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Sell My Car for Kelley Blue Book Value

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yes, you can get KBB for your used car. It's easy actually, first, get some really cool seat covers… Peanuts! I mean who doesn't like Snoopy? Snoopy will pull KBB Value for your car! If a potential buyer sees those Snoopy Seat Covers, they are doomed and will have no choice but to pay you KBB Value for your used car, right? WRONG!

Seriously folks…there are very few vehicles out there that will fetch KBB Values from any retail buyer. KBB is a guide that is used to show discount and make the seller & buyer feel better about the transaction. Most people want KBB value for the car they are selling but are quick to admit that they wouldn't pay KBB for one.

Here are 10 Things You Need to even get close to KBB Value for a used car:

1.  Your car better be from Asia or Germany or you have no shot
2.  It must be in absolutely PRISTINE condition
3.  It must have ridiculously low mileage
4.  It NEVER was in an accident – not even with a shopping cart
5.  NEVER smoked in – ever!
6.  NEVER parked at a shopping mall, grocery store or bowling alley – that means 100% ding free
7.  ALWAYS garaged
8.  Never in the SNOW or worse yet – SALT which means its a sunbelt only car
9.  100% of all factory maintenance was performed and you have all records to prove it
10. Never driven hard or abused

Cars that are sold for premium retail value are indeed very well taken care of and usually babied so condition and mileage are everything.

If it sells good new, it will sell good used but just because they sold a lot of them doesn't mean it retains value. Example: A Honda Accord will hold it's value a lot better than a Ford Taurus or Chevrolet Malibu. So if you have a used car to sell, take a look at the list above and see how your used car stacks up. If you are selling a car that's less than perfect, call and we'll make you a decent offer.

We buy cars for cash and our prices are fair and our service is excellent.

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5 Ways to Get a Better Tax Refund

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Check out this great article on ways to get more from this years tax return.

We don't do Tax Returns, but we can help you sell your car for cash! Sell Your Car the Easy Way, Call CarBuyerUSA!

CarBuyerUSA buys cars for cash nationwide and we make it easy. Just call (888) 995-6498. Here's how it works:

1. Call (888) 995-6498 or enter your vehicle information click here.
2. Give a brief description of your vehicle.
3. Get an immediate Cash Offer on the spot.

Get a better tax refund this year and treat yourself to a new ride! Don't trade-in your car, sell it for cash and add it to your tax refund for a bigger down payment on a new car!

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Sell Car in Denver

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If you have a car or truck to sell in Denver, call CarBuyerUSA has facilities right in Denver and we can make you a cash offer on the spot - we will even come get your car at no extra charge!

Denver is a tough place to get around, things are spread out and it takes a long time to get anywhere quickly – especially with traffic. Denver Traffic is no fun and hitting every car dealership seems almost impossible in a single weekend. Why waste even a day of your leisure time trying to sell your car? Don't take your car to CarMAX, sell your car the easy way in Denver and call CarBuyerUSA! Selling your car in Denver is fast and safe with CarBuyerUSA and it only takes a few minutes of your time to get the best price.

1. Call (888) 995-6498 to speak with one of our live agents
2. Give us a brief description of the vehicle
3. Get a guaranteed cash offer for your vehicle

Get a guaranteed cash offer for your vehicle from

Sell your car the easy way – call

Ask us about the 5 minute price guarantee – you won't believe how easy it is!

Call (888) 995-6498 or visit for a no hassle experience.

Tax Return for new car

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 27, 2014

It's tax time! You are looking for help with your taxes and expecting that big refund this year so you can use it as down payment on a new set of wheels.

You are one of millions of people that want to get your tax return to get a new car!

But what will you do with the car you have? Don't trade-in your car, sell your car for cash to CarBuyerUSA! CarBuyerUSA will put you in the driver's seat. Take your tax refund and the cash from CarBuyerUSA to buy a new car. Don't be fooled by "trade-in" offers – trade-in values are artificially inflated to make you think you're getting a good deal. Often you're not - because of the interest rate, loan term or new car price.

With cash from Uncle Sam and CarBuyerUSA, you are in control. Sell Your Car for Cash, take your tax return and go buy a new car. Don't trade your car in, sell your car now for cash and purchase the best car for you. Your decision will be based purely on the car, not some dealer's "trade-in" value on on a piece of paper! Money Talks and Cash is King! Sell your car instantly with a single phone call to

Call (888) 995-6498 for an immediate cash offer on any car or truck or visit

Sell your car the easy way with

Sell Car in Atlanta

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 24, 2014

If you have a car to sell in Atlanta, CarBuyerUSA is your source for fast cash!

CarBuyerUSA buys cars in Atlanta and throughout the United States. If you are looking to sell your car for cash, call CarBuyerUSA- We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs in Atlanta, in any condition and we make it easy.

Let's face it folks, getting around in Atlanta is not easy and traffic is a drag. Spending a few of your precious days off, running from dealer-to-dealer looking for a decent cash price for your car is not something you look forward to…Getting around the perimeter in Atlanta is a bear and you have now idea which dealers might want your vehicle.

Why waste your time trying to figure it out? Call and we will make a guaranteed offer to buy your car "as-is" and we will even come get it at no extra charge. That's right, you can sell your car from your couch while watching the game. All it takes is a phone call and 5 minutes of your time to give us all we need to put a great price on your vehicle and make you a guaranteed offer to buy your vehicle.

Sell your car the easy way, with CarBuyerUSA.

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We Buy Cars

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 23, 2014

If you have a car or truck to sell and you wan't cash for your car today, call

CarBuyerUSA is the leading consumer-direct vehicle buyer in the USA. Our name is what we do – We Buy Cars!

CarBuyerUSA buys vehicles nationwide and have facilities nationwide. We are not a "group" of buyers or a firm that will "help you sell your car". These firms are internet marketing agencies that attract you to their websites, acquire your personal/vehicle information and sell it to dozens of car dealers that will bomb you with text messages and phone calls and inundate you with lowball offers. Many of these marketing sites like Cash For Cars, Original Cash for Cars, COD Auto Buyers, etc. sell your information to SCRAP Buyers and Recyclers that will offer you a few hundred dollars for a running and driving car. Why waste your time with hit & miss websites? CarBuyerUSA prices your car and writes the check! Come to the auto buying experts at

If you visit our site, our commitment to you includes the following:

1. You will be treated with respect, regardless of age of condition of your vehicle
2. We will not sell your information to any other source
3. We do not retain your data for future emails
4. We price our vehicles to market and work hard to meet your expectations
5. Our staff is professional, courteous and knowledgeable
6. We respect your time
7. We make it EASY
8. Our funds are guaranteed
9. We make it happen fast
10. We pay for referrals

For an immediate cash offer, call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Don't Pawn Your Title

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bad things happen to good people and sometimes you need cash quickly. You don't have time for a bank loan and you need fast cash. Don't pawn your car title thinking things will get better and something will change. Good luck may not come your way anytime soon and you will lose the remaining equity in your vehicle if you can't make a car payment. You could end up with no money AND no car.

What the answer? Sell your car fast to CarBuyerUSA will pay you top dollar for your car or truck and you get 100% of the value. Why give it to a title loan company at 150% interest charges. Don't be fooled by the monthly interest charges, APR – annual percentage rate is what you need to know. Some title loans charge in excess of 200% interest. If you pawn your title for $5,000 at 16.7% monthly interest on a 6 month loan, you will pay back $10,000 on a $5,000 loan – just to keep your car! Can you really afford this? If you can't afford it, sell your car the easy way to CarBuyerUSA. Take the cash from CarBuyerUSA and buy a car you can afford, free and clear! We'll even help you find a new car!

Don't get a title loan on your car, sell your car or truck today to CarBuyerUSA and get a better deal than a title loan.

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Sell My BMW

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If you are searching Sell My BMW on Google, Bing or Yahoo you have just qualified as a Sell Your Car Yourself (DIY) consumer. Selling Your Car Yourself is done two ways:

1. The Hard Way
2. The Easy Way

Sell Your BMW the Easy Way, with CarBuyerUSA! CarBuyerUSA is the popular choice for savvy consumers that value their time and personal safety. With, you sell your car the easy way with just a single phone call. Our living, breathing agents are courteous and experienced automotive professionals. You have heard about the new way to buy cars online and avoid dealerships – its coming and its the future, right? Well does that for you right now and all you have to do is call us and we will come to you.

Don't waste time trying to Sell Your BMW the hard way by advertising it on one of those classified advertisings sites that tries to charge your more for professional help to sell your car??? What is that anyway? If you wanted professional help selling your car you would go to a dealer – and that is right where they send you – SURPRISE!!! Don't be fooled by an advertising site – they DON’T BUY CARS and they never will.

If you want to Sell Your BMW Today, call CarBuyerUSA and leave the heavy lifting to us.

It's TOTALLY FREE to request a quote and we don't mind giving you some guidance if you choose to go in another direction. – we are here for tomorrow!

Call (888) 995-6498

Sell Your Car the Easy Way, with

Sell Car with a BAD CARFAX

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 20, 2014

CarFax would have you believe that they are the friend of the consumer. We know different! CarFax is only a friend to themselves because they make hundreds of millions of dollars selling vehicle history reports to consumers, dealers, banks, finance company's insurance companies, etc. If you are in the the business of fixing, selling, buying, repairing, insuring, exporting or recycling automobile's CarFax will find it's way into your wallet. The concept is a good one and nobody expects 100% accuracy all the time, right? Well CarFax will have us all believe that they are infallible and you absolutely cannot live without their vehicle history report or unearthly things will happen to you. Recently there has been a wave of bad press coming CarFax's way, and there is more to come challenging the accuracy of CarFax Reports. Click here for more...

Here are some things to remember about CarFax:

1. CarFax is not 100% accurate
2. CarFax gets vehicle data from very unreliable sources
3. CarFax uses scare tactics to entice you into buying their reports
4. A clean car fax does not improve the value of your car
5. A BAD CarFax DESTROYS the value of your car.

If your car has NO ACCIDENTS, guess what…it's not worth MORE!!! It's only worth what the guidebooks project – hurray! If your car has accident history, you are screwed. Forget you even heard about Kelley Blue Book. If it has more than one accident, you are looking at selling the car for wholesale value at best.

What if your car has a bad CarFax report? Well you won't be trading it in at a dealer. Dealers don't want to have to explain to their customers that they are looking at a car with accident history. Selling a car with a bad CarFax is difficult , even if deeply discounted – nobody wants to buy vehicle with a bad CarFax. You can sell a car with a bad CarFax to because we specialize in remarketing vehicles with accident history. While it must be disclosed, has the largest audience of problem vehicle buyers and exporters available today. CarBueyrUSA can make your vehicle with a bad CarFax go away – along with your headaches.

If you are selling a car with a bad CarFax, call (888) 995-6498 or visit for an immediate cash offer.

Sell your car the easy way, with CarBuyerUSA!

The Shell Game of Trading in Your Car

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 17, 2014

You went to the dealer and they are offering you a big value on your trade in. You are excited because this is much more than you thought you could get for your car. Is it too good to be true? Most likely! Dealers can play around with trade-in values, payment terms, interest rates and the purchase price to make you think you are getting a great deal. It's called the 4 square system of selling and it's designed to throw you off kilter. Often times, your "trade in value" is not such a great deal at all. The "trade-in" value is just a hook to entice you into buying a new car from that dealer. The real number you need to know is the Actual Cash Value (ACV) which will influence the final payments or the lease calculation. Always ask the dealer to disclose the ACV to you so you know the real value assigned to the vehicle you are trading in. Call with your ACV and we'll beat it, then go back to the dealer and see if they still want your vehicle on trade. Chances are, they will tell you to sell it yourself and start the negotiation process at square 1 again. always gives you a cash offer for your car "AS-IS" - there are no other numbers to "play with". The process is transparent and you don't even have to leave your home. You take the cash from and use it to buy whatever you want - don't be held captive to buying a car from a dealer that offers you the highest "trade-in" value. guarantees payment and free pickup of your vehicle - often the same day as you contact us. All of our transactions are fast and secure and we buy every vehicle "AS-IS" so your problems go away when the vehicle leaves your driveway.

Call (888) 995-6498 or visit Sell Your Car the Easy Way, with CarBuyerUSA!

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