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Think KBB® Is Accurate, Reliable and Gives You the Highest Instant Cash Offer? Think Again.

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 26, 2018 is often asked if KBB® is accurate. If they are reliable? If you can get the highest instant offer using them? The answers to these, well, are no, no, and no. First, their information is days behind current market values. The big misconception that Kelly Blue Book® is “setting car prices” is an astounding and big fat NO THEY DO NOT! They follow “the money trail” not the other way around. They use supply and demand to track car prices and the normal for them is to be a few days behind to get the information they’ve collected and put into their pricing lists. This means, all their advertising about being the most accurate is not accurate, but they’ve got people believing it!

There is another website out there that boasts the same bold statement; Autotrader®. Why do I pair these two up together? Because KBB® owns them and they pull from Kelly Blue Book®’s database. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too? It’s cake for them and sour grapes for you when you’re looking for current value to sell your car! Lucky for you we buy cars and truly do give you the current market value.

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KBB® has claimed this for so many years, they’ve positioned themselves in American minds they’re “The Trusted Resource®”; but if they are days behind today’s current car values, and didn’t tell you this tidbit of info, then how could this be true? How can anyone trust them? Too bad for them we’re letting the cat out of the bag… again. Maybe, just maybe we’ve been yelling from the top of the mountain that will not be beat and we give you the highest instant cash offer (ICO) in as little as 20-seconds so much that people – and Google because we beat KBB® for people looking for ICOs! WOOT! – that Americans are starting to get it. Take that KBB®! The word is out and we’ll keep telling America!

Read “Is KBB® Accurate and Reliable” to find out more. When you’re thinking good ole trusty, KBB®, is accurate, reliable and that they give you the highest instant cash offer, you need to think again. We buy cars in any condition running or not and WE GIVE YOU THE HIGHEST INSTANT CASH OFFER! For real and in a 2-step process with just a few of your car’s details. Don’t believe me? Fill out our short form and KBB®’s multiple pages LONG form and then compare the two of us. See for yourself then sell your car to us. Our process is FAST, SAFE, and EASY. We won’t be beat.

Change Your Luck This St. Patrick’s Day! Sell Your Car and Get An Instant Cash Offer!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 19, 2018
Get Instant Cash from CarBuyerUSA

There are more than a few ways to change your luck – like getting an instant cash offer, and you don’t need to wait for the one big lucky day to do it. Leprechauns won’t disown you and they’ll still come around next year, but if you’re one of those who thinks you need the luck of the Irish to find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, nope! Think again! You can change your luck this St. Patrick’s Day and we’ll help you do it! We buy cars and you can sell your car to us anywhere in the Continental United States and in any condition! Running or Not!

St. Patrick’s Day Makes a Dummy Out Of Some Of Us

For YEARS I had the best birthday’s ever in upstate New York, Albany to be exact! I always thought I was Irish and Cherokee… with maybe some French thrown into the mix. You know, a mutt. PXY106, the hottest radio station up there back in the day, used to do this thing every mid-month Friday called the Breakfast Club and in March, I called it mine! Boy could I tell you stories! I remember once Anna – a co-worker – came over to my desk with some gum. I can’t remember who but if I could I’d call ‘em out, lied to me that a certain libation had no scent and I was dumb enough to believe it; but truth be told, I wasn’t the DD so I was a champ this day at justifying why going to “my birthday party” before work was absolutely acceptable! Of course, free gifts, party hat, free libations, being called out in front of the crowd, lining up the fellas with paddle in hand, and Shannon making sure it was MY DAY! What girl wouldn’t wake up at 4:00am to start her special day?

No, I wasn’t very work conscious that day, but I only had a couple of mixed drink earlier that morning (if you believe that we really should talk.) I think since everyone at work knew where I’d started my b-day weekend celebration off, Anna was just making sure my luck didn’t go south. And no, you wouldn’t catch me doing something so arrogant today and I can’t believe I took my financial life so lightly. Big dummy.

So, my b-day weekend celebration always carried over to Albany’s big St. Patty’s Day Parade and it was like the city threw a HUGE party just for me and in honor of such a special life event, they held a parade for this Irish gal to boot! How does all this tie into making a dummy out of me? I’m Scottish. But don’t tell Albany that, they’re still celebrating it.

Had a run of bad luck lately? Are the bills way behind? Is your vehicle “a hunk of junk”? Do you just need some extra cash fast? For whatever troubles that ail ya? Are you looking to change your luck this this St. Patrick’s Day? Peeeerfect! I’ve got just thing for ya! We buy cars and you can sell your car to us! How much will give you? Find out with our instant cash offer right now! It takes a couple of minutes to fill out our short form and our safe 2-step process gets you a 20-second offer in well, as little as 20 seconds! That’s fast! That’s safe! That’s easy! Fast cash in the bank doesn’t get any better than that and then St. Patty’s Day can be your lucky day too!

Sir Elton John's Aston Martin Vantage Is For Sale – We Buy Cars!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ok, so I was reading the latest news on cars and came across Sir Elton John ‘s Aston Martin Vantage is going up for sale on February 24th. Why would this catch my attention? After all, I could NEVER afford this sucker! One, I love Elton John; he’s a displaced American Icon for me… he should be an American native! Two, I love cars. Three, it’s a friggin’ Aston Martin anything! Four, curiosity is killing this cat. We buy cars, so would we buy this car? If you have a very special car older than a 2006, don’t you want to know if you’d be wasting your time? My money is on you can sell your car, Sir EJ stylin’ kinda car even if it’s older than a 2006 right here.

My curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I’m going to do a little experiment... a little mystery shopping with This will be a two-fold! You know, “I’m going to sell my car” and get superior customer service to boot! They’re either going to, one, want to kill me, or two, want to jump on a 1997 Aston Martin Vantage, or three, tell me, “We’re sorry, but only 2006 and up please.” Or, four, want to kill me. Regardless I’ll get their top notch, friendly customer service. brb…

CarBuyerUSA - 1997 Aston Martin Vantage

Me at 1:16pm: “I have 1997 Aston Martin Vantage in better than excellent condition. I see you only have 2006 and up. Does this mean you do not ever buy older cars?”

CBU at 1:17pm: “We typically don't but we make exceptions here and there. What's your name and number where I can send the info to?”

Me: “I'm not ready to go that far yet. I have more questions first ok?

CBU: “Sure! How can I help you?”

Me: “For a car like mine how would you make me an offer I know is right? How do you decided how much? I can send you pictures to show you it's in perfect condition”

CBU: “We would get the vin number and car info to determine what kind of valuation to give you. We typically don't buy cars like this. My owner has some contacts that will be able to make an offer for you.”

Me: “How do I get the contacts?”

CBU: “The owner. I can get him to contact you if you would like. He would be able to get you more info on what options you have. His name is Mike.”

Me: “Can I have a number to call him?”

CBU: “I can't give out his number. But you can call me (770) 771-9178.”

Me: “But I want to talk to Mike since he's the one that can give me the info I need.”

Me: “Will he get on your phone?”

CBU: “I understand. I'm not sure if he is available to talk but if you called me I would give your info to him.”

Me: “Can I get your office's direct number?”

Me: “I see your number on your website. If I call that number will it go to a call center or reception?”

CBU: “He just walked into the office. I showed him the chat. He said he will make you an offer.”

CBU: “You can send pics and the vin number here.”

Me: I sent three pics and “I don’t have the vin handy right now. I will send it soon.”

CBU: “Thank you! I’ll give these pics to Mike.”

Onsite chat ended at 1:24pm. That’s what I call being attentive to the customer’s needs!

CarBuyerUSA - excellence at work

Well, I immediately sent Mike a text that it was me researching for a post on their fantastic customer service and process. LOL, I haven’t heard back yet so I’m hoping he read it! A 1997 Aston Martin Vantage can get anyone excited!

What’s the point of this? It’s to prove to you, honestly, that when says “We buy cars” they’re the best at it at from, “Hello, how may I help you?” all the way to “Thank you for your business!”

It’s a no brainer that customer service is important to have a successful business. What you don’t know is how big I am on it, but I’ll rant about that later. What I will say is, if a company offers a service or product for a $1,000.00 or $0.01, they better make dang sure their customer service is primo. They set their price, not me. I set my expectations not based on the cost, instead, based on my sweat to make the money I choose pay them. It’s a privilege to get my business; not a privilege for me to spend my money at a business and their customer service better show me they’re happy I chose them.

Car Buyer USA passed my we buy cars customer service mystery shopping test today, Jessica rocks! She was quick, very polite, knowledgeable, and it was clear she was there to help me sell my car. That means, you can be confident when you sell your car to CBU that not only will you get an instant cash offer, but fantastic customer service! LOL, even though it was Sir Elton John’s Aston Martin Vantage for sale and not mine, Jessica hit the ball out of the park. However, if the car gods want to be nice to me, they can knock on my door anytime now. They don’t even need to wait for me to answer. A bag holding the keys to my new Bugatti hanging on the doorknob will do just fine. Really. Nothin’ but love here for a knock and running. (btw, I heard back from Mike and it seems he’s pleased with my research!)

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