-of-sale and have it notarized.

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Plate Removal

When you’ve sold your car, you take the license plates, not the buyer. If the plates are not being transferred over to a new/used car then they must be turned into a motor vehicle service center.

Seller’s Checklist

  • If needed, apply for a temporary demonstration only tag
  • If needed, conduct a VIN inspection
  • Record odometer reading on title
  • Complete title transfer in a motor vehicle service center
  • Remove license plates from the sold car
  • If applicable, surrender the license plate
  • File a Notice of Sale – HSMV 82050 form

See, how to sell a car in a Florida private sale is not as easy as 1-2-3. It is time consuming, can be complicated and confusing, and a hassle. We put easy as 1-2-3 in and give you the highest instant cash offer you will find anywhere else. We buy cars the smart way – FAST, SAFE, and EASY so you can sell your car quick to us. So remember, when you think, “sell my car”, think Car Buyer USA! We are in Florida with a preferred network partner ready to inspect your car, truck, van, or SUV now. We make it out business to get cash in your bank fast! To get started, find the closest preferred partner location near you and complete our short form. One of our friendly agents will be in touch soon.

Tailgate Party at the Super Bowl LIII 2019 in Georgia and Sell Your Car Quick the Next Day!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 07, 2019

Don’t have tickets to Super Bowl LIII 2019 in Georgia? Don’t let that stop the tailgate party! Just because you don’t have a pricey ticket doesn’t mean you need to miss all the fun! So many football fans will be in a parking lot on Sunday, February 3rd throwing down for the big game! You’ll fit right into all the excitement and energy game day brings with it, so grab some friends, pack up all the tailgating tools and the cooler, and party like it’s 2019 at Mercedes Benz! The next day you can sell your car to us because ya’ know, we buy cars fast, safe, and easy. How to sell a car with a lien is easy too. It’s really no big deal to us and we’ll walk you right through the process. With or without a bank note on it, we still give you the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere else and in as little as 20-seconds! How’s that for convenient and awesome service?

Mercedes Benz Stadium Tailgating Rules

Football fans are allowed to tailgate at the most of the parking garages that surround the stadium (see designated parking lots here). All lots will open allowing fans in about five hours prior to kickoff. Cars can take up just one parking space, including chairs, all tailgating equipment, coolers, and grills. No supplies cannot go beyond the parking space or impede vehicles driving through the lot.

How to Sell a Car in Georgia Quick

Has “sell my car” been swirling around in your head for days, weeks, or months? Is your noggin’ driving crazy? No worries! We can make it stop! If you’re in Georgia, or traveling in from out of state, it’s so much easier than may you think to sell your car quick and we’re here to tell you how. You just simply provide us a little information by filling out our short form and as in as little as 20-seconds you get the highest instant cash offer you’ll find anywhere else! Really, that’s it.

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How To Sell A Car In Florida – Sell My Car

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 03, 2019

Car Buyer USA is an expert on selling cars in every Continental U.S. state; and we buy cars in all of them as well (even if you still have a bank note on it, we’ll tell you how to sell a car with a lien.) If you live in the state of Florida and you’ve found yourself saying, “I want to sell my car”, there are a few things you'll need to take care of before you’re able to officially sell your car. As with laws in other states, Florida regulates the sale of vehicles and transferring titles from one owner to another. In order to sell Florida used cars, you’ll need a full set of guidelines required from your local Florida DMV. This packet will include all the necessary paperwork and other documents needed to legally transfer the title to a new owner. Selling cars is fairly straightforward, but does require a decent amount of time and a mindful approach and we’ve got you covered on how to sell a car in Florida. We take the hassle out and put the easy in. If you want to skip the headaches, go ahead and get a high instant cash offer now.

Prepping Ahead Of Time

Be sure you’re ready and have thought of everything before the day arrives to sell your car, quick for that matter.

  • Get your high instant cash offer from us first.
  • Don’t forget to get all the paperwork you’ll need from DMV.
  • Vehicle inspection report is required – an inspection service or a certified mechanic must inspect the car. Florida state law also mandates an official mileage reading is taken and the accurate odometer reading needs to be entered on the title when the vehicle’s title is officially signed over to the new owner.

Title Transfer

Now that you have a copy of the vehicle inspection report and have obtained the official mileage reading both parties will need to be present to officially sign over the title to the new owner. To properly and legally do this follow these steps.

  1. Collect the money from the buyer before handing over the title.
  2. Enter official odometer mileage reading along with all other required information.
  3. Both the seller and buyer must sign and date the title.
  4. A bill-of-sale – may be hand written – must be provided.

The title is the document that officially indicates the legal owner and is what stands between you being held accountable for the new owner’s actions with the car or being free and clear from all liability.

New Owner – Obtain and Completing New Registration for the Vehicle

Once you sell your car to the new owner, he/she must re-register the vehicle no matter if it will stay in the state of Florida or be transported to another state. Remember, we’re the expert at buying used cars (even if there is a current lien.) We buy cars in Florida all the time and we can make this a hassle free and easy process for you. Let us take care of the headache part so you sit back and relax.

  • You must have the bill-of-sale to register the vehicle in your name.
  • As the new owner, you’ll need to obtain a registration application along with all accompanying documentation required from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. (If registering the vehicle out of state, check with your local DMV for state laws and rules.)
  • Even if the car’s registration is currently active by the previous owner, as the new owner you must re-register it in your name.

Note: Your local tax collector uses the sale price listed on the bill of sale to verify and assess the proper tax. If you don’t provide a signed bill of sale, the tax collector has the legal right to refuse accepting the sales price or to register the vehicle for you.

What to Include on the Bill Of Sale

  • Current owner includes their contact info
  • Include the VIN, make, model, and model year
  • Car ownership history
  • Purchase amount
  • Signatures from the seller and the buyer

Current/Previous Owner Note: Don’t forget to remove the license plate / tag to turn into your local Florida DMV.

IMPORTANT: Florida DMV Still Considers You the Current Owner

It’s a good idea to escort the new buyer to DMV.

Florida law requires the new owner to re-register the car in his/her own name within 30 days after the sale. As you can imagine, this doesn’t always happen. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recommends the seller to meet the buyer at the local tax collector’s office to complete the sales transaction; this allows you to be removed from any liability and provides you peace of mind.

When to Cancel Insurance

As the previous owner, once you have legally turned in your plates to DMV you can safely cancel insurance. If you cancel before the plates have been turned in you could lose your driving privileges.

Wrapping Up

We buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs SAFE, FAST, and EASY. We can make this hassle free for you. How’s it done? Right from your couch.

  • Get your instant cash offer.
  • Fill out our short form.
  • Sit back, relax and for one of our friendly agents to call you with the next steps; which will be soon by the way.

Now that you know, we buy cars fast in Florida and how you can sell your car quick to us, why not fill out our short form and get started? We buy cars in Florida constantly and if you need a little help through the process, we can walk you through it step-by-step. So when you’re thinking, “sell my car”, think Car Buyer USA. We walk you through every step of how to sell a car in Florida and make it SAFE, FAST, and EASY. Get an instant cash offer now – in as little as 20-seconds – and get cash in your bank today!

How to Sell a Car in Texas

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 02, 2019

What’s the saying; everything’s bigger in Texas? Well we have some good news for all used car owners in the star-state; the legal process in Texas to sell a car doesn’t come with a big hassle. As a matter-of-fact, to sell a car in Florida, Alabama, SC, Colorado, Georgia, or across America for that matter, is pretty much the same without a lot of hoops. Any unique bumps in the road will be small ones. Yep we buy cars anywhere in the Continental U.S. Keep reading to learn how to sell a car in Texas.

Whether you live in the Zapata or Dallas area, it works the same. It’s simple; you just fill out some paperwork and hand it to the nice person behind the counter.

Make Sure You Prep

Make sure you’re prepared and have thought of everything before the day you sell your car.

  • Get a high instant cash offer first.
  • The law in Texas mandates a vehicle be insured at the time of the sale, so make sure your insurance policy is current.
  • The seller has a legal responsibility to insure the car for the first 30-days after it’s sold – do NOT forget to work with your carrier to set the termination date.
  • You’ll need the title
  • If you've lost the title, you'll need to complete Form VTR-34, Application for a Certified Copy of Title, at your local Department of Motor Vehicles or online via the Texas DMV's website. The application requires a signed lien release – if there’s not one currently on record, an ID, and there’s a fee ranging from $2 to $5.45.

Title Transfer

Once you have some of the paperwork finished, you guessed, there’s more paperwork. Texas law requires the transfer of the title over to the new owner within one month from the date the car was sold. Failing to do this could cause you to be held accountable for tickets, toll violations, and crimes committed with the vehicle. To prevent this and release yourself from all liability, you must file a Texas Vehicle Transfer Notification – Form 130-U.

Now the title comes into play. You’ll see a section where the owner (you) signs the car over to the new owner.

  • Complete the required sections being sure to include the date of sale, the sale price, and an accurate odometer reading.
  • Once filled out, signed, and you have the cash from the sale in your hands, give it to the buyer.
  • For extra security, include a signed copy of Form 130-U.

Bill of Sale Optional

Part of knowing how to sell a car in Texas, is knowing what the law does and does not require. In the case of a bill of sale it’s not required by law to provide the buyer with one, but if you do:
  • include your contact info
  • put the VIN on it, make, model, and model year
  • the car’s ownership history
  • the purchase amount
  • and signatures from the seller and the buyer

How is it done? Well, from your couch of course!

  • Get your instant cash offer.
  • Fill out our short form.
  • Sit back for a short time and one of our friendly agents will call you with the next steps.
  • This is exactly how you can sell your car quick to us; and if you still have a bank note on it, we’ll tell you how to sell a car with a lien. We buy cars in Texas constantly and if you need a little help through the process, we’ll take you right through it step-by-step. So when you’re thinking, “sell my car”, think Car Buyer USA. We make it easy to sell a car in Texas.

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