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Sell Vehicle with High Miles

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nearly 1 percent of all vehicles in the used car market top 200,000 miles.

Three cars, the Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy and Toyota Avalon, cracked the top 20 most used cars sold with over 200,000 miles.

Why do trucks and full-sized SUVs dominate the longest running vehicle list?

Theories abound such as trucks are made to haul more weight and have correspondingly stronger parts; they’re less complicated and easier to service, leading to more frequent and comparatively inexpensive repairs; the expectations of a truck are different, more functional, than that of a car, so owners care less about creature comforts or aesthetic considerations. They’re also subject to more work-like regular maintenance. These vehicles may be more likely to be driven to death than traded in, or sold and bought again and again on the resale market. Family haulers are likely to get passed on or do double duty in advanced age as a work beater.

Another theory holds that replacement parts on other vehicles are worth more than the car, making it logical to junk a ubiquitous sedan for the parts. Honda Accord parts, for example, can be used to repair so many other Accords or other midsized sedans.

If we were to exclude SUVs and trucks after the aforementioned 3 sedans, the highest percentage of used cars with over 200,000 miles would be the Honda Odyssey, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus, Honda Civic, Acura TL and the Subaru Outback.

If you have a high mileage vehicle to sell, call At CarBuyerUSA, we pay top dollar for high mileage vehicles, especially if they are well maintained. For an immediate cash offer on your high mileage used vehicle, call (888) 995-6498.


Should I sell My Truck or Donate it?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We don't take people's inventory and we are not here to preach, witness or make you cry. We look at this as a business decision, not as one from the heart. You can always donate money, which charities appreciate a lot more than an automobile or "stuff" that has to be converted to cash. I have worked with many charities, some good, some not so good and they always want your money, as in "dead presidents". Giving them an old ottoman or some obsolete television really doesn't help them, in fact it probably costs them more to sort and dispose of the usable (re-sellable) merchandise than the value of the goods themselves.

Not every charity can process a vehicle and converting it into cash involves a lot of touches.

There are fees on top of fees associated with the disposal of your vehicle:

• Recovery – tow fee
• Clean & detail – fee
• Safety check / reconditioning - fee
• Auction – sale fee
• Auction – buy fee
• Compliance – tax docs, reporting – fee

Rules for donating a vehicle:

1. If it's older than 2000 – scrap it yourself and write the check to the charitable concern. Chances are the proceeds from the sale won't cover the tow and the auction fees. Congratulations! You just gave your car to a towing company and a multi-billion dollar auction house. The good one's won't invoice the charity, they will wash it out and you will still get your tax receipt for $500 which is the federal minimum deduction. But be aware that not even a penny from the sale of your car made it to the charity.
2. For 2001 & newer – look at the book value (Not Kelly Blue Book), use NADA Trade-in value ( If the vehicle is worth more than $500 then sell the car yourself and donate the money. There are two ways to sell a car yourself:
     • Advertise it online, take the calls and do all the work
     • Call and we will buy it for cash and pick it up for free
3. If the vehicle is a later model (2004 & Newer) damaged vehicle, it could be worth several hundred to several thousand dollars. For a free quote and guaranteed cash offer call Towing is free and funds are guaranteed. They will even pay to get it out of storage.

Donating comes from the heart and your generosity should go to helping the cause of your choice. Make an educated donation by understanding what will happen to your donated item and how it will affect the proceeds that are passed on to the charitable concern.

For more information regarding auto donations please call CarBuyerUSA at (888) 995-6498.

We Buy Cars Over $10,000

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If you have a used car to sell over $10,000 and you want to do it yourself, chances are you having a hard time. Most buyers looking for a late model used car over $10,000 don't have the resources to pay cash. If they do, they probably wouldn't be looking for a used vehicle! If you've tried Craigslist & you are probably tired of searching for a buyer for your vehicle. You don't wan't to trade it in, so bringing it to a dealer is not even a consideration. What alternative do you have?

There are lots of Car Buying Services on the web, but most of them specialize in junk or end-of-life vehicles. These vehicles generally fall under $1000 price point and if they quote a price on a more expensive vehicle, it will be a "lowball" offer. Why? Because other car buying agencies don't have the buying power or the audience of!

At CarBuyerUSA, our name says what we do – we buy cars all over the Continental USA! We pay cash for cars, trucks, & SUVs from a "rollover" to a Range Rover and funds are guaranteed! CarBuyerUSA is the most aggressive buyer in terms of pricing and we will beat any written offer from a competitor.

If you need additional information or would like a guaranteed cash offer for your vehicle please call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Best Way to Value Your Used Car

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 13, 2014

If you're selling a used car privately, there are several sites that can provide a benchmark value for your used vehicle. The best one out there is NADA because that is the one banks & finance companies will look at before they approve a loan on your vehicle to a potential buyer.
A bank will "advance" or finance a percentage of the book value, based on the creditworthiness of the potential buyer. That means, he/she has to produce the remainder of the purchase price in the form of a down payment to you. You can value your used car in less than 3 minutes, totally free at Print the value page and show it to prospective buyers. Remember that this is a guide for negotiating a price and there are three factors that come into play when you are selling a used car privately:

1. Age
2. Miles
3. Condition

Condition is EVERYTHING when selling a used car. It really doesn't matter what it is, it's "how it is" that matters. You can have a loaded V6 Honda Accord with low mileage that is in rough shape and nobody will want the car for the book value. It doesn't matter what Guidebook you choose, the car must be sold at a discount because of the condition. Most people are not objective when it comes to condition and they tend to overvalue their vehicle.

Other factors to be considered when pricing your used car:

• Time - how much time do you have–to market and sell the vehicle
• Tolerance - for missed appointments, hagglers, low-ballers and scammers
• Personal safety – what's more important to you? A few more bucks on your used car or the safety and security of your family

Selling a used car privately is no easy task. Please consider all your options and do your research before you tackle this assignment.

For more information on selling your used vehicle, or a free purchase quote call (888) 995-6498 or visit

Why Every Franchised Car Dealer shouldn't Do their Own SEO

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why every franchised car dealer shouldn't do their own SEO

So I looked at the bills this month for our two websites; and and got to thinking…

Google is getting richer and richer and they keep raising the bar for us. The more we spend, the more they take and the less they deliver. All the hocus-pocus around the Google Algorithms and staying "relevant" is incredible taxing. We spend nearly a third of our time on trying to manage SEO and we are 100% internet driven. If we stop, nobody calls to sell their vehicle. But for Franchised Car Dealers the story is very different. There are hundreds of thousands of companies that will tell you the best money spent on advertising is on the net. Really? For who? It's a very high margin business if you are an internet provider. There is no travel, limited production cost and a lot of what they do is "advise" and the client is responsible to engage and handle content development for blogs, social media, etc. Internet marketing is important, but how important is it if you are a Cadillac dealer? Why should a dealer invest in building a unique website and spending several thousand dollars per month in PPC trying to attract new & used car buyers when they have Cadillac and a Regional Advertising group in front of them? Whose job is it to attract people to Cadillac? Everything I ever learned about advertising in the car business is summarized as follows:

1. Cadillac Division – Build Brand, attract customers to BUY CADILLAC
2. Regional Ad Association – Create Brand Urgency, attract CADILLAC INTENDERS to BUY NOW

On the World Wide Wed you can limit your reach to a single Zip Code, but (and this is a huge but) you compete with hundreds of thousands of other entities that purchase the same key words that hope to convert that Cadillac Intender to a BMW, Mercedes, etc.

What's even more ridiculous is that Cadillac (The Manufacturer) is competing for the same key words that the local dealer is buying to promote his business. Make any sense? Unless you are Google, not really. New Car Dealers are missing the boat by trying to "go it alone" in the Google Storm. MFR's should create portals that tie dealers in to avoid knocking heads. Dealers need a presence on the web to let intenders know where their facility is and what services they offer. It would be nice to see what inventory they have, but the MFR should be the point of entry. Right now dealers are paying everybody to list their inventory and they are competing with them for PPC as well.

It will be interesting to see which MFR's wake up and decide to help their dealers (which in turn helps their brand) and take a unified approach to internet marketing. Until that happens, dealers can keep tithing to the church of Google and all the listing sites that grab their inventory – and their ad budget!

CarBuyerUSA Believes Very Strongly in the Toyota Brand

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toyota is recalling around 1.9 million hybrid Prius cars around the world following the discovery of faulty software in the car's hybrid-control system.

The affected vehicles were manufactured between March 2009 and February 2014.

Toyota said that some 713,000 in Prius Cars in North America have been affected.

Toyota says of the software defect: "In rare circumstances, the hybrid system might shut down while the vehicle is being driven, resulting in the loss of power and the vehicle coming to a stop."

No accidents or injuries have been reported related to the problem.

The Japanese automaker suffered massive recalls starting in 2009, affecting more than 14 million vehicles for problems including floor mats, gas pedals and brakes.

Affected car owners can get more information at or by calling Toyota at 1-800-331-4331, the carmaker's website says.

"CarBuyerUSA believes very strongly in the Toyota Brand, they take product quality very seriously and this recall demonstrates that commitment". "We buy cars all over the continental USA and Toyota consistently outperforms almost every other brand out there" stated Michael Lasini, Founder. "CarFax and consumer advocates will sensationalize Toyota's Recall as a problem when in fact it's an opportunity! Toyota dealers will reconnect with hundreds of thousands of Prius owners and show them what makes their brand great. Today a product recall is a badge of honor and not a symbol of disgrace as the media would have you believe it is."

How to Sell a Salvage Title Truck?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 10, 2014

Most people don't know the impact of a salvage title, they may not even know their vehicle has one! In all the excitement of buying a nice used truck, most buyers are more caught-up about the diameter of the wheels and tires or how many inches of lift it has–not the type of title they are getting.

What you need to know about salvage titles is that they decimate the value of the vehicle. There is no amount of discount to make up for what a salvage title does to the value of your vehicle – it simply cannot be recovered on resale. Selling a vehicle with a salvage title is extremely difficult as very few private buyers will buy a salvage title vehicle. CARFAX has convinced the American Public that a vehicle with collision damage is worthless. A salvage title means the vehicle was in an accident and deemed "totally destroyed", there is no story that can be told to change that perception. Vehicles that have been branded with salvage title are usually considered to be a “total losses” by insurance companies, with the cost of repairing or replacing the damage totaling over 75% of the cars’ current market value.

Almost all states have different criteria for issuing a salvage title, but most frequently it is due to one of the following reasons:

• Theft
• Total wreckage
• Flood
• Fire / Smoke
• Other damages that can cause the car to be too expensive to repair

If you are selling a salvage title truck or car and not having much luck finding a home for it, please call (888) 995-6498. buys any vehicle, anywhere in any condition. We specialize in valuing salvage, damaged and inoperable trucks and cars.

If you need additional information on salvage titles click here for our free salvage title report.

Sell a Vehicle with Odometer Problem

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration reports that odometer fraud costs American consumers nearly $1 billion per year.

“With odometer rollbacks, the value of the vehicle is artificially inflated so people are losing money by not only paying more for the car than it’s worth, but also in the amount of service and repairs that are going to be needed sooner than expected because the car has 50,000-100,000 miles more than the buyer expects,” said Chris Basso, spokesman for Carfax, which collects vehicle history information from 34,000 data sources.

“With the advent of the digital odometer, it actually can be easier to rollback a car’s mileage,” Basso said, “It’s as simple as plugging a tool into the car’s computer and typing in whatever mileage reading you want that dashboard to say.”

It’s also a safety concern. These cars with high miles and often multiple mechanical problems that put anyone on the road at risk.

How to Spot Signs Pointing to Odometer Fraud:

• Look at Brake/Gas & Clutch Pedals – may show significant wear & tear that does not match mileage.
• Interior Condition – always look at driver seat, steering wheel and carpet. Heavy wear or a freshly installed seat cover point to a potential problem.
• Exhaust – look at what comes out of the tail pipe after hard acceleration–any smoke (white or black) is a sign of heavy engine wear or impending high dollar repairs.
• Engine compartment – usually will have clues of previous service, also a good gauge of wear and overall condition. Listen for engine noise at idle, any tapping or ticking or knocking is a bad sign. Have someone rev the engine to 3,500 RPM's while you listen to the engine and see if noises develop at higher engine speeds.

Always purchase a vehicle history report before you buy a used car. You can check to see if a vehicle was a total loss or previously stolen for free at Comprehensive vehicle history reports can be purchased from AutoCheck or CarFax. If you have a vehicle that has an odometer issue and cannot sell your vehicle, buys any vehicle, anywhere–regardless of condition.

CarBuyerUSA recommends you research the vehicle, and the selling source. If it's a dealership, check BBB and your local Attorney General for complaint history. Always do a Google Search and look for customer reviews or Blog feedback on the business,. The same holds true for individuals selling a vehicle privately.

For more information please call CarBuyerUSA at (888) 995-6498.

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