Happy Valentine’s Day – Sell Your Car Quick

Happy Valentine’s Day – Sell Your Car Quick

Friday, February 14, 2020


Car Buyer USA would like to extend a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and remind you today is the perfect day to sell your car quick! Whether you have a Valentine or not, sell your car quick then give yourself the gift of cash and show yourself some love with your very own special present. Call it a reward for your hard work or your very own appreciation day. You deserve it!


We thought it’d be a good idea to bring back some oldies but goodies to maybe give you a giggle or two and pull out some of our good sense and fun informational pieces too.

We Buy Cars at the Auction Turns into Mustang Sally

How the heck does “we buy cars” turn into “Mustang Sally”? Watching some big auction on Sling TV last night sparked a conversation about my love for this icon. America’s love affair with the Mustang – every single model since the first one rolled out – partnered up with a song that’s been keeping us on the dance floor for decades, is still going strong. “Mustang Sally” goes all the way back to 1965 with this road muscle… Read the full post.

An Outhouse – A Truck – A Boom Box – Winner?

Ok, I’m going to be up front right from the get-go; but first I should say I love every one of these guys and this one in particular was a close friend. This story is about idiots that definitely know how to have fun. I think the “fun trigger” – a.k.a. 1 brain cell – in all of the 5 brain cells inside their noggins MUST BE HUGE. Ruler of their bubble headed universe. The King. Why do I say this? Read the full post.

Reminder, we buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. state. Find out how it works, get your instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds and sell your car quick today.

Top 5 Reasons We Are Bad Drivers

You might think the top 5 reasons we are bad drivers is because of the risky chances and moves we make, but nope. It’s the reason behind why we do irresponsible things and drive recklessly. Believe it or not, men are more likely to… Read the full post.

No! Don’t sell your car on Craigslist! Sell your car to CBU!

I know I talk about my friends a lot on here, and mention their 5 brain cells from time to time, but this guy has all cells firing and simply didn’t know about Car Buyer USA. When he told me he was selling his truck, my quick response was, “No! Don’t sell your car on Craigslist! Read the full post.

Frank Sells One Car to Restore His Baby – A 1959 Hardtop 3-Speed Corvette

“Hang a right, throw it in 2nd gear, step on it and put air between that rubber and the road!” Yep, the front tires left the road. What a thrill for a 14 year old tomboy. Read the full post.

Reminder, we buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. state. Find out how it works, get your instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds and sell your car quick today.

Our Google Reviews Say It All About Our Great Customer Service!

Have you seen what they say about us on our Google reviews? We buy cars and we do it with great customer service; all while we give you a high instant cash offer and give you a fast, safe, and easy process. Why bother with a… Read the full post.

Need Cash to Get In? We Buy Cars

Is there a great opportunity but you need cash to get in? Have you thought to sell your car for cash? No, we’re not saying sell the car you use daily. We’re telling you we buy used cars and we think you should think about selling… Read the full post.

What Do a Hit and Run, Walmart And Companies That Buy Cars Have In Common?

“Hey! You almost knocked me over!” – she added a few colorful words to go with that. As she was pushing her cart out to her car, Juanita said she was thinking the worse was over. Then, she was just plain dumb founded. One of the “ladies” was screeching… Read the full post.

Sell Your Car Quick – CarBuyerUSA Is Now At Manheim Pensacola, Florida

Florida, we now have a location at Manheim Pensacola, Florida – 6359 North West Street, 32505 and we want to know, are you interested in trading in your current vehicle or selling it outright? If so, then get your quick 20-second instant cash offer from us and know its true value. After… Read the full post.

We’ll wrap this up with a very happy Valentine’s Day wish for you and yours; but remember. We buy cars fast, safe, and easy in every Continental U.S. state and we can be your answer to getting that special present for you deserve. After all, who knows you better than you do and that gift you’ve been waiting for? Find out how it works, get your instant cash offer in as little as 20-seconds, and sell your car quick today.

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